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Ezekiel Jones is constantly willing to sacrifice himself for his friends im crying over him tbh


October 18, 2017

Headliner JAY-Z, Beyoncé, Emory Jones, Drea Jones, Julius de Boer, Jessie Reyez, and more watch the final performer of the night/early morning, Stevie Wonder, at the Barclays Center for the 3rd annual TidalxBrooklyn benefit concert (Oct. 17).

At the end of his set, Stevie stated that JAY-Z is his friend when he ever needs him, he’ll be there.

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Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the first African American woman elected to the House of Representatives from Ohio, was born September 10, 1949 in Cleveland. She received her law degree from Case Western Reserve University in 1971. She was an assistant Cuyahoga County prosecutor for three years. In 1981, she was elected a Cleveland Municipal Court Judge and then became a chief prosecutor. She was an active supporter of broader health care coverage for low and middle income individuals and assistance for re-entry of convicts into their communities. She also fought against predatory lending practices. In 1998, Jones was involved in the controversy of reopening the investigation of the murder of Dr. Sam Sheppard’s wife in 1954. In her later years, Jones was against additional financing for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Jones passed away in August 20, 2008, due to a ruptured brain aneurysm. 

Key Midwestern Gothic tropes: endless fields stretching out to the horizon, location-based alienation, strange sounds and lights coming from the woods outside of town, harsh winters, tiny towns where everyone knows everyone else’s business, churches with blazing light in the dark and signs proclaiming the end of the world, bodies buried in backyards where they will never be found, and the neverending feeling that something is very wrong.

Sources for midwestern gothic (movies, tv shows, music, books) can be found under the cut. Feel free to message us with any questions, additions, or reactions after you’ve read/watched/listened to some of these:

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Kushner is not just using the experience of other, longer-standing
minority groups to illuminate the contemporary marginalization of
the homosexual community. He also sees the country’s behavior toward such minorities as a barometer of tensions in the mainstream: “It always seems to me that in the concerns of any group called a minority and called oppressed can be found the biggest problems and the central identity issues that the country is facing.” Scholars of the experience of religious minorities in the United States would agree; put another way, the experiences of “subordinate peoples or groups have typically been represented in ways that justify the inequality of power relations and serve to rationalize or reinforce the identity, interests, or agenda of those in positions of dominance.” Thus, the story of marginalized people becomes a window into the minds of those at the helm of the central or
dominant culture
—  Cristine Hutchison-Jones,  Center and Periphery: Mormons and American Culture in Tony Kushner’s Angels in America
New Studios (2017-2018)

Okay so I see anons everyday asking if certain dancers are still at their studios or where they are dancing now. This list is to keep people updated on some of our favorite dancers. This is not intended to be negative AT ALL, just a guide. If I got someone wrong or if you know any others, feel free to reblog or message me. (:

List includes dancers who have switched between January 2017 and now. I will also be updating as the season goes on. 

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Newcomers on P21(studio they were at before)

Isabella Dimopolous- returning

Sara najm- Dimitri Kulev Classical Ballet  

isabella Riveria- Dellos Dance Studio 

Brooklyn jones- Cutting Edge Dance Center 

Isabella warfield- The Dance Spot 

Emma Rose Crawford - Studio 1 Dance Academy 

Gracyn French- Move Dance Academy 

Jamieson Deacy- OCPAA