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This love square is in parts toxic and cringeworthy (Jamie and Cersei) to hilariously funny (Brienne and Tormund) to sweetly reluctantly romantic (Jamie and Brienne)


Though Sandor aka The Hound was seen as one of the biggest beast in the beginning, it was the charming good looking ones who ended up being the true monsters underneath. I loved his relationships with both Stark Sisters, how he rescued them, was brutally honest with them, taught them life lessons they needed and though both girls at first saw him as a monster, after their experiences with him they both look back on him fondly so I look forward to their reunion.


I love the three of these characters deeply, I’ve loved to watch the three of them struggle and fight and rise above them all. They are all incredibly in depth characters and although I will never love Cersei the same way I love Jon and Dany, it will be a sad day indeed no matter how horrible she is the day she dies.


‘ (…) armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you. ’

—— tyrion lannister && jon snow  ›  1.01


Hurts so bad but feels so good.

A Jonerys au

Daenerys targaryen doesn’t believe in anything more than a fling but Jon Snow might be the exception.

Late nights and the party life is the only way Daenerys targaryen knows how to live. Though when she meets Jon at her friends party Daenerys is instantly attracted to the dark stranger.

The catch? He wants nothing to do with her.

Shocked but intrigued with the brooding man Daenerys just can’t seem to get Jon out of her head. Now determined to have Jon for herself Daenerys won’t stop till she gets what she wants.

And what Daenerys Targaryen wants Daenerys Targaryen gets.

Jon Snow wants nothing to do with Daenerys targaryen.

When Jon’s cousin invites him to a party Jon sees no harm in it until he meets Daenerys targaryen. Immediately struck by her Jon can’t help but want her. Been hurt before Jon is determined to keep his distance. But somethings are easier said than done.

Because there’s something that keeps pulling him back to her.

Now stuck in a game of tug-a-war Jon and Daenerys both will be tested in the art of love. But happens when the game turns into a battle of the heart? With love and heartbreak on the line can Daenerys really be with Jon? Can Jon fall in love again? Or will both their worlds change along with their hearts?

Let the games begin.

Hey y'all! Here’s another AU for the amazing jonerys fandom even though I know I should be working on my fanfic (😭sorry😭) but let me know what you think! Enjoy!. 😚

I can not be more excited for these tough exterior yet inside actual cinnamon rolls to finally meet, slowly respect each other and become friends before falling in love.
Kit and Emilia have such amazing chemistry, I can not wait to see it translate on screen. I kinda want them to have a heated argument and then proceed to just stare at each other hotly trying to hide their attraction for each other until one day it boils over and they can’t keep their hands from devouring each other 😍😍😍

To those who forget

A Jonerys au

There is something wrong with this house.

When Jon Snow inherits an old house from his uncle Jon will finally has a chance to start over in his new home. Though as time passes things soon change when he starts to dream about a mysterious woman.

Who is she? And why does it feel like Jon has seen her before?.

Unable to shake the feeling that he’s not alone. Jon searchs for answers. As the shadows start to play with his mind Jon will be lead down a path where few have ventured and come back from. As secrets soon unfold about the house and it’s history Jon will realize that there’s a much darker play at hand. Will Jon find what he needs before it’s to late? Or will the shadows lure him in too deep?.

Another au for the amazing jonerys fandom! I’ve been busy moving so updates on my fanfic “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” well be slow but never fear I am still working on it. Hope y'all enjoy and make sure to spread the love!


As they passed through the main doors into the keep, Jon felt a sense of excitement and anxiety begin to bubble in the pit of his stomach. As he walked through the corridors, he gazed at the dragon carvings on the wall and shook his head, laughing.

Well, the Dragon Queen seems to have picked the right place for her seat, he thought.

They came to a large set of doors and Tyrion stopped next to it.

So, Jon,” said Tyrion, drawing attention back to him. “Are you ready to meet the Queen?” (x)