jondragon  asked:

Please don't take this as rude but I am just curious about what type of games are you into? Like what type of games are your cup of tea?

omfg how is that rude lmao

i LOOOOVE STEALTH GAMES or games with any kind of stealth options basically [batman voice] i am the night

but apart from that i dont really have a preference apart from bows, dragons and good stories uvu

jondragon  asked:

This maybe weird to ask but I gotta know.... how did you get your eyebrows like that. I mean have you seen FLCL? One of the guys in that show has thick eyebrows and such. I just like how they look but at the same time they look funny (in a good way I promise)

i havent seen it no! but imma reveal some real secrets of the trade now so fasten your seatbelts

that sounded so bad please forget i ever wrote it

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