jonbenét ramsey

Achievement Hunter & Millie

Michael: Alright, that’s enough! Out the door!

Ryan: This party’s over!

Millie: *whine*

Michael: Don’t give anyone the code! *Starts closing door*

Gavin: Bye Millie!

Millie: Bye!

Michael: But take care.

Millie: Thank you.

*Michael slams door*

          -Schooled EP8

okay but... hear me out...

trans!femme FAHC jack

imagine the possibilities

- lindsay (and possibly meg) helping jack with voice training; but every now and then she slips back into the deep voice we know and love

- jack having to shave her face most mornings, because that majestic beard won’t go down without a fight. commonly alongside geoff, who once made a remark about how “this must be what its like to have a gay lover” and earned himself a black eye

- people misgendering jack and being set straight by michael (and/or ryan) before she can even react. not to say that the rest of the fakes don’t stand up for her, it’s just that michael is EXTREMELY protective of jack (and might have called her mom once or twice)

just to name a few