jonathon groff

Hamilton during Hurricane:
  • Hamilton: do you guys dare me to publish my affair with my wife?
  • Ensemble: no
  • Washington: no
  • (Dead) Laurens: no
  • Sally: no
  • Hamilton: *chuckling* I can't believe you're making me do this *throws pamphlets all around*
  • Hamilton: I'm such a good citizen
What I learned:
  • Person: what did you even learn from watching Hamilton?
  • Me: That Oak and Anthony fucking love throwing furniture all over the stage

forget hamilton and in the heights, i can now only associate Lin-Manuel Miranda with the fact he rhymed ‘election’ with 'erection’



What was probably said:
  • Alexander: Hey, our kid is pretty great!
  • Eliza: I'm sorry? Did it only take you 9 years to realize? I found out the minute he came into this world becAUSE I GAVE BIRTH TO THE RHYMING FUCKER
canon whereby hamilton throws a dog at seabury during Farmer Refuted
Cast snapchats, Instagram stories, and live streams Masterlist

Rafael Casal (not cast but still worthy)

April 19, 2017 : Instagram live
Daveed Diggs, Jazzy Jones and Daveed’s Hogwarts house

April 19, 2017 : Instagram story
Jazzy Jones toward the end

April 19, 2017 : Section of instagram story
Jazzy Jones getting it

April 17, 2017 : Instagram story
Daveed Diggs and Ham house party

April 4, 2017 : Snapchat story
Featuring Anthony Ramos

May 2, 2017 : Instagram story
Rafa being a dork and owl noises

May 3, 2017 : Instagram story

Jasmine Cephas Jones

April 26, 2017 : Instagram story
Including her and Anthony’s new puppy

May 2, 2017 : Instagram story
Nala(puppy) and Jazzy just being adorable

May 3, 2017 : Instagram story
Nala and Jazzy again

Daveed Diggs

April 19, 2017 : Instagram live
A small clipping performance 

Anthony Ramos

May 6, 2017 : Instagram story
Anthony, Nala, Jazzy

May 9, 2017 : Instagram story
Antony and Nala