jonathon patton

Me too: Boys Don’t Cry

Listen don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled about Hollywood’s recent movement/craze to voice up for all the women who have been raped/harassed/abused by men in Hollywood like Weinstein, Spacey etc. But while I’m hearing about all these men being called out for their wrong doings, what I’m not hearing enough of is the men that have suffered from these hands especially as children. Never is it okay to sexually harass a women or speak/touch her out of anger/perversion but what is also without a doubt the most DISGUSTING act of an adult is to touch or speak to a child in a sexual manner or to manipulate them into thinking that what’s being done to them is either “okay” or their fault in ANY way. 

Look I know first hand about how men can abuse their power to do whatever they want to women and get away with it, I’ve been there not only as a woman but as a child myself and I’m really glad that women are not only feeling the power to speak up but are also being heard, but what I really REALLY want are for the children to be left alone. How many times are boys being sexually abused by men or women and being told that it’s not rape or abuse because boys can’t be raped or abused? That’s absolute bullshit! Nobody NOBODY has the right to touch you in anyway that you don’t want to be touched or spoke to or forced to do anything you don’t want to do. As an aunt to eight boys especially three under ten I am TERRIFIED by how wrong this movement can turn if boys aren’t brought into the light as well for all the wrong that has been done to them. Take a look at this list: 

Evan Henzi

Todd Bridges

Corey Haim

Elijah Wood

Anthony Rapp

Anthony Edwards

Corey Feldman

Joey Coleman

Henry Rollins

Tyler Perry

Axl Rose

Antwone Fisher

Robert Blake

River Phoenix

Jonathon Davis

Chester Bennington

Carlos Santana

Maynard James Keenan

Derek Luke

Johannes Brahms

Mike Patton

Every one of these men were sexually abused as children whether it was in Hollywood, by someone they knew and trusted or directly in their own home. How many people are in the know about these men? How many times has their stories been brushed aside or not believed at all? The two Corey’s are the best example of this, two innocent boys that trusted the wrong people, were sexually MOLESTED by men in power but because they fell into drugs and the party lifestyle no one either believed them or did anything. Now Haim is dead DEAD and Feldman is still fighting to be heard but is either being silenced by his history of crime or not believed at all. I wish more than anything I could stand for Corey and voice his story like all the women in Hollywood are, but I can’t and I wish SO badly that he was heard as much as these women are.

So while you stand up for the Time’s Up and ME TOO movement, please don’t ignore that not only have the women been done wrong but so have the men and the children and their voices MUST BE HEARD TOO! Don’t think that just because they’re men they can’t be violated too, not just hurt or mistreated but VIOLATED! Stand up for the women, the men and especially the children. Fight for the men to be heard too, this could be the chance to expose these child molesters and hopefully save some more lives.