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Hamilton during Hurricane:
  • Hamilton: do you guys dare me to publish my affair with my wife?
  • Ensemble: no
  • Washington: no
  • (Dead) Laurens: no
  • Sally: no
  • Hamilton: *chuckling* I can't believe you're making me do this *throws pamphlets all around*
  • Hamilton: I'm such a good citizen

Shadowhunters Character Study: Jonathon Christopher (Jace) Herondale 

              ❝    I don’t know what I am. I’ve had three different last names this summer; now I’m a Herondale. All I know is that I’m the same Jace.      ❝  


Some of my favorite, more subtle moments:

- Max’s adorable hug where he kinda messes up Izzy’s hair

- Izzy/Max teasing and Max being a little sass master like his older bro

- Magnus’ slight nod towards Luke, another Downworlder

- Magnus’ slightly bored look as he stands up with his drink to help Luke

- Maryse looking to the side as she tries not to smile too much

- Simon leaving the $20 without saying anything

- The much better “slow fast motion“ effects with Alec training

- Izzy grabbing onto Alec’s training stick with speed (and her teary eyes)

- Luke shaking his head “no“ because he knows a painful secret

- Clary’s reaction when she learns about what Valentine did to her brother/ her   and Luke’s reaction to the drawing


What I learned:
  • Person: what did you even learn from watching Hamilton?
  • Me: That Oak and Anthony fucking love throwing furniture all over the stage
What was probably said:
  • Alexander: Hey, our kid is pretty great!
  • Eliza: I'm sorry? Did it only take you 9 years to realize? I found out the minute he came into this world becAUSE I GAVE BIRTH TO RHYMING FUCKER

Lin is, literally, the person that binds our love for this show.

A Dark Angel



OKAY! So I found another bootleg of Hamilton (shocker) and during Satisfied when Angelica is on #2 about her being a Schuyler sister, a bunch of guys surrounded Hamilton, then once she says “Eliza, now that’s his bride” the guys all reach for Alex’s head and force it to look at Eliza

What I heard:
  • Burr: His enemies destroyed his rep-
  • Hamilton: Dude, give me some credit

imalikeyoshit  asked:

(I just watched Frozen) Can you make a One-Shot of the reader being GroffSauce's bff and having a thing for Daveed and they go to some Halloween party and Groff helps Daveed and the reader get together?

For sure man! And I got your DM about it being Disney themed.

Pairing: Daveed Diggs and reader

Prompt: idk (Disney) Halloween party I’m bad at prompts

T/W: Halloween/spooky stuff, swearing, fluff, drinking, mentions of sex, dirty talk

A/N: I tried my best to picture who all would dress as what Disney character, and honestly I wanna see them in these

“You’re humming again,” Groff said as we walked down the sidewalk in New York, the fall breeze blowing my hair that wasn’t covered by my beanie. He smirked as I groaned. I always walked to breakfast with him. He’s my best friend after all. Then after that, I walk with him to his job…as King George the Third…in Hamilton. Me? I’m just a little barista a few blocks away.

“I really need to stop coming to the theater then,” I shrugged making Groff dramatically gasp.

“But then…how would anyone discover your singing talent? How would you ever see Anthony, or Oak, or Jasmine…or Daveed,” Groff shimmied his shoulders towards me when he said his name. How could you not fall for Daveed Diggs? It’s pretty self explanatory. The way he smiled shyly when he gets complimented. Or the way he smiled widely before he laughs. The way his hair poofs up to frame his perfect face, perfectly every time. I don’t think-

“Y/N, snap out of it,” Jonathan stood on the steps to backstage and snapped his fingers in front of my face.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen that man have a bad hair day,” I said my thought out loud making Jonathan laugh out loud. I then rolled my eyes and followed him into the theater.

“Morning Groffsauce, Y/N,” Lin smiled as he walked past,

“Morning Linnamon roll,” I called back earning a chuckle from him.

“I’m gonna go give this to the girls real quick,” I took the cup holder of tea in my hands and raised to for Jonathan to know what I was talking about. He nodded and trotted away to his dressing room while I knocked on Pippa and Jasmine’s door.

“Come in,” Jasmine called out making me open the door. There the two girls sat in their costumes, smiling, awaiting their tea.

“You’re a blessing,” Pippa smiled as I handed them their drinks.

“Mm-” Jasmine quickly swallowed her drink, needing to tell me something. “You’re coming to mine and Ant’s Halloween party right? Everyone’s gonna be there, it’s a costume contest. Also, we have a Disney theme going. It was Lin’s idea. And if you say no, I’ll persuade you,” she smiled innocently making me laugh.

“Fine, I’ll be there. I’ll even wear a dope ass costume,” I chuckled and threw the cup holders away.

“Morning Y/N,” Ant said walking into the dressing room.

“Sup Ant,” he chuckled and walked over to Jasmine. Without anyone saying anything, he nonchalantly hugged her from behind, kissed her cheek, whispered a good luck, and then walked out.

I quickly slapped my hand on my chest and threw my head back.

“Ouch! Oh my gosh, ow. My heart can’t take this,” Pippa laughed at my dramatic-ness as Jasmine playfully rolled her eyes.

“You could have that with a certain someone, ya know?” Jonathan smirked while leaning against the door frame, only half way in his costume.

“Whoah…Y/N likes someone?” Pippa asked sarcastically. Since her and jasmine both knew about my fondness for Diggs.

“Anyway, I need your help,” Jonathan laughed and dragged me back to his dressing room.

“With what?” I asked rolling my sleeves up, making him laugh again.

“I can usually get this-” he said struggling to get all of his cape layered around him. I let out a giggle and started to help him get into the cape.

“You’re a peach,” he said with a little tap to my nose. “You’re also late for work,” he smirked while looking behind me. I quickly turned to see that I was already five minutes late.

“Groff! Why didn’t you say something sooner?!”

“I was nearly naked, I couldn’t let you leave!” His voice cracked slightly making me laugh as I grabbed my things and quickly walked out of his dressing room.

“Bye Y/N!” He yelled from his room. That sent a course of goodbyes from the cast, except for one.

“Leaving so soon?” He asked, gracefully sliding in front of the exit.

“Diggs…dude I’m late for work,” I said not wanting to do this. He’s usually the reason I’m late for work most of the time. It usually starts with us bumping into each other, our faces being inches apart, and me not being able to break away from the eye contact.

“You going to the party?” He adjusted his off white coat and clicked his little heel on the ground.

“Yes, now please move. You’re gonna be the reason I get fired,” he chuckled and stood up straight making me reach for the door handle. But before I could turn the handle, my arm was being wrapped around his torso.

“I’ll miss you so, so, so much, Y/N!” Diggs said whiles squeezing me in a hug.

“I’m actually going to murder you. Then that can be my new job, a hitman. Because you’re gonna get me fired from this job,”

“Ugh, fine. Go you whinny butt,” he teased and playfully pushed me away and opened the door for me.

“Bye, Diggs,”


Jonathan laughed as I glared at him. Me being late to work, I had to stay longer to get my hours. That then lead me to have no time to get a costume. That then lead Jonathan to chose it for me.

“You want me…to be Princess Anna?” I he’d back my laugh as Jonathan held the packaged costume to his chest, and rocked on his feet. He nodded excitedly like a child. “And who are you going as?”

“I was gonna go as Elsa…but I’m always royalty,” He faked a hair flip making me laugh as he continued talking. “But then I realized, that I had thus collar that looked like Dumbo’s…so I’m gonna be Dumbo,” he smiled as he moved his arms to reveal his all grey outfit, then grabbed a red and yellow collar that did look like Dumbo’s.

“I have a little yellow hat you could wear,” Jonathan gasped and tossed me the Anna costume. I laughed as he danced around my apartment singing songs from Frozen.


“Look at those curves,” Reneé smiled as she happened to walk towards Ant’s place the same time as me.

“You…are adorable!” I slightly screamed seeing her in a white dress, with a pink bow collar like Marie from Aristocats.

We walked to the door, which was swung open before we could knock.

“Are we too early?” Reneé asked making Jasmine, who looked like Jasmine, laughed and shake her head.

“Is Ant dressed as Aladdin?” I asked stepping in. Jasmine shyly smiled as Ant popped around the corner in a purple vest and white pants. “Oh! Stop being goals!” Everyone laughed and we walked in further. Jonathan was talking to a guy I didn’t know in the kitchen. Pippa, who had a similar costume as Tinker Belle was talking with Vanessa who had a seashell shirt on, and green jeans. That lead me to believe-

“Y/N!” Lin smiled walking over. “Yay! You dressed Disney!” He smiled as he wore nearly a perfect match to Prince Eric.

“Groff made me be Anna,” we laughed as Jonathan snapped his head towards us.

Nearly an hour into the party, the place was nearly packed and not a single person wasn’t in costume. My personal favorite was Oak as Mickey.

“Y/N!” Jonathan screeched from the living room. I stood in the kitchen, talking with Ant, and stopped my sentence as Jonathan rushed in.

“Anthony, could I drag her away? This is important,” Ant chuckled and gestured for Jonathan to go ahead. He then dragged me towards where everyone was and smirked.

“What did you do?” I asked, slightly panicked.

“Did Jonathan tell you to wear that?” I heard Jasmine ask with a giggle. I turned and nearly strangled Jonathan.

Daveed chuckled as he wore a similar Kristoff costume. I slightly glared over to Jonathan making him force a smile and slightly clap his hands together.

“Aw! Who are the goals now?!” Jasmine asked making me look to her. That earned an ‘aw’ from everyone as Daveed and I blushed and laughed.

“Jonathan…you sneaky son of a-”

“Reindeer are better than people!” He started to sing, cutting off Daveed cursing. He then moved towards me and everyone resumed their conversations.

“You don’t look too bad,” I smiled at Daveed making him flash his perfect smile.

“Why didn’t Groff just tell us to go as this couple’s costume?” He chuckled and we moved into the kitchen where there was less people.

“I’d rather us go as Tarzan and Jane,” I said grabbing a drink and eyeing Daveed while putting the cup to my lips. He looked down at his shoes and chuckled.

“You just wanna see me half naked,” he smirked and I got nervous, thinking I went a little too far. But he then leaned against the counter I was leaning on, and put his lips close to my ears.

“Maybe if you play you’re cards right…you’ll see me fully naked,” his hot breath sent chills down my spine. He nipped at my ear slightly, but then quickly pulled away. He started to walk out, but I quickly grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back into the room.

“So far…that was a pretty good card,” I laughed with his chuckle and swallowed a nervous lump in my throat.

“Diggs…Daveed, can I tell you something?”

“Yeah…of course,” his tone turned into a slight worry and he stood up straighter.

“I uh…I’ve liked you for a long time…and I just kinda had to get that off my chest,” I got a sudden rush of confidence and ignored the fact he was slightly leaning closer. “And I get if you’re not looking for-” my sentence was cut off by his lips on mine. The kiss was innocent, but I could feel the fireworks shooting everywhere. I felt him smile into the kiss once I started to kiss back. His arm slipped around my torso to pull me closer, if possible.

“Wooh! This party needs a few- FINALLY!” Ant yelled making me jump away from Daveed. “Oh my gosh!” He groaned loudly and a little dramatically. “That took way too long!” Him screaming lead everyone to peak their heads into the kitchen.

“What? Have you even seen Frozen?” I asked making them chuckle. Daveed walked around slightly so he was next to me.

“No…I think I missed the last part. Did Anna ever say that Kristoff could kiss her?” Lin asked innocently.

“I would get the script if I still had it…maybe you two could recreate it?” Jonathan shot a wink at me before I felt arms whip around my waist again.

“I think the line was, ‘we may’,” Daveed said making me roll my eyes. I quickly leaned up and pressed my lips into his getting cheers from everyone, but a loud screech like noise from Jonathan.

I plan on visiting Monticello while I’m in Charlottesville, VA this summer, however I just discovered that you can’t take pictures on the main grounds. Which means its going to be really difficult to take my Hamilton-themed pictures there.

“You could have had anything else in the world, and you asked for me.”
She smiled up at him. Filthy as he was, covered in blood and dirt, he was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.
“But I don’t want anything else in the world.”