Tagged: 5 Things that I like about myself

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  1. My height. I’ve always been tall and take pleasure in making boys feel inadequate when standing next to me. According to my family, I was a very long baby. 
  2. My hands. People compliment me on them, since I have long fingers (everything long haha), and I appreciate them a lot now and try to take really good care of them.
  3. My legs. I love wearing short shorts in the summer, and I know everyone notices my legs when I’m out and about because apparently, according to my friend, they glow haha. Oh yeah, and that one time when one of my coworkers accidentally touched my thigh and couldn’t stop touching it because it was so soft and informed other nearby coworkers of this ahaha #awk. It makes me feel powerful but sometimes disgusted when creepy men shout from their cars. Hope the rest of my appearance challenges their masculinity though, which leads me to…
  4. My hair. You never know what you have until it’s gone, whether it’s length, density, whatever. I appreciate that my hair is typically Asian in its coarseness, and I tend to look decent with whatever short hair I cut for myself. 
  5. My diverse interests and knowledge in them. I have a lot of interests, from marine biology to Android to Germanic languages to phonology to dumplings to hairdressing to recycling electronic music to home cooking to calling out stupid men for their misogyny to sightseeing to female literary heroes to film and to cute fluffy animals like otters. I love telling people that the [æ] sound is pretty indicative of where you come from when you speak North American English natively and ranting about why some Taiwanese people replace /f/ with /h/ and why I think it’s sadly very problematic. Can you tell I’m really into these things? 

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