Chip & Walter/Time Trouble Status:
*Scripts are all done including breakdowns and dialogue. I’ve enough backlog on both series to last forever
*Inked: 80 strips total
*Colors: Already begun.

So, since a lot of people have asked about my status on this lately, here’s a little backstory to catch you up. This is a long, rambly post so I’ll understand if you skip it. smile emoticon

In 2001 when I attended SCAD we got an assignment to do a webcomic. This was a year long assignment and I, being a wide-eyed insane overachiever who clearly doesnt know my own limits at all, decided to do two. These were “Chip and Walter” and “Time Trouble”. My babies.

“CNW” came from my love of Disney cartoons and comics. But, rather than carbon copy them, my take on the 5, then 4 and now 5 again (hahaha indecisiveness) kids – Chip, Walter, Wendy, Ellie and Artie Duckbill – who lost their father and must rebuild their lives thanks to a greedy corporation, was decidedly darker and a slightly more mature take. Mature being pretty darn loose to be honest. smile emoticon

Meanwhile, “TT” came from my love of fantasy stories like “Oz” and “Narnia” growing up. It always bothered me that all of those stories were of happy British and or country white kids with nothing better to do than wreck some local witches shit. Black ppl didn’t exist in classic kid fantasies so I based my cast on real life pastiches/amalgams of friends/ppl I’ve encountered over the years. Some I love, one in particular based on all that I intensely hated. White, Black, Asian, Latino, mixed, etc – there were lots of characters but the primary focus was always on the core 7: Kirk, Lu, Kat, Lucky, Lienne, Sterling and Sarah. Each with, what I thought, were their own variety of faults.

“CNW” was fairly straightforward, while “TT” was told through the eyes of several generations of characters all intertwined.

I hit about 300 strips total, 150 strips each, and there was a point where I was updating both strips every day. I had a lot of fun doing these comics, but – admittedly I was very inexperienced and, in hindsight, find them quite terrible. Seriously, this is a thing all artists have when they revisit old stuff. smile emoticon

But, I guess people must have liked them because I consistently get questions on “putting the old ones back up” or “when is it coming back” every year.

Before I finished undergrad in 2003, I got my first professional gig doing “Sonic the Hedgehog” and eventually dialoguing Disney work for Gladstone/Gemstone. As those gigs grew in scope I spent more time working on those aspects of my career until, I let my personal comics lapse altogether.

I realize now that decision was a mistake — and it also, sort of wasn’t.

Eventually, I took both comics down (and no I wont put the old ones back up I still think they’re terrible lol) because I wanted better stuff out there to represent what I could do. Still, I’ve missed tending to them terribly. So, I decided to bring them back. Every time I get free time, its dedicated to drawing a strip, or spending an entire year writing a master story list, or inking or learning how to color, or this or that.

And that’s what I’ve been doing on for the past two years. I wanted to build a buffer, and now I have– about 80 strips between both. I wanted to do them utilizing the tools and techniques I’ve learned over the past few years– I’ve hit a point where I’m pleased with my progress. Now I’ve slowly investigating Squarespace to build myself a proper webpage to host them.

Only my closest friends nearest me have seen my progress and the stacks of bristol board I carry around in my decidedly ratty looking portfolio. It’s almost become a running gag whenever I pull my pages out, how long I’ve been sitting and working/reworking on them. smile emoticon I’ve tweeted assorted panels – snippets here and there – but now that I’ve begun a reasonable coloring process, I’m comfortable posting a page or four of my progress. That’s what these pages are:

*Two “Time Trouble” pages – featuring Almond and Nougat. Characters from what WAS the last unfinished TT story-arc, plus some new characters to showcase.
*Two “Chip and Walter” pages – featuring the strips heroes and villains. Some you may recognize if you remember the old strips

Both strips will be entirely rebooted. Continuing from where they were created reintroduces immense story problems I’d rather not revisit. “Chip and Walter” will follow the old story with some very heavy revisions. “Time Trouble” will do a little of the same, but more or less be a complete reboot to get it where I want it to be.

I’m thinking that once I get everything set up, I’ll post a weeks worth of prologue strips all at once, then stagger my updates working at my own pace to compensate for paid work, and maybe…maybe set up a patreon for myself and finally take commissions.

I’m very serious about giving this a go at trying to make a living off my own stuff and, eventually, if all goes well, weaning myself away from a desk job when the time comes.

I won’t provide context for these strips as I don’t want to post spoilers but, I hope that this will be enough to satisfy those who have eagerly been asking me for an update. Some time tonight I think I’ll also look at setting up an page, but for now – ask me anything you want about these comics. My comics, new stuff, old stuff, Sonic stuff, Disney stuff, whatever.

I’ll be more than happy to answer whatever questions you have.

Nobody misses working on these characters or reading this story more than me. In my head I have all these characters and all these stories I want to tell and all this character development and gags and EVERYTHING I want to flesh out. I’m incredibly serious about doing this, but this time – I want to do it right. And I hope you like it as much as I’ve liked working on it.

I wont provide an update again until I have something more substantial ready but, at least now you know whats going on.

Crossposting this to facebook & twitter In the meantime, take care and see y'all soon.