Worth It All - Ben Cantelon, Jason Ingram, Benji Cowart + Jonathan Smith (Word Music) [ 2011 ]

From the album “Everything In Colour” by Ben Cantelon

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Streams by Jonathan Smith 

Brooklyn-based photographer Jonathan Smith has abstractly captured Iceland’s northernmost region of streams in the remote fishing town Siglufjörður. The images in Streams artistically depict a desolate frozen land with deep blue water streams in alternate perspectives. Its juxtaposition between up-close and distant shots create an aura of mystery, making it difficult for the viewer to decipher the photographs in front of them. The minimalist approach reveals a silent yet powerful beauty. 


Yet another BBS Space AU post! The last two members of the Valkyrie now have faces, Jonathan and Evan! Evan was the last person to join the crew, and is definitely the most enthusiastic about space. Fairly new to anything that isn’t directly related to his homeworld, Evan is more than excited to see what the universe has to offer. His textbook-knowledge of space only exemplifies his puppy-like love for all things space. Jonathan is definitely what you could call a “man of mystery”. His past is a secret to all who ask, and he never leaves his safe haven in the ship’s Archives. His knowledge of space and computers knows no bounds, while who he used to be is a conundrum to many. His walls are built higher than the height of space itself, and it’s going to take more than just a cheery personality and a nerdy affection for astronomy to open him up. More to come, and I hope you enjoy! <3


Jonathan Smith (British, b. 1978, UK) - 1: Manhattan Bridge, Twilight, 2006  2: Manhattan Bridge, Snow (Fulton Ferry Park, Brooklyn), 2006  3: Queensborough Bridge aka 59th Street Bridge, Roosevelt Island, Looking East, 2005  4: Brooklyn Bridge, Empire Fulton Ferry State Park, 2005  5: Manhattan Bridge at Night  6: Queensborough Bridge, (Baseball)  7: Williamsburg Bridge, Twilight  8: Brooklyn Bridge in Fog  9: Gowanus Expressway All from The Bridge Project, NYC  Photography