Happy 30th Birthday Brendon Boyd Urie!! You don’t know how much I love you and support you. You helped me so much throughout the years. You inspired so many people and helped them out through tough times. You are one of the people that inspired me to continue playing my instruments and introduced me to amazing music. Just you smiling can make everyone’s day. I’m so fucking proud of you for writing an album that got nominated for a Grammy, I’m happy that you are achieving your dreams like going on broadway. Thank you for continuing Panic! At the Disco. I just wish for you to have a beautiful day and thank you for everything ❤ I love you

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Top 5 Dan quotes.

I know this is late…but How about five quotations from one of my all time favorite interviews?

My best teacher - by Dan Stevens

I’m not sure how much I would have enjoyed my time at Tonbridge School in Kent had it not been for my English master, Jonathan Smith. He was one of those magical teachers who could spot a kid in trouble and know the right thing to say to him. I owe him a tremendous amount.

Not that I was miserable at Tonbridge, but in some ways I did feel out of my element there. For starters, unlike most of the other boys, I was a scholarship pupil - the son of two teachers rather than wealthy parents. And on top of that, while I was pretty good on the academic front, the sporty culture of the school wasn’t my bag.

…being told that I must play sport brought out the worst in me. You would either find me behind the proverbial bike shed smoking a cigarette or going off to do a school play. But then, from the word go I had always been the idiot who wanted to get up on stage and perform.

In the oddness of the public school system, English and drama were my salvation. Jonathan and Lawence made the English department feel like a special place; they also recognised my passion for acting and were able to channel the various problems I might be going through as a teenage boy on to the stage. It helped a lot.

My relationship with Jonathan runs deep. He was a great mentor and always had a wise word to say about something, but never in a patronising, now-sit-down-and-listen-to-me-sonny kind of way.

I can remember, for example, the day when, in not so many words, he suggested that I might enjoy Cambridge. “Trust me,” he said, “You’d fit right in.” If he had cornered me and barked, “Stevens! Oxford! Magdalene College!” I’d have thought, ‘Oh sod off!’ But it was just a subtle intimation and when I went to Cambridge to see it for myself I thought, “Umm, the old boy might have been on to something here.”



I love how different they are. Damian and Jon are so opposite. Jon grew up like a normal kid and Damian … well, he’s Damian, his father is Batman. While Jon is a very cheerful child, sometimes I see Damian as a very lonely kid. 

Aaahhh~ Someday these two are going to kill me.

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Heya! I saw that you were doing drawing requests and I'm absolutely in love with the bbs space au so I was wondering if you could draw S.A.R.K. interacting with/commenting on another bbs crew member? That's probably a lot to ask for? But I love every part of the space au and Sark is by far my favorite character of it. <3

Oh my goodness! Can we please have more sweethearts like you!?!? I’m so flattered and honored to make a space AU request! I’ll take any space AU requests, I love it like a child and will take any excuse to draw it. You certainly can have a S.A.R.K. piece! I’m happy you like his character so much. He’s definitely an interesting guy. :D I hope you like it, and don’t be afraid to ask for something space AU related! That goes for all of you, making space AU stuff is my favorite! ♥ ♥ 

“Smooth, Kid. Real fucking smooth. Are you always this charming to newcomers, or is it just for him?”

“Fuck off, Sark. You know I’m not a people person!”

“Oh, I know. Honestly, you couldn’t have been more awkward if you tried. Nice first impression.”


Happy Birthday Dallon James Weekes you don’t know how many people support you so much but we love you and I hope you have a great birthday ❤️


he’s got Washington in his pocket