R.I.P. Twin Steps

http://www.OutOfFocus.TV presents a mini documentary on Oakland darlings Twin Steps.

“like a band from the past got time-warped to the present and had, like, three years to catch up on contemporary music.” It’s an interesting way of accounting for the way Twin Steps seamlessly mash together syrupy ‘60s pop melodies, trippy production flourishes, a bit of “sample-delia,” and just the right amount of raw-throated ferocity.“ - The Stranger

"Pinky Promise,” is a love ballad that devolves into sonic mush — babies laughing, birds, gurgling, and a crackle of feedback, all of it held together by Reddick’s rumbly guitar. Listen to it on Twin Steps’ Bandcamp page, and you’ll get a sense of how each piece fits together; listen to it executed live, and you’ll think the band is intentionally disorienting its audience. - East Bay Express

Twin Steps:

THE FANCLUB featuring Drew Pearson ~

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