Learn To Do It
  • Learn To Do It
  • Kelsey Grammer; Liz Callaway; Jonathan Dokuchitz
  • Anastasia

“If you can learn to do it, I can learn to do it.”
“Don’t know how you knew it.”
“I simply knew it! Suddenly I feel like someone new!”
“Anya, you’re a dream come true!”

Paris Holds The Key (To Your Heart)
  • Paris Holds The Key (To Your Heart)
  • Bernadette Peters; Jonathan Dokuchitz
  • Anastasia

“Paris holds the key to her past. Yes, Princess, I found you at last. No more pretend. You’ll be gone. That’s the end…”


One Small Step performing on the David Letterman Show


A Rumor In St. Petersburg
  • A Rumor In St. Petersburg
  • Jonathan Dokuchitz; Kelsey Grammer
  • Anastasia

“Have you heard there’s a rumor in St. Petersburg? Have you heard what they’re saying on the street? Although the Czar did not survive, one daughter may be still alive! The Princess Anastasia!”


Gag Musical: One Small Step. 

The touching story of the first men on the moon, their girls on earth and their intense mission control man. Come and join us on the moon!