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@kellymariebeeman Paints Fashion Illustrations with a Twist

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The artist Kelly Marie Beeman (@kellymariebeeman) paints fashion illustrations with a twist. “It’s not entirely about depicting fashion brands, runway shows, consumerism, trends, beauty and glamour. It’s a sort of running record with clothing and the way we present ourselves,” Kelly, who lives in New York City, says. “My paintings are related to fashion, but at the same time, there’s something else at play.” Recently, Jonathan Anderson (@jw_anderson) discovered Kelly’s work. She had posted an illustration featuring one of his designs, and on Saturday at London Fashion Week, Kelly was asked to illustrate five looks from his latest collection. “Jonathan has said that each collection is a continuation of a story,” Kelly says. “I feel extremely honored to be involved as an artist, sharing work alongside runway looks people are seeing for the first time.”