jonathan trent

My husband and I don’t always agree; but when we do, it’s about 90s alternative.

Minor notes about this illustration:

1. Hubs was insistent about Slash’s inclusion. I’m glad about this because Slash was fun to draw.

2. The guy from The Prodigy is Keith Flint. I had to look that up. The illustration was incomplete without his hair. Fun fact from his Wiki: “In an interview, he stated that his most painful tattoo was the text ‘Inflicted’ across his stomach. He stated that it felt like he was on an altar being ritualistically scarred by a Satanic beast.” Aren’t you kind of glad you know that now?

3. Drawing Kurt made me sad.

4. Courtney Love is not here. I omitted her on purpose. Yuck.

5. I apologise for any other musicians I may have forgotten. Like, in retrospect, maybe Gavin Rossdale, Zack De La Rocha and/or Dave Grohl should have been in here. Or maybe the guy from Stone Temple Pilots. (What do the people from Soul Coughing look like?) But such speculation could go on all day, and I felt like wrapping it up and posting it. Sorry, guys.

Put some angst on your iPod and rock today out, Internet!