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Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews announce the Blackhawks’ first pick (29th) in the 2017 NHL Draft (x)

Auston Matthews- New Leafs- Chapter Three

I got home looking around at everything realizing that I have some major cleaning to do. I went to my room and saw my bags next to my bed. Pat must have put them there. I walk over to my closet to look for something more comfortable to wear. I forgot how much clothes I owned. I pulled out a Sabres t-shirt and a pair of black running shorts.

I turned the tv on in the living room and put the game on. The clock says five minutes left and the score was still 2-1 Sabres still winning. Walking into the kitchen hoping there would be something to eat. I shouldn’t expect anything because I have been gone and haven’t had time to go to the store to get food. I see that there were bags sitting on the counter. I go through them and see food. I can’t believe Pat went and got food. I really do have the best brother in the world.

After the game finished which Sabres won. I went to go put the food away not wanting it to stay on the counter. I started looking for my phone so I could put some music on. I forgot I let in my room and saw that I have a ton missed calls and texts from Erin and Amanda asking me where I went. I know that they are going to tell Jack and Sam and come over and won’t leave till I talk to them but I don’t want to talk about it because then I would have to tell them that I am planning on seeing Max soon and I don’t want to them to know till after I go.

The phone started ringing again I glanced down at it and saw Sam’s name but I didn’t answer it. I went and lied in bed hoping I could get some sleep but being back here is bring back everything that has happened.

When I thought I was about to fall asleep I hear the front door open and slam shut. Patrick home. I didn’t get up. I know he is mad about the game probably.

“Emily Kane you better be here.” I hear Pat say coming up the stairs it sounds like. I don’t answer him though. My door opens and the lights turn on. “Why didn’t you say anything?” He walks over to the the bed and sits at the end of the bed and looks at me. I saw Jonathan in the doorway looking at me.

“Jack and Sam said that Erin and Amanda told them that you left during the second period. What happen?” Pat asked me calmly. I sat up and lean against the head board.

“It’s stupid. The reason I left was real stupid.”

“Nothing is stupid Jess.” Jonathan said walking to the other said of the bed.

“Amanda and Erin where saying that they wanted to me to go to lunch with them and the guys because they are meeting up with some of the Leafs player and they want to set me up with Auston Matthews.” Pat looked at Jonathan and Jonathan looked at Pat.

“Your not ready for a relationship and so you freaked out a bit and left I get it but you should go out to lunch with them. They are all good guys. Heard many good things about Matthews.” Pat said. I can’t believe what I am hearing right now. I would have thought after everything with Max he would make sure I don’t date.

“Are you really trying to get me to date him too?”

“He is just saying that he is a good guy.” Jonathan said and then there was a knock at the the front door.

“Thats probably Amanda, Erin, Jack, and Sam. I don’t want to talk to them right now but tell them I will go to lunch tomorrow just ask them to text me where and what time. I am going to get some sleep.” They both nodded their heads and got up and walked out but I stopped Pat. “Patrick” He turned and looked at me. “Thank you for getting some food for the kitchen.”

“No worries little sister. goodnight.” With that he turned the lights off and shut the door.


“Em are you up?” I heard Erin knock on my bedroom door and open it.

“Yeah just finishing getting ready what’s up I thought I was meeting you all there?” I said finishing up straightening my hair.

“I just wanted to talk to you before we went to lunch if that was okay.” I sprayed my hair and turned around and looked at her waiting for her to start talking. “About yesterday, I don’t know what about happen but for what I think it was about me talking about Auston and about getting you both together. I realized that maybe it’s too soon to think about relationships for you. Especially after what happen with Max. I don’t want to push you to something that you don’t want to do Em.” I got up walked over to her and hugged her.

“Thank you Erin.”

“No problem Jack is waiting down stairs so we will see you at the cafe.” I nodded and she left I sat down on the bed and put my head in my hands.

I was getting ready to leave when I hear my phone ring. I look at it and the name the was on there read Alex Nylander. I smiled and answered the phone.

“Nylander I have missed you.”

“Kane you better be coming to this lunch.” I laughed. I meet Alex though Jack and Sam became friends right away. I haven’t been able to talk to him much when I was away but when we did talk we would be on the phone for hours at a time.

“Yeah I am coming, I’m about to leave my house now. I just have to say goodbye to Patrick and Jonathan and I will be there.” Pat and Jonathan were leaving in an hour to go back to Chicago to get ready for there game against LA Kings.

“I have missed you so much Kane you better not be late.”

“Well I am going to be late Alex. I have to say goodby to Pat.” I start walking down the stair with the phone still up to my ear.

“Fine. I have been wanting you to meet Will.” William Nylander Alex’s older brother who plays on the Toronto Maple Leafs. I have seen pictures of Alex and Will he is very good looking.

“Well I will see you when I get there.” I hung up and walked into the living room where Pat and Jonathan were.

“Hey guys I am about to leave.” I looked at Pat and saw him looking at mail. Is he looking at my mail? “What are you looking at?” I asked.

“How long has this been happening?” I looked at him confused. “When were you going to tell me that you have been sending letters to Max?” Fantastic, he got my mail and Max just happened to send a letter.

“I haven’t sent him any. I haven’t even read any of the ones that he has sent.” I looked down and sat down on the couch. I told them something that I didn’t think I would but I needed to. “I am going to go see Max to tell him to stop sending me letters.” I looked up at Pat and glanced over to Jonathan.

“I don’t think so Em. You are not going anywhere near him.” Jonathan spoke and stood up and started pacing.

“Toews is right you aren’t going.”

“I have to face him some time. I need to tell him to stop sending me theses letters. I want to move on I can’t do that if he keeps sending these. I can’t move on if I keep getting these letters. If I even think about starting a relationship with anyone, I have to get these letter to stop.” I looked at Jonathan who stoped pacing and stared at me then looked at Patrick.

“When do you plan on going?” Pat asked still not looking at.

“I don’t know yet. I haven’t decided.”

“I want you to tell Jack and Sam they are going to go with you. You are not going to go there without one of them.” He finally looked at me. I could tell that he was worried about me going to see him. I had no choice but to agree to what Pat was saying. I nodded my head in agreement and he stood up. “We all are going to be late if we don’t leave now.”

I gave them both a hug goodbye and the drove off. I took a deep breath locked the house up and got into my Jeep. I turned some music on and drove to the cafe where everyone was meeting up at. I realized I was twenty minutes late. I told Jack I would be about five to ten minutes late not twenty. I am shocked they haven’t tried to call yet. I parked my car and walked into the cafe looking around for someone I knew. Before I could see anyone someone yelled out my name. I looked up and saw Alex standing up from a table with people all turned and looked at me. I really don’t like being the center of attention but it also doesn’t help that I am twenty minutes late. I walked over to the table.

“Alex you don’t have to scream my name that loud for everyone in this place to look at me.” I laughed and gave him a hug.

“Well I had to make sure you heard me.”

“Dude everyone heard you.” I looked and saw the guy that I have seen in pictures. The hot blonde that is Alex’s older bother Will. He stood up and looked at me. “You must be Emily, I am sorry that you meet my younger brother before me. I am Will the better Nylander.” I laughed. His blue eyes were amazing I could stare into them all day but I won’t.

“Its nice to meet you. Now maybe you could tell me how to control the younger Nylander.” He laughed but Alex didn’t.

“I like you already. I will tell you all the ways over our lunch together take a seat.” He afford the seat next to him.

“I don’t want to take Alex’s seat I can go down there.” I point at the seat next to Alex.

“Em I will seat there you can seat in my spot but don’t fall for his charm.” Alex told me and took a seat.

“I can’t make any promises.” I winked at Alex and sat down. I looked across from me and saw Auston Matthews there talking to Jack who is sitting right next to him and the other side is Erin. Amanda was at the head of the table. Sam was across from Erin. They all smiled at me and looked back at their menus.

I looked around the table to see where everyone was I noticed Sam was next to Alex then there was me then Will. I didn’t know who everyone else was.

“So by you looking around I can tell you don’t know everyone so let me introduce you.” Will said leaning over to me a little “Right across from you is Auston” Auston looked over by hearing his name. “Next to him is Mitch, then Matt, and Tyler. Across from Tyler is Morgan and then next to me is Kasperi.” They all looked up when they heard their name. “Guys this is Emily.” I gave them a small wave.

“So we order now?” Kasperi asked looking around.

“Have you guys not order yet?” I asked them all. Feeling bad that they waited for me to come to order.

“No we have all been talking haven’t had time to look at the menu.” Jack said while looking at me. I could help but still feel guilty that they haven’t ordered yet.

“Do you know what you are going to get.” I looked up and saw Mitch leaning over to Auston asking him he shock his head no. I looked down at my menu not even knowing what I wanted. “What about you Em you probably have been here before, what are you getting. Is is okay if I call you Em?” I looked up again Mitch was now looking at me along side Auston who looked up to look at. He has the pretties brown eyes. Man I need to stop about these eyes first Will now Auston.

“Yes its okay if you call me Em I prefer it actually. The salad sounds good but the burgers do as well.” I looked back down.

“Those are two very different things.” I looked up to see who spoke a voice I don’t recognize yet. His brown eyes were looking right at me. I keep telling myself I am not ready for a relationship but man Auston’s brown eyes and Will’s blue ones.

“I know that.” I kept looking at him.

“Well are you really hungry or do you want to see something small?” This time Will asked I looked away from Auston to look at Will.

“Knowing Em she’s really hungry so she will get the burger with fries and maybe a milkshake because she hasn’t had one in about six months.” I smiled and turned to Sam who said that.

“How do you know I didn’t have a milkshake when I was over there?” I asked him.

“I heard you talking to Amanda about it last week.”

“Well I am not going to get a milkshake how about that but I will get a burger.” I set the menu down and saw Auston smiling at me. Can we talk about his smile? I mean its wow.

Our waitress came over got our orders I think everyone got something different from each other which is weird because Jack and Sam normally get the same thing. I saw the waitress bend down to Auston while he was whispering something to her. I saw her smile and walk away. Everyone was talking I was still waiting for my water. I was starting to get thirsty over here. I could have gone to the gas station across the street and get a water and back by the time she got here.

She finally walked over with two things in her hands one was a water and one was a chocolate shake. I wish I got one now.

“Are you going to keep staring at that shake or you finally just going to order one like you want?” Erin asked I just looked at her and stuck my tongue out at her.

The waitress walked over to me and set the water down long with the shake I looked at it confused.

“Excuse me but I didn’t order this.” I told her and handed it back to her.

“Someone else did for you.” She walked away and I looked around the table seeing who ordered it.

“Alright someone spit it out. Who order it?”

“Whoever did I think you should thank them because you were starting to drool over the shake.” I gave Alex a look. “I am just sayin. Just drink it.”

“Well its has to be one of you five because there a ton of different flavors here to choice from for them seven to choice my favorite flavor.” I look at all of them waiting for one of them to tell me who order it. No one spoke.

“You are right next to me the whole time when the waitress was getting my order you would have heard if I said something.” I nodded that was true, so Alex is out.

“One down four to go.” I looked at them waiting for one of them to speak.

“You should just drink the shake before it melts.” I looked up and saw Auston looking at me. I looked down at the shake.

“Fine I will drink this but only because I couldn’t just let it sit there watching it melt way.”

“Why haven’t you had a milkshake in six months?” Matt asked me.

“I was in London for six months. I just got back yesterday. I was watching what I was eating over there.” I told him

“Why six months?” I looked down at the shake and moved the straw around the glass. Why can’t someone change the subject. I would rather talk about something else.

“I just wanted to experience something new and I have a friend that lives there that I have been meaning to visit.”

“How is it over there?” This time Tyler asked. “My wife has been wanting to go there.”

“Its really beautiful there. So much history and the food is wonderful. You should really take your wife there!” I told him.

“Maybe once our son get older and when Molly will fill safe leave Kanon with one of our parents.” Everyone laughs.

“How old his your son?”

“He will be one in November.” Tyler said.

After a while of talk about random things. To my surprise they didn’t talk about the game that was taking place tomorrow. Our food finally came and the burger that is currently sitting in front of my looks for damn good.

“Why is there a picture of Patrick Kane showing up on your phone saying that he’s calling you?” I looked at what Will was talking about saw that Pat was calling. I would have thought Alex told his brother that my brother is Patrick Kane.

“I will be right back.” I got up and walked outside to answer the phone.

“Hey shouldn’t you be on a plane?” I asked

“Yeah but I just realized I forgot my suit that is hanging in the closet in the room I was staying in could you ship it to me?” I laughed. I knew he was going to forget something.

“Yeah I will pick up a box on my way home. Have a safe trip.”

“Thanks sis your the best.” I hang up and walk back to the table.

“Well?” Jack asked.

“He forgot his suit. He always forgets something.” I laughed and took a bit of one of my french fries.

“Are you dating Patrick Kane?” Auston asked me. I laughed so hard. Alex really didn’t say anything about Patrick.

“Well my last name is Kane so-“ Before I could finish what I was saying Mitch started talking.

“You are married to Patrick Kane? Your too young to be married.” I laugh even harder. “What’s so funny?”

“That Auston and you think I am dating or married to my brother.” The looks on their faces were priceless.

“Your his sister?” Auston asked. I nodded my head yes.

“Well Auston looks like she is off limits you are going to have to find yourself another girl.” Auston pushed Mitch and he just laughed but Auston wasn’t laughing he just started eating I looked over at Erin and Amanda and they wiggled their eyebrows. I just shook my head and drank more of my shake still not knowing who bought it for me.

“So Emily we know you have one brother any other siblings?” Matt asked

“Well there is Patrick which you all found out then there are Erica, Jacqueline, and Jessica.” I said, I always get the same question after someone see a picture of the five us or if someone finds out who my brother is.

“Not trying to be rude or anything but who don’t really look like Patrick?” Morgan asked from the end of the table.

“I was adopted when I was eleven. Patrick and Donna took me in gave me a place to stay for a few nights. I wasn’t suppose to stay with them. I was suppose to stay for a few nights and then a social worker would come and take me to a group home. With in those few days I grew close with all of them, especially Patrick. When the day came that the social work was suppose to come I stay in the room that they let me sleep in and didn’t come out. I waited for the knock on the door saying it was time to leave but it never came. Donna came into my room and asked if I wanted to stay there with them. At the time I didn’t think it meant coming part of the family.”

“Sorry if that was too personal.” Morgan spoke.

“No I love talking about it. I got a second chance. I got a family that loves me and I got four siblings that I would do anything for.” I smiled thinking about what the Kane family has done for me. I am truly grateful for them.

Everyone started talking about something else. No one talks about the game tomorrow. No one talks about hockey. I sat there eating my burger siping on my milkshake. I would look up straight head and see Auston laughing at someone Mitch said or Jack. I couldn’t help but smile. I have to admit that he is hot and maybe the things that happen with Max never happened, maybe just maybe I would see where things could go with him.

So Saad said he’s always thought about coming back to the Hawks one day.

The trade back to Chicago was a “little bit of a shock” this morning.

He’s kept in touch with Toews and they’re good friends.

He’s excited to be back in Chicago and to play with Toews.

He believes playing in CBJ helped his game to become more consistent.

Seabs and Toews called him to congratulate him.

A better commissioner than Gary Bettman

Sidney Crosby
Pros: rich and doesn’t care about making more money, stays away from drama.
Cons: too superstitious, doesn’t like the spotlight, running the NHL would take away from playing the game, refuses to wear shoes other than skates or crocs, Philadelphia is mysteriously left out of the schedule for the season, is found dead after choking on a mozzarella stick.

Jonathan Toews
Pros: smart guy, fair, doesn’t hold grudges, likes to teach people and take them under his wing, serious and stays on topic
Cons: would be too focused on promoting vegetables instead of hockey.

Auston Matthews
pros: mature, good candidate for making the sport of hockey more diverse.
cons: all of his clothes have rips in them. rappers everywhere will make rap songs about him and none of the players would take him seriously. Every team’s goal song is a rap song about Auston Matthews.

Phil Kessel
pros: nice guy, works hard, loves the game. A Stanley cup champion.
Cons: can’t deal with reporters.

Johnny Gaudreau
pros: went to college.
Cons: only eats skittles and Nutella and drinks bottled water. A bad influence on children.

Connor McDavid
Pros: smart, nice, good leader, respected, won’t blame you if you break his collar bone.
Cons: no one pays attention to what he’s saying because they can’t get over how fast and talented he is and the fact that he’s CONNOR MCDAVID. None of the announcers ever talk about the game. All they talk about is their beloved commissioner. They can’t get over how amazing he is.

Joe Thornton
pros: been in the game a long time. He loves to assist people. Loves it. Joseph Eric Thornton lives to serve.
Cons: grabs random guys’ beards to compare them to his. No one has a better beard than Jumbo. Children mistake him for Santa Claus and cry because he’s too skinny and they think he doesn’t eat their milk and cookies.

Tyler Seguin
pros: lots of females suddenly become huge fans of hockey.
Cons: always naked, giggles too much, spends too much time taking selfies, covers everything in pink glitter.

Jamie Benn
Pros: good leader, wants things fair for everyone Cons: spaces out too much. Gets rid of all the music in the arenas and replaces it with elevator music. Spends most of him time thinking about how to work an elevator. He only knows how to go up in them because he doesn’t go down.

Carey Price takes care of boring, behind the scenes stuff. Alex Ovechkin is the front man. He talks to the press and promotes the league. Team North America comes back. Former Team Europe is split up by individual country, and Team Europe becomes 23 year olds and younger players from countries in Europe and Russia. Everyone is happy. The End.