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Sharp and Toews: Better Together

The almost-kiss that never was:

It’s pretty obvious that these two have an illicit love affair going - just look at their guilty faces, caught in the act.

Need more evidence? Here:

The “I love you so much you little shit” smiles:

That time Sharpy Cam was three parts close-ups of Tazer and one part bedroom wrestling with Seabs

More of Sharpy’s horribly obvious pigtail pulling:

Tazer showing his affection like the weirdo he is:

The “let me flop onto you I am so in love” moment:

That time he put on a helmet and decided to headbutt Sharpy because, why not?

Tazer’s weird love of messing with Sharpy’s jersey:

When Tazer was precious and clung on to Sharpy:

So… the conclusion?

Toews and Sharp: better together

i feel like toews and kane have such an interesting relationship. you know, beyond the whole fandom shipping them together and the kazer thing. their friendship, it’s so different. 

like they never say that the other is their best friend on the team or anything. but then you see the way they look at each other, the way they compliment each other so loudly and unashamedly and with so much joy in their eyes. the way they protect each other. and you just think, how are they not “best friends”? 

and so i feel like with kane and toews, maybe they’re not best friends? at least not in a traditional sense. maybe they’re not the “closest” on the team, won’t necessarily go to bars together or to dinners every night. but there’s an unspoken bond between them that’s unbreakable. they don’t need to go out together to reaffirm that bond. 

i think it’s so intrinsic to them at this point. i genuinely believe that they care about each other a lot, like a painful amount. we’ll maybe never know the specifics of their friendship or whatever they share. but i really do think there’s something so unique about the way they act around and about each other. 

anonymous asked:

Are there everyday tasks you find troubling to accomplish?

“I am capable of preforming everyday tasks. My body helps me rather than hinders me. I never have to take two trips when I have purchased groceries and I save a lot of money on transportation. 

Doors are usually too short but I just duck. I suppose there is one thing that is difficult for me….”

“Its very hard for me to touch my toes.”-Jonathan