jonathan stoye

Hey. Going to get real for a second. In case you didn’t know, I was recently given the opportunity to join Framing Hanley. They are all great dudes who make killer music and love doing so. Our new record comes out this Tuesday with a hometown CD Release show tomorrow night at the Exit/In. I’m not just saying this because I joined the band, but this is a record you are going to want to get. If I wasn’t in the band, I would put it on my “favorite records of 2014” list for sure. Do yourself a favor and buy this album and help support 5 dudes from Tennessee who love making rock n’ roll. And if you are able to, come to the show tomorrow night. Its because of you we are able to live out our dreams. Cheers, and thanks.
—  Jonathan Stoye, Framing Hanley bassist.

Meet Jon, the new touring bassist for Framing Hanley. In his own words:

Hello; my name is Jonathan Stoye and I am an aries from the north woods of Michigan. I moved down to Tennessee about four and a half years ago to play bass for a band named Adalene. We traveled a bit and opened for several national acts (including Framing Hanley, ha), but decided to call is quits in the summer of 2013. While in Adalene, I started writing/recording/performing some solo material, which I continue to do around Nashville. I love pizza, my family, my friends, Detroit sports, and extremely hot showers. 

Now that we know him a little better lets ask a couple questions:

FH.NET: Are you ready for the UK shows?

I am more than ready for the UK shows. I hear the crowds over there are unreal. Plus I’ve never been overseas, so this is going to be a great opportunity for me. I just hope I’m able to find some pizza over there. 

FH.NET: Are you excited about playing old and new FH material?

Its exciting to be able to play songs like “Stupid Girl” and “Hear Me Now” with the guys since those are songs I was a fan of before playing them. But the new material is amazing. Its cool getting to step into a situation where I get to play songs that are still fresh and new, for the fans and the band.

A big thank you to Jon for taking a few minutes to introduce himself and answer a couple questions. 

You can follow Jon on Twitter @JonStoye and on Instagram @JonathanStoye.