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There are those nights that Nancy and Jonathan are forced to take their younger brothers with them to the roller rink or the movies or wherever. Usually Karen makes Nancy take Mike with her, and Jonathan decides he might as well bring Will along so Mike has something to do. The first time this happens, they worry that Steve will think that having the boys along will kill the vibe, but Steve takes to them right away.

There’s the night at the bowling alley, for instance, when Will bowls a strike after a streak of gutter balls. Steve whoops and picks Will up, throwing him over his shoulder. He jumps around in a victory dance with Will on his back, and Will shrieks with delight and yells for Jonathan to rescue him. After Jonathan helps him down, they team up and playfully pin Steve to the ground while Nancy and Mike cheer them on.

Then there’s the time that they’re hanging around at Jonathan and Will’s house. Mike can’t stop talking about the Snow Ball and how nervous he is that he can’t dance. No matter how many times Nancy tells him that El won’t care how good a dancer he is, Mike is still worried. Until Steve offers to show him a couple of moves. Steve puts on some music and demonstrates how to step and slide. Then he pauses while Mike mimics him and praises Mike when he starts to get the hang of something. Occasionally Jonathan interjects with pointers on what kind of dancing goes best with what kinds of songs. Will decides he wants to learn, too, and the night ends with the boys spinning each other for practice while Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve slow-dance in a sloppy triangle.

Covent Garden Hotel

TITLE OF STORY: Covent Garden Hotel


AUTHOR: theothercourse/sweetoceancloud

WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Jonathan Pine/The Night Manager

STORY GENRE: Drama, Action, Romance

STORY SUMMARY: After the events of The Night Manager, Jonathan Pine has retreated back into his former quiet life, as a night manager of The Covent Garden Hotel in London. A new transplant from New York, Kristiane Taylor is one of his more well-known guests, a Tony nominee actress appearing on the West End. An unlikely friendship forms between the Broadway singer and the hotelier when a mysterious job offer lands in her hands. Kristiane turns to her friend when something strikes her as off about a job offer, Jonathan can’t ignore the case when some of the details become personally familiar.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: A slow burn romance, originally written as an RP but resurrected on A03 when the RP blogs were deleted. Rated explicit for graphic violence and sexual content.

CHAPTER WARNINGS/TRIGGERS: None for this chapter


Covent Garden Hotel

Covent Garden Hotel, West End, London - May - 0100 Hours

Jonathan Pine’s fingers stilled on the terminal, mid-booking of yet another night of theatre tickets for the half-soused American dignitaries who had just, with loud yawns and boisterous shouts and heavy feet, trod into the lift, toward their rooms, and toward sleep.

Hopefully they’d sleep.

Pine sighed inwardly. He hated the thought of the complaints he’d hear in the morning should these arseholes keep their racket up. Especially the complaints from the so-called star - a Broadway actress - who had taken up temporary residence on the fifth floor.




this sucks

Scarecrow Therapy Session

“I want you to focus on the space between my eyes.  Not around them, not on them, but between them.”

Dr. Leland held her finger up in front of Jonathan’s eyes, waiting until she was certain that he was watching it to pull his focus to the space she’d indicated.  Dr. Jonathan Crane sat stiff-backed in the plush grey armchair across the table from her, his palms pressed flat against the suede covering.  She had hoped that his experience with Tetch would make him more susceptible to hypnotism, but indeed the opposite seemed to be true.  Despite fully agreeing to this particular session (a rarity where the rogues were concerned, especially him,) Jonathan was still aware after ten minutes of suggestion.

“You can’t concentrate on hypnotism, Jonathan,” she reminded him as he apparently tried to bore a hole through her forehead with his stare.

“Right,” he said, shifting in his seat. 

“Breathe in deeply, filling your chest and lungs,” she instructed, her voice low and soothing. “Slowly let the air out of your chest, completely emptying your lungs.”  Jonathan took in a slow breath through his nose, sinking back in his chair as he released it.

“Everything here is safe and peaceful,” Dr. Leland continued. “Let yourself sink into your chair as you relax completely.”  She noted with a hint of triumph how his fingers curled in on themselves as he relaxed his grip on the chair’s arms.

“Your eyes may feel heavy and want to close. Let your body sink naturally down as your muscles relax. Listen to your body and my voice as you begin to feel calm,” she soothed. “Feel the muscles loosen and lighten, as if they require no effort to maintain.”  Slowly, blessedly, she saw him relax, his eyes drifting shut as he melted into his chair.  

“You are in a deep sleep,” she told him. “Your mind is open to my suggestions, but you are not being forced to do anything.  Do you understand that?”

“Yes,” said Jonathan, his voice low and distant.

“Good,” Dr. Leland said. “Now, I’d like to speak to Scarecrow.”

“I…don’t think that’s a good idea,” Jonathan warned, scowling to himself.

“Why not?”

“He can be…destructive.”

“Jonathan, if we want to reconcile your alter’s differences with you I have to meet him.  If you’re not comfortable allowing Scarecrow control, perhaps we could try a different alter?”

“I don’t have any that I’m aware of.”  Jonathan released a heavy breath.

“Fine,” he conceded.

“Imagine yourself sinking into a pool of water,” Dr. Leland prompted him. “As you sink, Scarecrow rises to take your place.  You are simply an observer, but you can take back control at any time.”  Jonathan nodded, and she watched as his face twisted into a sardonic smile that she didn’t want to admit sent chills crawling down her spine.  He wriggled his fingers and rolled his shoulders as if testing them, and then his eyes snapped open.

“Scarecrow?” she asked.

“In the flesh,” Scarecrow said, snickering to himself.  Dr. Leland noted the obvious differences between him and Jonathan with piqued interest- his voice was loud and piercing, and had lost any hint of the soft southern accent she’d always associated with Jonathan.  Scarecrow’s posture was completely different as well.  While Jonathan was straight-backed and deliberate, Scarecrow moved as if he were a puppet on a string.  Dr. Leland wondered if he wasn’t completely sure how to pilot his body.

“Scarecrow, can you tell me how long you’ve been with Jonathan?” she asked, making a great show of leaning calmly back in her chair and folding her hands together.  She didn’t want to encourage his more malicious thoughts.

“Hmm, let’s see…” Scarecrow said, pressing a thin finger to his chin and tapping it as if in deep thought. “It’s all a bit of a blur, Doc.  I think the first time I was really there was when we killed that old Keeny crone.”

“What do you mean by ‘there’?” Dr. Leland asked.  She wondered briefly just how open to suggestion he was right now- he seemed to be behaving himself much more than Jonathan had predicted.

“Oh, y'know…” said Scarecrow vaguely, wriggling his fingers. “There.”

“Oh, I see,” Dr. Leland said. “So you’ve been around before Jonathan started his, ah, experimentation?”

“Oh yeah, way before that,” Scarecrow said, blowing a piece of hair out of his face and flopping back in his chair with a nonchalant wave. 

“Who’s idea was the fear toxin, then?” Dr. Leland asked.

“Jonny-boy’s the one who thought it up,” Scarecrow said. “I just gave him a little push.”  He laughed to himself.

“He still thinks he’s right, y'know,” Scarecrow said with a guffaw. “Thinks he’s helping people.  That’s why he does it, mostly.”  He snorted derisively.

“And why do you do it?” Dr. Leland asked, sensing an opportunity.

“Me?” Scarecrow asked, pressing a hand to his chest. “Well…”  He glanced around the room before leaning conspiratorially across the coffee table between them, cupping a hand to his lips.  Dr. Leland leaned eagerly forward, straining to hear his hushed words.

“I like to hear 'em SCREAM!”

She been so distracted by his whisper that she hasn’t noticed his arm poised to dart out and grab hers as he raised his voice.  Dr. Leland cried out and toppled backwards in her panic, breaking his grip on her and sending the table and all its contents crashing to the floor.  The armed guard stationed outside her office door burst into the room as Scarecrow doubled over in his seat, clutching his sides as he cackled maniacally, laughing so violently that he rolled out of his chair and onto the wreckage scattered across the carpet.  The guard jumped between the two of them, wielding his nightstick as if Scarecrow was going to do something.

“Are you alright?” he asked, glancing back at Dr. Leland.

“Yes…” she said uncertainly, pulling herself to her feet and smoothing out her newly coffee-stained lab coat. “Yes, I’m fine.”  She glanced down at Scarecrow, who was still in hysterics. Frankly, she hoped she never heard that laugh again.  Joker was bad enough.

“We’re done here.  Take him back to his cell.”

“Yes, ma'am.”

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i think i’ve… exhausted a lot of my good ones :’)

but i think a lot about jonathan and steve watching a movie and jonathan is a lot more into it than steve, and talks throughout about political subtext and the messages intertwined with the story and steve makes sarcastic remarks about it just because he knows it gets jonathan worked up to keep talking about it and explain it further and steve absolutely adores the way jonathan’s speech suddenly becomes more fluid when he’s discussing things he’s passionate about, and how he motions with his hands as he explains things and how he makes this “ughhhh” noise before “okay so” leading into another long rant. steve doesn’t totally understand it but he adores how jonathan feels so strongly about things.

jonathan talks politics more often than steve has ever talked politics before. jonathan is totally convinced steve doesn’t get it and is rooted in his ignorances but one day they’re having a conversation with a mutual acquaintance and the acquaintance says something ignorant and steve interjects with “actually—” and explains to them something jonathan has explained to him and it clicks that steve listens a lot more than jonathan thinks.

steve tries to get free movie popcorn from jonathan at work and jonathan makes a remark like “just because you’re my boyfriend doesn’t mean you get free shit” and steve is like grinning like an idiot and jonathan’s just like “what?” totally unaware and steve is like “so we’re boyfriends now?” definitely not disagreeing but totally teasing and jonathan is like stuttering and awkward like “did i say boyfriend??” and retracts the statement even though the both of them are more than okay with it.

steve opening up about his dad and jonathan just Gets It in a way steve wouldn’t have expected and even though jonathan doesn’t talk much about his own dad steve also Gets It that jonathan Gets It because they both have crap ass dads who have treated them– and their mothers to be frank– poorly.

at some point or another, steve is around the byers’ house so much ( because lbr he’s so in love with jonathan ) that joyce doesn’t even question when steve starts picking will up to take him to mike’s for d&d when jonathan is too busy with work.

steve bonding with will because he’s there so much and he definitely has a couple of will’s drawings up on his wall in his room from where he’s drawn things for steve and jonathan is absolutely floored that his little brother and his idiot boyfriend are getting along so well.

one day steve comes around to jonathan’s house nursing a bruised jaw and jonathan is freaking out ( more internally that externally ) like “what happened?” and steve self-indulges an angry rant about how someone called jonathan the q-slur or the f-slur and how he was defending him. jonathan tells him he didn’t need to do that for him, that he’s used to it, that it was reckless and stupid. and steve tells him that no one gets to talk about jonathan– or anyone– that way, opens up to jonathan about his own queerphobia ( re: use of homophobic slurs ) and how he should’ve realized sooner how devastatingly harmful it is.

my bi sons talking about bi™ things one day at lunch and nancy chimes in with how she likes girls too and they both just kind of pause for a moment and it’s kind of lowkey decided they are the Bi Squad and how great it is that they gravitated to each other the way that they did when the three of them have similar sexualities. just… honestly my three bi kids bonding over being bi and having that support system in place and also nancy and jonathan, who are decidedly a little more educated on things than steve sometimes, who are able to discuss ignorances about the things they feel and coming to grips with some of the things they’ve internalized and steve basically having the aha moment of “whoo boy have i really internalized some shit”.

steve coming over to jonathan’s and not INTENDING to stay long but wakes up the next day on the sofa to joyce looking at him skeptically but with that Mom™ brand of “i love you, but you’re ridiculous” look and whose only words to him are “you’re lying on my keys”.

steve insisting on always being the big spoon. fails. is not always the big spoon and discovers “hey, little spoon isn’t that bad” and it actually makes him feel super safe not that he’d ever say that of course because he avidly denies it but jonathan kind of gets the picture one day that steve lowkey really digs it when he, without prompting, is like “FINE i’ll be the little spoon” and jonathan is like “i never… said you had to be?” and steve is like “haha can’t believe you always make me be the little spoon” which is absolutely ridiculous but jonathan goes with it because who is he to complain about getting to hold onto the person who has captured his affections?

steve slowly mending things with tommy and carol who have since the incident matured quite a bit ( not that their actions are ever excusable ) much to jonathan’s disapproval because jonathan doesn’t quite see how they can be different in the span of only a year despite steve’s insistence “it’s just different this time, trust me”. and then proceeds to drag jonathan, nancy, tommy and carol out on a group camping trip in an attempt to mend things and bond and it turns into a complete disaster and steve gets in a fight with tommy over something he’s said to jonathan, tommy and carol end up going home and it’s just nancy, steve & jonathan in a single tent suddenly more grumpy than they came there and jonathan breathes out a slow sigh of relief at the momentary semblance of peace without tommy and carol before saying something like “not to say i told you so…” and steve interjecting with “shut up.” but jonathan kisses him anyway and thanks him for the camping trip because he knows steve’s only trying to make things right between everyone.

also on said camping trip as things progress, nancy getting more and more sarcastic about steve & jonathan’s displays of affection. but in that sweet nancy wheeler brand of sarcasm where her teasing is more kindred than anything and it really only encourages steve further in his rampant pda ( which isn’t really pda because hey ! they’re out in the middle of nowhere in the the woods and the only other person they’ve seen besides themselves is the occasional hunter who pays zero mind to them and goes about their business ).

additional on camping trip, steve attempting to pick up a snake which bites him to which jonathan and nancy rapidly attempt to discern whether or not it’s venomous and steve is going to die, jonathan misidentifying it as a rattle snake and steve freaking out like “i’m going to die!” before nancy reevaluates it and discovers it’s just a common non-venomous snake and steve– save for his dwindling pride– is going to be completely fine. absolutely does not stop steve harrington from being melodramatic about it and asking jonathan maybe four times if he’ll “kiss it better” in regards to the barely visible mark left behind on his hand.


REQUEST: wxrrenswcrthingtcn: Belligerent Sexual Tension + STEVE FUCKIN HARRINGTON PH MY GOD (prompt list can be found here)
PAIRINGS: Steve Harrington x Reader
WARNINGS: bad words whoops
LENGTH: 1,251 Words
A/N: This may or may not be based off of the photography scene from Clueless… @emmcfrxst this is to make up for all the mr. tumnus stuff

Belligerent Sexual Tension: “There’s a couple, usually a sometimes sweet, sometimes grouchy female paired with a secretly-kind jerk, who are not able to admit their feelings.” – TV Tropes

Steve Harrington was the most narcissistic, self centered, asshole you knew. Sure he had changed after Will had come home, but he still pushed your buttons and you wanted to punch him 24/7. 

“I swear to god Steve if you don’t stop touching my hair I will punch you.” you said, whipping around to face him. 

Currently you, Jonathan, Steve and Nancy were piled into Jonathan’s car, going to some field where Jonathan wanted to take photos. You had quickly slid into the shotgun seat before you possibly had the chance of getting stuck in the back with Steve. 

“You know I like it when you’re feisty.” responded Steve, winking at you. You quickly turned around before Steve could notice the pink blush that was crossing your face. 

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Jonathan Toews Imagine

“Ready Justin?” Jonathan says happily, tying his son’s skates up. 

“Is it going to be cold out there daddy?” Your seven year old asks, wiggling his feet. 

“Absolutely. But that’s the fun part, right?” Jonathan asks, smiling at him. 

Justin smiles and nods, then hops off the bench. At a young age, he can already skate around like his dad. “Come on mama!” He says happily, running over to you. 

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” You laugh, picking him up. “Ready?" 

Jonathan smiles at you, then takes your free hand, walking you out of the locker room. 

The family skate at Soldier Field was starting, late at night before the game. This was the last time you would be together as a family until after the game, so you were hoping to spend as much time here as possible. 

"Let’s go!” Justin says, bouncing excitedly in your arms, smile breaking on his dace as you step into the cold air. 

“Yeah, come on!” Jonathan yells, tugging you along. “Come on! You’re so slow!” He smiles, stepping through the doors, racing onto the ice.

“Wait daddy!” Justin yells, jumping out of your arms, flying to catch up with his dad.

“Justin is just like Jonathan, isn’t he?” Dayna Seabrook asks, walking up beside you.

“A little fireball of energy? Exactly.” You smile, watching them skate around, smiling. 

“I bet they’re fun to live with.” Dayna laughs.

“They keep me on my toes, that’s for sure.” You smile, heading onto the ice with Dayna.

“About time!” Jonathan says, skating up behind you, grabbing you around the neck.

“Yeah, yeah.” You smile, reaching behind you, pulling him closer to you. 

“You’re slow.” Jonathan whispers, leaning his head on your shoulder. 

“Still faster than you.” You smirk, then break away from him.

“Oh, I don’t think so!” You hear him yell, a little angrily.

He skates up behind you, grabbing you around the waist, pulling you back.

“Cheater!” You yell, going after him. 

You can hear the other players and their family laughing as you chase each other around like little kids. Tugging on each others hoodies, shoving each other around, slamming into the boards.

“Alright, alright! I give up!” Jonathan yells as you jump on his back, almost knocking him down. 

“WINNER!” You yell, celebrating. 

“Cheater.” Jonathan smiles, trying to shake you off his back.

“You love me.” You smile, kissing him on the cheek.

“No promises." 

"Ouch.” Brent says, skating by, Dayna’s hand in his. 

“You love me, and you know it.” You smile again, hopping off his back. 

“Mama, I’m cold.” Justin says, tugging at your pant leg. 

“Try skating fast, like dad does.” You smile down at him, pointing at Jonathan.

“Try and beat me. Maybe you can show mama how it’s done!” Jonathan says, taking off again.

@fears-from-georgia continued from here (x)

A quiet evening never struck him as something that was odd, a shrill whistle played between the gap in his teeth while fingers worked diligently polishing small gears. He almost missed the knock. In fact, he had. The signal of the nose had not yet made it to his brain, at least not until a minute or so after the fact. 

And when the door opened, god, oh lord, he wished his mind was at times not so slow.

“Jonathan!” A shriek, dropping down to the floor, hands running quickly over his bruised and battered form, looking for the main source which was dripping blood. “Who did this to you, what happened? I will pursue them till the ends of the earth to make them pay…” But first, survival.