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Happy Mother’s Day! #WonderWoman 

“In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.”
N.K. Jemisin

Diana faces the real battles any mother has to face. Not only loving,  protecting, nurturing, guiding and supporting her children but dealing with the challenges of a child trying to find her identity and place in life. Motherhood involves dealing with rebellious, angry and stubborn children. It is not only rainbows and picnics. As a Queen and superhero  she has to protect her offspring, her people and the world from darkness and tyrants. She does it with true inner and outer strength, courage and wisdom. 

thiisby  asked:

Forgive me as it's been several years since I've last read the book (lost my copy and too poor to buy a new one lol) but is there like a school on thisby?? Do those kiddos have any sort of proper education system!? Why is puck not in school? (I know this is probably stated in the book but as I said, it's been a few years)

Hullo, there! I actually don’t recall many details about the school system in the book, but luckily Maggie answered the question on her website:

“Like a lot of farming communities in Ye Olde Days, school in Thisby is secondary to scraping out a living, is very seasonal, is often done by parents, and is also done at age 16. There is no University of Skarmouth where you can major in Homicidal Horse Husbandry with a minor in Terse Expressions (though if there was, Sean Kendrick would be teaching.) So Sean and Puck are already well past school-age. Leaving them all their time to do productive things like risk their lives on dangerous animals and make questionable decisions.” [x]

Also, I assume Finn has finished with school too, since he’s old enough to bet on the races (the minimum age is either sixteen or seventeen, per Jonathan Carroll).

Anyway, I hope that helps! And my condolences on the loss of your copy of The Scorpio Races! I hope another one comes your way soon!

Shippers, you are going to want to read this issue of Dark Knight 3 The Master Race #8!!!!  #SuperWonder

Diana is simply THE most badass QUEEN & MOTHER & WARRIOR   in the DCU.

On sale today 29th March 2017 at comic stores and can be downloaded from comixology.

Love You

This is for the Writer’s Guild Soulmate AU Day, which was yesterday, and I forgot. I suck. Anyway, this AU is where you see in black and white until you meet your soulmate! Please enjoy :)

Nancy Wheeler had grown up grey. Her whole family had, she supposed, but it had always been her life’s goal to see the world as it really was first.

She remembered, solidly, wandering around the park at six years old, imagining what green was like. She remembered lying on her back and watching the clouds drift by, wishing she knew what blue was like. She had an idea. She thought it would be bright and patient. She thought that blue might be her favourite almost-colour.

When she asked her mother what the world looked like, with those different hues and shades, her mom stared back blankly.

“Nancy,” she’d said, lips tugging upward into a swift (albeit false) smile. She’d rounded the counter, brushing flour off her hands. “You don’t need to worry about all of that right now, okay?”

“Why can’t you just tell me?” Nancy’d stared up at her, brow knit with confusion. What was wrong with asking?

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Secrets // h2ovanoss

aBASED OFF THE PROMPT “A boy comes out as gay to his friend, who soon after comes out as bi. Their parents are homophobic, so they are forced to pretend for the time being that they are still just friends.” BY THE WAY, THIS CONTAINS SMUT.

It wasn’t like Jonathan chose this life.

Bless his heart, he was born like this. He didn’t choose to be the gay in a heavily Christian family.

He just wanted to be normal in his family’s eyes. So that’s what he tried to do; pretend to be complete heterosexual.

Jonathan didn’t realize he was gay until he was in ninth grade. He was changing in the locker room, and suddenly, he was staring at Evan Fong’s ass, mouth watering like some kind of thirsty puppy.

He wanted to be friends with the Canadian, but Evan was way cooler than Jonathan could pretend to be, so he was afraid.

In tenth grade, however, Evan and Jonathan became good friends. They were such good friends that Jonathan began to trust Evan with everything.

In study hall one day, Jonathan decided to write Evan a note. He tore out a piece of paper from his English notebook and wrote:

“Evan, can I ask you a question?”

He folded the notebook paper and placed it on the Asian’s desk, biting his lip in nervousness. Evan looked down at the paper before opening it. Jonathan pretended to look busy while he watched Evan reply on the paper with his pen out of the corner in his eye. Evan folded the paper back up and passed it back over, looking back down at his textbook. 

“Of course.”

Jonathan wanted to smile at that, but fear of what Evan would think of him after he told him, but he needed to tell someone. He was tired of hiding who he was, and Evan seemed to be someone who would understand him.

“How would you feel if I told you I was gay?”

Jonathan chickened out. He erased the question and instead asked:

“Would you like to come over today?”

He folded it up and placed it on the Asian’s desk, furrowing his brows and swearing to himself for chickening out as Evan read the note.

“I’d love to.”

Later that day, Evan gave Jonathan a ride home like he always did since Jonathan didn’t have a car. 

“Are you sure I can come in?” Evan asked, furrowing his eyebrows in worry. He knew how the older boy’s parents were.

“Evan, they love you. They think you’re a wonderful influence for me. My sister is literally head over heels for you,” Jonathan reassured, forcing a smile after the statement he made about his sister because he knew Evan was straight.

Evan smiled, cutting off the ignition and exiting the car, Jonathan following soon after. Mrs. Dennis opened the door at the sound, smiling with her purse hanging off her shoulder. “Hello boys,” she greeted, “I was just about to drop Emily off at her Bible class. You both can help yourself to anything in the fridge.” She smiled before exiting the house, Jonathan’s younger sister Emily following shortly behind. She smiled coyly at Evan before getting into the car with her mother.

Evan and Jonathan had the house to themselves for about half an hour. “So what should we do?” Evan asked, taking a bite out of the red apple in his hand.

“We can watch a movie?” Jonathan suggested, but Evan shook his head.

“Nah, your parents have nothing but Christian movies about Jesus and that PG-rated bullshit. I get enough of that from my mom,” Evan sighed, and Jonathan bit his lip. 

“We can go up to my room?” Jonathan suggested, “I don’t have much, but it’s better than being down here.”

Evan laughed, “I’ll race you.” 

Jonathan laughed at that, quickly running behind Evan, trying to get ahead. However, Evan was faster as he made his way down the hall and into Jon’s room.

“Ha!” Evan yelled victoriously, throwing his hands in the air, and Jonathan totally did not notice the section of delicious tan skin that poked out when Evan’s arms raised.

Evan plopped down on Jonathan’s bed, releasing a comfortable sigh. The blue-eyed teen mouth watered at the sight of Evan’s skin, and he felt he needed to leave to compose himself. “Hey, I’m going to get me a drink. You want anything?”

“A glass of your mother’s infamous lemon tea will do,” Evan answered, grinning over at him, and Jonathan swore his heart stopped.

Jonathan left the room as quickly as he could without drawing attention to himself. While he was waiting for the shorter’s return, Evan pulled out his phone; however, when he tried to sit up, he bumped his head on the shelf hanging on the wall above Jon’s bed, forgetting the other was shorter than him. Consequently, he dropped his phone and it landed on the floor. Leaning down to pick it up, he noticed something under the bed and curiously picked it up. It was a dirty magazine and what shocked Evan was the naked man on the cover.

“Holy fuck,” he muttered, eyes wide in shock.

He flipped through the magazine and raised his eyebrows at all the nude men. Unfortunately, Jonathan walked in at that time. 

“Here you go–shit!” Jonathan quickly ran over, snatching the magazine from Evan’s hands, ready to make an excuse about how it’s his sister’s and he doesn’t know how it got in there when Evan looked up at Jon with furrowed eyebrows. “You could’ve told me, you know?”

“Told you what?” Jonathan asked nervously, trying to hide his trembling his hands from Evan’s view, “I-It’s my sister’s.” He was fucked.

Evan laughed, “Bullshit! You can be honest with me, dude.”

“Fine,” Jonathan grumbled, opening his dresser drawer and putting the magazine in it, “I’m gay.”

Evan grinned. “Oh, really? I couldn’t tell.”

Jonathan punched him in the arm.

Evan laughed and Jon sat next to him on the bed, “You know, I kinda like guys too,” Evan whispered, and Jonathan’s eyes widened in shock.


“Actually, just one guy, but still.”

Jonathan grew hopeful, quietly asking, “What guy?”

The room grew quiet before Evan leaned over, whispering softly, “I mean, your ass looks really great in those jeans.” Jonathan shuddered at Evan’s words, turning to look at the Asian in the eyes. Evan was smirking. Jonathan felt like he was dreaming. He was so tempted to pinch himself to wake himself up, but Evan’s hand gripped his jaw before leaning down and pressing his lips to Jonathan’s roughly. Jonathan’s heart was pounding as he struggled to kiss Evan back as much as Evan kissed him. When Evan pulled away, panting heavily, Jon breathed, “We don’t have much time.”

Evan grinned. “Challenge accepted,” he responded, reaching for the button on Jonathan’s jeans.

Evan maneuvered them until his back was pressed against the headboard and Jonathan was facing him. He pulled at the older’s jeans, his hips bucking up so Evan could pull down his jeans. Jonathan crawled over, desperately kissing Evan’s lips once more and Evan chuckled at his eagerness, brushing the bulge in Jon’s boxer briefs. Jon gasped, pulling away. “Touch me again, please,” he begged softly and Evan smirked.

“Just wait, baby, I’m going to make you feel so good.”

Jonathan bit his lip and gripped the younger’s shoulders as Evan’s lips attacked his neck and slowly pulled down his underwear. Jonathan gasped at the cold air reaching his heated skin. 

“You have lube, babyboy?” Evan asked gently. The older nodded, keening over the nickname and rushing over to his dresser, opening the same drawer he put the magazine in and pulled out a bottle of cherry-flavored lube.

Evan immediately took the bottle, pouring some onto his fingers and placing it onto the desk nearby the bed. With his other hand, he patted his jean-clad lap and Jonathan obeyed, straddling Evan’s lap, placing his knees on either side of Evan’s legs, and whimpering as his hard cock rubbed against Evan’s covered torso. Evan placed his index finger at the other’s hole before slipping it in slowly. Jonathan’s eyes closed at the foreign feeling, prepared for the sting. He’s seen enough porn.

Evan began slowly thrusting the finger into his hole and Jon moaned. He liked the pain.

“Move, please,” he begged. Evan obliged, but slipping in a second finger beforehand. 

“Oh god,” Jonathan moaned, throwing his head back, and Evan attacked his neck once more. “How’s that, baby?”

“So good, so fucking good,” Jonathan breathed and Evan scissored his fingers, stretching out the other’s fingers. And then Evan curled his fingers up and Jonathan’s whole body jolted. “Right there!” he yelled, and Evan smirked against his neck, making sure to hit that spot in every thrust of his fingers. 

“Please, Evan,” Jonathan whimpered, “I want your cock. Always wanted your cock.”

Evan felt proud of that. “Anything for you,” he responded softly, pulling his fingers free from Jonathan’s hole. Jonathan felt the loss of Evan’s fingers but prepared himself for something better.

Jonathan slid down Evan’s legs, desperately pulling down Evan’s zipper. “No time,” he muttered, pulling Evan’s cock free through the open zipper. If Jonathan complained about his mouth watering at the sight of Evan before, he should’ve probably prepared himself for the sight of Evan’s large, hard tan leaking cock. Jonathan whimpered at the sight, crawling back up Evan’s lap. “I’ve never been fucked,” Jonathan stated, staring down at the beautiful Asian.

“I’m clean, don’t worry,” Evan assured as Jonathan poured lube into his hand before wrapping his hand around Evan’s thick cock. 

“Oh, fuck,” Evan sighed, eyes closing in pleasure as Jonathan pumped his cock, covering it in lube. Jonathan kept pumping until Evan had to force himself to stop Jonathan. Jonathan grinned, sloppily kissing his cheek before Evan lined his cock up with Jonathan’s hole, the other hand on Jonathan’s hip. Jonathan slid down slowly, mouth falling open in either pain or pleasure–he wasn’t sure. Evan’s other hand reached up to hold Jonathan’s other hip as a guide.

“Oh, fuck, Evan,” Jonathan breathed, eyes shutting as Evan grunted at the tight, warm feeling that was Jonathan sitting on his cock.

Jonathan’s hands gripped his headboard on either side of Evan’s head and pushed himself up slowly. He felt so full. Evan was watching Jonathan’s facial reactions, wanting to memorize them for future reference. As Jonathan started to speed up, Jonathan’s breaths turned into pants and Evan helped him keep a steady pace. Evan was struggling to keep his hips pinned to the mattress. He wanted to fuck that tight heat but he didn’t want to overwhelm the bottom. However, when Jonathan curiously tried rotating his hips, Evan couldn’t stop himself. He bucked up into Jonathan, causing a broken sob from the older man as Evan’s dick rubbed right up against his prostate.

“Again,” sobbed Jon, “right there, please.”

Jonathan couldn’t form coherent sentences as Evan began to fuck up into him, the bed rocking against the wall. “Oh, oh, Evan! Harder!” Jonathan cried and that was enough for Evan to grab Jon’s wrists and slamming him down on the opposite end of the bed, earning a pained cry from the man. Evan grabbed Jonathan’s legs, putting them up on his shoulders before fucking into the tight heat again and brushing right against Jonathan’s prostate in every rough thrust, the bed slamming against the wall mercilessly.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!” Jonathan shouted, tears rolling down his cheeks at the overwhelming pleasure, “Don’t stop, Evan!”

Evan moaned at the filthy sounds leaving the blue-eyed boy’s mouth, fighting the urge to throw his head back because he wanted to watch Jonathan take his cock. 

“Oh shit, oh shit,” Jonathan cried, “I’m-I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!”

Evan leaned down, pinning Jonathan’s hands to the mattress, and fucking Jonathan in the position, still ramming against his prostate. Jonathan felt the rough feeling of Evan’s jeans rubbing against his balls, increasing the pleasure. “Do it, baby. Cum on just my cock. Show me how good I make you feel.”

And just like that, Jonathan came all their shirts.

Evan was so close, fucking Jonathan a little harder than he wanted. He was just about to orgasm when he heard the front door open suddenly. “Fuck,” Evan swore, quickly pulling out of Jonathan and hurriedly zipping himself up. 

He quickly handed Jonathan his boxer briefs and jeans and hurried to get him another shirt. 

“What about your shirt?” Jonathan asked breathlessly, slipping on his jeans and running a hand through his hair.

“Don’t worry about that,” Evan assured him, pecking his lips.

“Boys, are you okay?” came Mrs. Dennis’ voice from the kitchen.

“Yeah, Mom!” Jonathan yelled, voice hoarse from his shouting. 

“Jonathan, honey, are you okay? You sound sick,” her voice was getting closer and Jonathan began to worry. He looked at Evan, scared out of his mind. Evan quickly pulled his shirt off, slipping it on inside out, grabbing Jonathan’s History textbook off the desk, and plopping onto the bed next to Jonathan just in time for Mrs. Dennis to walk in.

“I’m fine, Mom,” Jonathan replied, “Evan and I were shouting answers to some questions in the History book and I might have shouted a little too loud.” Evan bit back a snort.

“Okay, dear,” she said, falling for it, “Anyways, don’t let me interrupt your study session. I’m going to start cooking, and Evan, you are welcome to stay for dinner.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Dennis,” Evan replied as she exited the room. Evan started chuckling and Jonathan glared at him. Evan, still smiling, placed the book out of the way before leaning over to kiss Jonathan passionately. “I had fun.”

“But you didn’t get to…y’know,” Jonathan said sheepishly, and Evan smiled bigger at his dorkiness.

“I have my hand tonight. And at least now, I have an actual memory to use instead of false fantasies.” Jonathan giggled, kissing Evan’s lips again.

Explaining Diversity as an Ally 

    Yes, I am a white female.  Yes, I am blessed to have privilege by living and growing up in New York.  Yes, I can only sympathize with, try and comfort, my friends of color who face discrimination daily.  Luckily, growing up in the city, and going to a school which offers an array of classes based on Race, I have been able to learn more about race through historical and personal anecdotes. However, what do you do when a close relative visits your ‘liberal bubble’, and immediately says things that you deem as ‘politically incorrect’? Here is my experience.

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H2OCat : Ready?


H20Cat “Despite Jon having H20 in his name, he still can’t swim.” One day at the pool, Jon was hanging out with friends, only to slip and fall in the deep end of the pool. The lifeguard, Tyler, notices when no one else does and ends up saving him.

Jon wakes up when Tyler is doing mouth to mouth, and freaks out, thinking he was drugged and something bad was happening to him. Tyler explains what happened later, and buys Jon lunch to make up for it. Jon thinks it was a date and kisses Tyler.


If anyone dared Jonathan to a swimming race, he’d be the loser. Automatically disqualified for inhaling water on his first breast stroke.

Jonathan felt like he was the only human being at age 27 who couldn’t swim at all.

His legs turned to heavy lead poles and his arms became soggy french fries and uselessly limped beneath the surface of the water.

It was astonishing that he could last half a minute under water. 

“Hey, you ready?”

Jonathan glanced to his bestest friend in the whole world, Luke, and nodded to him. Even his bestest friend didn’tknow he couldn’t swim…


Jonathan grinned and high fived his newest acquaintence, a handsome asian man with muscles and toned abs, “Hey, Evan!”

The male grinned and nodded in greeting, “How’s the lessons coming along?”

“Hey! I can handle myself, asshole.”

“Yeah, sure you can. You can’t even swim faster than a ca-”

“Ev, shut the fuck up.” Jonathan’s face held a certain crushed pride within the sarcastic grin plastered on his lips.

“Suit yourself, Jon. My offer always stands for ya.” Evan waved him off and hopped into the 5 foot end of the pool.

He was proudly staring up at Jonathan and sticking his tongue out childishly.

“Yeah, yeah…” Jonathan frowned.

Evan winked at him, “Are you ready?”


Moments later, Jonathan was met with three familiar faces, Lui, Craig, and Arlan. The three were talking bout recent video games they’d been playing.

“Bruh, the new minigame on gta is the fucking best!”

“No, no, no, no, no! The tanks are the best part. They’ve got missiles AND machine guns!”

“So it’s a 4 seater, now?” Lui crossed his arms in disbelief.

“Fuck yeah!”

“What about Cockatoo’s?” Arlan grinned at the two of them, both glancing at him briefly and giggling.

“They did make Cockatoo’s more explorable now.”

“The design’s pretty shitty though.”

“That’s your graphics, dude.” Lui smirked at Craig, lightly punching his bicep.

“Absolutely not!” Craig waved his arms back in exaggeration.

Jonathan backed up to not get hit, finding the floor gone beneath his left foot suddenly. His heart froze and his mouth opened in silent shock as he fell back.

The world flashed by him, he squeezed his eyes shut just as his back stung with the cold freezing splash of water.

Soon, he found his whole world was upside down and heavy, but there was no figures swimming down to save him… He felt alone.

Was he ready?


The world felt normal again, his back was heating on rough ground. He cracked an eye open, feeling pressue on his lips.

A man with tanned skin was leaned over his torso. When the male opened his bright blue eyes, Jonathan’s eyes widened and he reached his hands up from the ground they rested on.

A harsh slap echoed around the pool side. The life guard shot up from the shocked male beneath him, “The hell was that for?!”

Jonathan sat up and glared hard at the life guard, “The hell was that for?! What the fuck are you doing to me?!”

Tyler cracked a smile and leaned forward before snarling at the male, “I was saving you from drowning, mother fucker, what the fuck is the big deal?”

Jonathan’s eyes widened as he remembered what had happened earlier, “O-Oh…”

Tyler backed off and softened his snarl, turning it into a soft smile instead, “Sorry, man, if it freaked you out. I’m a Lifeguard, name’s Tyler. You?”

“I’m… ahem, I’m Jjonathan, but everyone calls me Jon.”

“Ah, so uh… you can’t swim huh?”

“Erm… yeah…”

“Hungry? My treat?”

Jonathan grinned, free food, “Yeah, sure thing.”

“You ready?”


The two sat themselves down at a small coffee cafe, one Jonathan specifically picked out since it was quite cheap and homely for him.

“So, you come to this cafe often?”

Jon smiled at Tyler and nodded, “Yeah, actually, my best friend’s the manager. I usually get a discount here.”

Tyler nodded in understanding, “So, how come you can’t swim?”

Jonathan fidgetted with his napkin nervously and glanced down at it, “Well, er, I’ve never learned how to really.”

“What? Really?”

Jonathan nodded and giggled, “It’s kind of stupid, actually. I was always too busy for video games and shit for swimming.”

“Video games, huh? I play some myself, actually.”

Jonathan blushed and nodded, “What kind?”

“Mostly horror, action, adventure. I have to choose Ggrand Theft Auto to be my favorite but if you asked me 5 years ago, I’d say Call Of Duty.”

Jonathan gleamed at the mention of the previous 2, “Call Of Duty and GTA, huh? I can agree right there. I like Garry’s Mod as well, but that’s more PC than Console, you know?”

“You’re really hyped over video games, huh?” Tyler miled and chuckled, “There’s not a lot of adults like that around here.”

Jonathan beamed and nodded furiously, “I bet there will be more soon, though.”

Tyler nodded and glancd to the waiter as he brought their bill. He took out some money and wrapped it over the checkbook of the waiter, grinning to him before adding three more bucks to his ti.

The waiter nodded gratefully to him and took the bill away. Jonathan nervously fidgetted with his fingers and glanced up, “Um, Tyler, right?”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

Jonathan leaned forward, over the mini table, and pressed his lips firmly to the lifeguard’s. The lifeguard blushed but pushed his lips back, caressing Jonathan’s cheek with his hand.

Jonathan pulled away and slipped a piece of paper into said hand, grinning. “See you later, Tyler.” Jonathan winked and turned to leave.

Ttyler glanced at the number written on the sheet of torn paper. A smile formed on his lips and he watched the male sway his hips as he left.

“Fucking cutie. Hope you’re ready.”


Noel is on his way to Wimbledon, so let’s take a look at some of his previous Wimbledon looks…