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“Jim, how would you like to be partners?  I’ll grow you to a fine strong age, eh?  Twenty-two?  twenty-five?!  Dark and Nightshade, Nightshade and Dark, sweet lovely names for such as we with such as the side shows to run around the world!  What say, Jim?”

-Mr. Dark, Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

This picture literally looks like it could be at Posner and Scripps wedding, if it weren’t for the public toilet / underpass / backstage (possibly the most likely of the three) backdrop. 

(disclaimer, I didn’t take it, it’s off Getty images as the watermark says)


Charles Halloway: I know who you are. You are the autumn people. Where do you come from? The dust. Where do you go to? The grave. 

Mr. Dark: Yes. We are the hungry ones. Your torments call us like dogs in the night. And we do feed, and feed well. 

Charles Halloway: To stuff yourselves on other people’s nightmares. 

Mr. Dark: And butter our plain bread with delicious pain. So, you do understand a little. 

Charles Halloway: You are known in this town. My father knew you. 

Mr. Dark: Your father? The preacher? That half-man? 

Charles Halloway: He lived on goodness. 

Mr. Dark: Tasteless fare. Funerals, bad marriages, lost loves, lonely beds: that is our diet. We suck that misery and find it sweet. We search for more always. We can smell young boys ulcerating to be men a thousand miles off–and hear a middle-aged fool like yourself groaning with midnight despairs from halfway around the world.

-”Something Wicked This Way Comes”


To Walk Invisible - The Brontë Sisters, this Christmas on BBC

Quotes from the cast on the drama:

“I wanted it to feel as authentic as it could.“ - Sally Wainright (writer, director)

“So much has made them into mythical creatures and the reality is far more interesting.“ - Chloe Pirrie (Emily Brontë)

"It’s a script for a period drama - but one that feels real. A lot of period dramas are visually incredible, but lack the element of realism that this has definitely got.” - Finn Atkins (Charlotte Brontë)

“Take away the Brontë name and it still has to be an exciting and relevant drama. Sally focuses on the tensions among the family - it’s quite dark and troubled.” - Jonathan Pryce (Patrick Brontë)

“To know more about Branwell is to know more about Anne’s work and where she may have got her inspiration “ - Adam Nagaitis (Branwell Brontë)