jonathan poneman

Kurt Cobain having a cappuccino with Jonathan Poneman and Bruce Pavitt in Rome, Italy. November 28th, 1989 

Photograph by Bruce Pavitt

I adore the photos of Kurt in Rome (1989), although he looks very sad and kinda lost in most of them. Like a little squirrel wearing lots of clothes, if I may say so ❤ Kurt had a nervous break down during a show, his passport & wallet was stolen on a train and he missed home and his girlfriend Tracy, so Bruce and Jon decided to give Kurt a day off from touring. They spent one day sightseeing the wonders of Rome and Jon helped Kurt to phone home to Tracy. They also bought a new guitar for Kurt.

More photos and stories in Bruce Pavitt’s book Experiencing NIRVANA, Grunge in Europe, (1989)


So an original Nirvana tour shirt is up on ebay the seller wants $2.000 for it. The interesting part about it is that the seller acquired it by trading Kurt a Blue Cheer shirt which he says is in the book “Cobain Unseen”. The image on the shirt is a nude photo of John Lennon & Yoko Ono with the subpop founders Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman’s faces over theirs.