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Jonathan Paget and CLIFTON PROMISE


The Workjuice Players performing “Love Ain’t No Billy Goat” last night (11/12) at the Bell House in Beautiful-But-Not-Manhattan Brooklyn, NY. #ITookThisEarlier

Ok so I had never heard of Jonathan Paget until he won Badminton. I just looked up this badass motherfucker and wow guys. 

Jock was an apprentice for a bricklayer until he turned 18 and started to invest his time into horses and bought an 18 year old stock horse for $500. From there he did pony club was eliminated twice because his horse refused the first fence during show jumping and when he jumped the wrong level fence for XC. When he turned 20, he went to work for Kevin McNab (and didn’t even know who he was) where he worked up to 15 hours a day. He completed his first Pre-Novice event in 2004 and three star in 2006. In 2010 Jock completed his first major international competition, The Kentucky Rolex. At the London Olympics, he was part of the bronze medal in Team eventing. May 2013 he won Badmintion and now he is leading at Burghley.

Not everyone is a going to make it into the professional horse world, but whether you are trying to make it to Rolex or trying to get that promotion, this is someone to seriously look up to when things are getting rough.

You don’t have to be rich to make it in this industry, you don’t have to have super dedicated show parents to be successful and you certainly don’t need million dollar horses in order to be noticed by someone. You have to work hard, sacrifice and dedicate yourself to every second you are doing what you want to do. 

“I think if you want to get good at something and you try hard enough and do it enough, it’s possible.” -Jock Paget


Jonathan Paget and CLIFTON PROMISE 

A little bit of Jock Paget to keep his fans happy.

I once spent a whole day with Jock and this horse, Shady Grey, for one of his sponsors. We started the day with him unwashed, straight from the paddock, and then photographed the process of making him show-ready, from start to finish.

The atmosphere in his yard is fabulous. All his horses are NZ Thoroughbred but they don’t act like you might expect. Very chilled, calm and happy. The sign of a good keeper.