jonathan keith

I’m still so very proud to be a fan of the Chicago Blackhawks and the talented players who put their heart out on the ice.

They had an impressive regular season run and while there is room to improve I don’t doubt that next season they will come back stronger. There are changes that need to be made surely and I believe a lot of it is connected to inconsistent lines but you know what? I love my boys and I am sticking by them no matter what.

Come back stronger and hungrier in October but for now rest up boys ❤️

the chicago blackhawks as "drunk, stoned, or stupid" cards
  • patrick kane: finishes every wounded solider at party
  • jonathan toews: will find a reason to take shirt off
  • brent seabrook: always makes the executive decision
  • duncan keith: would survive in the woods with just a hatchet
  • artemi panarin: has no idea what's going on
  • vinnie hinostroza: gets trapped by a revolving door
  • ryan hartman: builds a fort and sleeps in it for a week
  • marian hossa: is always right
  • corey crawford: plays drinking games for glory not drinking
  • trevor van riemsdyk: gets popcorn bucket from trash for free refills
  • artem anisimov: is never impressed
  • niklas hjalmarsson: refers to themselves in the third person
  • scott darling: goes to taco bell sober
  • johnny oduya: has heart-to-heart with homeless guy
  • marcus kruger: goes missing within 15 minutes of going out
  • john hayden: knows all three stages of charmander's evolution
  • 1988: has sex on a treadmill
  • coach q: would take the last parachute

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