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Stuck in Rabbit’s House in Film (1900′s - 1990′s)
she went on growing, and growing…

Ok so that Inkheart AU

Aaron first uses his power when he’s around 7, reading one of his favorite books out loud that his mom used to read to him before bed. He doesn’t notice the small pocket watch that tumbles to the ground out of nowhere, or the shoe that disappears from his closet.

When he’s 11, Aaron and Bellamy are having a sleepover, reading a book out loud in the comfort of a hastily made blanket fort. One moment Aaron is reading and petting the tabby cat on his lap, and the next moment there is an owl trying to escape the blanket fort, and a cat nowhere to be seen.

After managing to get the owl outside, Bellamy and Aaron do their secret handshake and swear to never speak about what happened.

thekawaiikitty24  asked:

Ok I have this weird headcanon for Jervis, if he does fade too far into insanity he'll start to talk in lines from Louis Carroll's Alice in wonderland and though the looking glass. Jonathan is the only one who understands him and usually responds with something Edgar Allen Poe wrote.

Oooh! This one is a fun one!

I’ve always leaned more on the side with @askarkham (Fantastic blog by the way. I highly, highly, suggest it!) where Jervis isn’t as insane as many versions put him, but I do think he does tend to lose grip on reality and start to babble lines when he gets nervous, scared, or has other strong emotions.

And yes, Jonathan is probably the only person to understand exactly what is wrong with Jervis. They’re extremely close, and I think they can certainly pick up on what each other mean by little subtle movements or sayings. 

And lastly, Jon reciting Edgar Allen Poe is one of the best things I’ve ever heard. (It helps that Poe is one of my very favorite authors as well!) I’ve always thought of his Scarecrow persona spouting more rhymes and quotes than his normal persona, but I think that he would most certainly use that as a way to calm and communicate with Jervis whenever the need arises.

(Sorry about the long answer. This one was extremely fun for me and is about two of my favorite rogues!)

-Mod Nika


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