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Jonathan Groff speaks out on Looking axe: "I'm bummed"

Looking won’t be back for a third season - and its star Jonathan Groff has admitted he is “bummed” by the show’s axing.

Groff told Digital Spy that he believes the HBO series had the potential to run for many more years.

“I’m bummed,” he said. “I wish we could’ve done multiple seasons - because there’s just not a lot of gay TV shows, there’s not a lot of gay stories out there, so I feel like there was so much still left to cover - and within the context of our own specific characters and relationships.

"I’m definitely bummed to see it go, but I’m grateful that we at least are getting a special to say goodbye to the experience, and to go back to San Francisco one last time. Oftentimes, with TV shows, they cancel it and you don’t even get to say goodbye to anyone, because it’s so sudden - so the fact that we’re getting to go back is great.

"But yeah, of course, I wish that we could’ve gone longer and done more seasons - full seasons.”

Groff - who plays Patrick - added that he does not expect series creator Michael Lannan and co-producer Andrew Haigh to “tie [the series] up in a bow”.

“I’ve gotten the basic rundown of what happens, but they’re [still] nailing out the details of the storylines,” he explained. “I can’t imagine with Michael and Andrew - knowing them and knowing the way they work… I can’t imagine that they’re going to tie it up in a bow, because that’s just not the way that they express themselves. But I think it’ll be a nice final chapter.”

Looking will shoot its final episode later in 2015. The series airs on HBO in the US and on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

Guess who finished all of her AP art work and now has the time to draw whatever she damn well pleases! This gal! 

So long before I fell in love with frozen, I was a huge fan of Spring Awakening (I still am) and I was so excited when I found out Jonathan Groff, the original Melchior, voiced Kristoff. So here’s Kristoff as Melchior, and wow I can’t stop imagining Kristoff singing “Left Behind”


Dear internet, I passed your birthday wishes on to Groffsauce. Happy belated birthday!