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C A LL   A N   A M B U L A N CE   -   P L E A S E !

I  -  am too emotional to say more than Kingdom’s finale ripped my soul out.

Jay Kulina (Jonathan Tucker) Nate Kulina (Nick Jonas) & Alvey Kulina (Frank Grillo) are actors that have surpassed everything I know about determination, regret, blood, love and pain. I kudos Byron Balasco, his cast, and crew for creating a devastatingly real show that ended too soon - thank you. 

w  i  p

 Kingdom’s Final Episode 

Tonight we say goodbye to the hard hitting, emotional journey of all the characters on Kingdom. With 40 episodes under their belt, we’ve watched not only the characters grow, but the cast and crew come together as a family. Alvey Kulina was a dream role for Frank and he embodied the role. It has been a privilege watching the incredible arcs these characters have taken, so be sure to watch how it all ends. Tonight, at 8pm on AUDIENCE. Use #GoodbyeKingdom to promote its last hurrah. And thank YOU for caring about these characters and their stories.

nickjonas: Kingdom was an unforgettable journey. I was able to grow as a man and as an actor. Playing Nate was an absolute honor. My cast mates are some of the greatest people I know, and truly remarkable actors. The creative team was the kind you only dream about. Watched the series finale episode with all of them tonight and I’m so grateful to close this 4 years chapter of my life the same way it started. Long live @kingdomaudience keep fighting people. Thanks to all our amazing fans. Love you all. More to come @frankgrillo1 @jonathanmtucker @mattlauria @joannagoing @byronbalasco @juliettejackson5 @sidside @kacehughes @padregrande @jarchmma @joedaddystevenson1982 @iamnataliemartinez

My thoughts on the show Kingdom:

- Brilliant show. Watch it. You won’t regret it. 

- Jonathan Tucker is an incredible actor. 

- Every scene between Jay and his mother will have you tearing up. 

- Nick Jonas’ character = Ryan Atwood 2014. 

- Lisa is amazing and I love her. 

- I want Lisa and Alvey to be together 4ever. 

- The word “abs” should be included in the opening credits. 

- Ryan, what’s your deal dude?

- This entire cast is fantastic

- The fighting scenes are super cool and now I want to be an MMA fighter too, so thanks for that.