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The past 20 years of my life have definitely taught me that growth is a necessity for the spiritual, physical, and emotional realms of existing. Don’t be consumed and content with/by stagnation always search for movement in the most positive direction. You find yourself caught in the moments when you are waiting to exhale… why choose between life and death when you can simply just breath. 9/8/92

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I'm going to college this fall, and I kinda want to rebuild my closet. I need to step it up a notch, but im not sure where to start. What do you believe are the essentials to a winning closet? I slay now, but I need to slay on a college level! Lol

Start from within. It sounds cliche, but let me explain.

Style becomes an outer-body experience so you have to lift limitations and boundaries you may currently dress under. For example, I would have never before saw it fit to wear women’s garments (sneakers, sweats, trousers, crop tops, etc.) just because of my upbringing and what society deems to be appropriate for my gender. However, what most men do not know is that women’s fashion constructs mens fashion. Women’s fashion is boundless granting women the power to access and control it redefining fashion, trends, etc. and expanding them. (this is not to say that sexism did not work against women in the fashion industry it did, but I just want there to be a general understanding that women are the creators of how we view fashion)

Secondly, know what works for you. To be trendy is looked upon as a good thing, but everything is not for everyone. Aim for style, and not for trends.

Thirdly, think outside of the box. I was never comfortable with the idea of someone walking around looking like me. I always went beyond expectations and pictured my outfits outside of my limits. It is easy to become constricted by a specific category of style like “high fashion” “preppy” or “urban” but what if you worked under all? or more? Having true style is being adaptable.

So all in all, do some digging, figure out where you limit your sense of style, know what works for you instead of following what is working (or not working) for everyone else, and think outside of the box. Explore a new store maybe online give yourself visuals and I’m sure you will build an immaculate wardrobe.

I hope this helps, xo 

… & I never want to simply make love to you because that will destroy us

Sexual pleasure is the base of human existence and we…

We cannot fully possess one another that will reduce us to a human relationship

Our souls are inhuman & we exist outside of the body

Enrich me with your ethereal energy

Open your mind to receive me

—  [fragments of an unfinished poem]- (miseducationofeli