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New Portal music video! ‘You Wouldn’t Know’ featuring Ellen McLain! =)

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1. Nicknames: maud or cid

2. Gender: male

3. Star sign: libra

4. Height: around.. 5′4? 5′5?

5. Time: 0858

6. Birthday: october 20

7. Favourite bands: i listen to so much different stuff so i cant even put one out there…. 

8. Favourite solo artists: jonathan coulton!

9. Song stuck in my head: nothing at the moment

10. Last movie watched: i dont even remember i watch so many movies?? i think it mightve been,.. um…maybe idiocracy or dodgeball?? maybe emoji movie i cant remember

11. Last show watched: my little pony

12. When did i create my blog: sometime in june, a bit after a-kon

13. What do i post: i have a few blogs, but this one is homestuck. i also have a private FFXV blog (privated due to a VERY bad experience) and im setting up a warcraft blog, and a ffvii one.

14. Last thing i googled: “homestuck trolls.” it was bc i forgot what some looked like, oops

15. Do you have other blogs: yep! ill tag the active ones. @imlovdragons @highwinds-hs-sprites

16. Do you get asks: sometimes!

17. Why did you choose your url: i love jade.

18. Following: 502 people

19. Followers: 73 on this blog!

20: Favourite colours: green. i love green. go on ANY of my blogs and theyre just. all green. unless theyre character themed

21. Average hours of sleep: either 3-15. it depends on how tired i am.

22. Lucky number: 42 is my lucky number!

23. Instruments: i used to play drums

24. What am i wearing: a shirt with nepeta and pounce on it along with some black pants

25. How many blankets do i sleep with: 0 or 1.

26. Dream job: dunno man??

27. Dream trip: i dont know

28. Favourite food: i like seafood!

29. Nationality: im american and more specifically im from the south (yeehaw)

30. Favourite song right now: dunno???

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YOU’RE FALLING FOR SOME BIG IDIOT → LISTEN ☆ an upbeat klance fanmix commissioned by @pavonem​!!

i. bad day // darwin deez ii. nemeses // jonathan coulton iii. teenage victory song // weezer iv. my year in lists // los campesinos! v. you’re falling for some big idiot // renard vi. cinnamon lips // ok go vii. problems // mother mother viii. rollercoaster // the bleachers ix. never gonna leave me // sia  x. video games // the young proffesionals xi. rail trail // halley labs associates


For the unapologetically evil villains, the ones who relish every moment of their showstopping plans and will never give up the evil life.


01. When You’re Evil — Voltaire || 02. Exit Strategy of a Wrecking Ball — Diablo String Orchestra || 03. Super Villain — Powerman 5000 || 04. I Can’t Decide — Scissor Sisters || 05. Bad To The Bone George Thorogood || 06. Evil Ways (Justice Mix)Blues Saraceno || 07. Am I Evil? — Diamond Head || 08. Villain Theory Of A Deadman || 09. Skullcrusher Mountain  Jonathan Coulton || 10. Villain Song Kirby Krackle ||

WIP sketch for another doodle I’m working up, based on a the song “The Future Soon” by I Fight Dragons. It is a Donnie song and no one can convince me otherwise. Correction edit! Jonathan Coulton wrote this song, and I Fight Dragons covered it. Thanks for the info, NOW I HAVE MORE DON MUSIC TO LISTEN TO MUAHAH!

How to Make a Jonathan Coulton Song in 3 Steps
  1. Mix an assortment of funny lines with a handful of metaphors and stir well until a grim consistency is achieved.
  2. Add a dash of social commentary (optional, but recommended).
  3. Serve cold with a smile and a jaunty tune.

The Princess Who Saved Herself

A children’s book based on the beloved Jonathan Coulton song. Written by Greg Pak with art by Takeshi Miyazawa.

Okay, I’m mere hours away from heading out to London, but let me point something out to you awesome people.  greg-pak and jonathancoulton have a new Kickstarter up to make a book of “The Princess who Saved Herself” the awesome song by Jonathan Coulton.

When I started writing Princeless, a lot of people asked me if I knew this song.  I did not.  Eventually, some time after writing volume 2, I looked it up.

Obviously it’s great.

When the Kickstarter for Code Monkey Save World came around this book was announced as a stretch goal and getting a good look at the princess (who is obviously a young girl of color) a lot of people asked me what I thought about it and if I felt l thought it was too close to Princeless.

The answer to that is I think it’s great. Part of the reason Princeless exists is that I didn’t feel like there were enough depictions of strong young women of color in leading roles. There still aren’t.  But this makes one more and dammit if it isn’t a good looking one.

So please support this book and these creators.  They do great work and are some of my personal favorites.  Also, I’m starting a rumor that Greg Pak is going to let me write an issue of Storm.  It’s not true, but I’m saying it anyway!

So, if your bookshelf has room for two independent black princesses, pick up both Princeless and The Princess who Saved Herself, because that still puts it at about a million to one ration with books about blond white princesses.