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Tired Visions (OhmLirious)


Genre: Fluff

AU: College


Ryan leaned back in the uncomfortably wooden chair, his weight making it creak underneath him as his arms stretched above his head. He had been studying for his business final for a week straight with barely any sleep and barely any food. His roommate would always come in to try and get him outside of his room but the brunette just mumbled an ‘I’m fine’ without even looking at him and it got to the point where he couldn’t even form a proper two words sentence with dozing off or the words being jumbled together. He stood up for the first time in forever and winced when he tried walking only to fall on the carpet flooring due to not being used to using his legs. Ryan cursed silently under his breath, shakily getting to his feet and using the wall for his support. Carefully by putting one foot in front of the other, he made it through the dorm- which resembled a studio apartment- and made it to the kitchen where his roommate stood. The black haired male looked over, cognac eyes glinting slightly and crumbs surrounding his face from the giant ass cookie in his hand. Both of their faces turned red when they realized both of them were only in a pair of boxers but at least Jonathan was a bit more clothed due to having one of his giant blue bathrobes.

“Umm…Hungry?” Jonathan asked, holding the cookie out to the brunette who took it in his hands and started to munch on it. Then fell the awkward silence. Neither of them had even said one word to each since three days ago when they got into an argument over Ryan passing out on his desk from lack of sleep. Jonathan opened his mouth but Ryan beat him to the chase by mumbling a quiet ‘thank you’ and left the kitchen with his hands shakily holding onto the wall for support. He pushed the thin sheet that covered his side of the room, using clothespins to hold the thin sheet in place like a lock for a door and sat down in the chair. Because the two came from slightly poor families unlike the other students all they could afford was a studio dorm so they separated the back half for their “bedrooms” which only contained twin sized mattress, a small desk, chair and a small dresser to hold clothes. Pretty shit.

Ryan rubbed at his face, picking up one of the multiple highlighters he had and started to skim over words of his textbook then color over then with a note or something that went with it. To most students they didn’t have to do this, using money to just get their way through but he had to study his ass off just so he could pass the final. So for what seemed like an eternity he sat in that uncomfortable chair, highlighted words, wrote notes, studied books he had practically memorized word-by-word and drank Monsters. It was around the middle of the textbook when the lights on his side started to flicker before shutting off completely along with his laptop and everything else in the room. He blinked multiple times, rubbing at his face and feeling the small scruff of a beard that was on his face from not shaving in a month thanks to an oral report he stayed up for just a week ago. “Jon? Jon this isn’t funny.” To him he believed this was some elaborate prank that his childish roommate came up with just to mess with him.

He expected him to walk through the thin sheet holding a flashlight with some cheeky smile but he got silence instead. Ryan looked around the area, scanning for any movement and slowly shut the book shut. Carefully, he got off the chair and made his way to the mattress. There was suppose to be a flashlight by the dresser and Ryan could easily find his bearings but there was one problem; It wasn’t there. Multiple times did he open and close the drawers in hopes of finding the cylinder but multiples times did he fail. He tensed up at the sound of creaking footsteps, head slowly turning to his side when he felt a rush of air glide against his bare skin. There was nothing but darkness. Ryan gulped, rubbing at his face and walking towards the thin sheet only to scream when he tripped over something and hit the ground. He groaned, hands curling around some of the carpet curls. That’s when footsteps came near him.

All he saw was a shadow approaching him with heavy breathing and something shiny in its hand. Ryan rolled onto his back when the person reached out to grab him, a loud shriek of fear emanating from his mouth only to silenced by a hand covering his mouth. The brunette flailed around, hands grabbing onto the shadowy wrist while his eyes started to sting. This is it. He kept telling himself, believing this was his last moments to live. Ryan did something he couldn’t believe he did; He licked the person’s hand so they uncovered his mouth then bit down on their hand until they screamed.

“Ow! Ryan! It’s me you bitch!” Jonathan’s familiar voice rang in his ears, Ryan letting go of the pale male’s hand as he flopped onto the floor. That’s when he saw those familiar cognac eyes stare at him filled with anger with his pale cheeks puffed out. He let out a breath of relief, his heart still pounding against his chest but it calmed down slightly. “You make it out like you gonna be raped or something. I heard you scream when I was watching Netflix so I tried to get a flashlight but couldn’t find one so I came to see if your’s still worked-”

“I-It’s gone,” the brunette cleared his throat, tingling appearing when he spoke. That was another thing he rarely did over that week; Speak. “I-I keep seeing things…”

“It’s because you haven’t slept. C’mon let’s get a match and candle so we can see until the power comes back on.” He heard shuffling next to him until the presence near him was gone. Ryan blinked blindly in the darkness, trying to feel for Jonathan but finding nothing. Even though he knew that Jonathan was somewhere nearby he couldn’t help but have a sense of fear that maybe he had left him.

“J-Jon? Jon w-where are you?”

“I’m right here,” he felt a hand softly grab onto his, Ryan standing up and walking forward but stopped when he hit something which made a groaning noise. There was slight shifting in front of him. “Damn it Ryan…You just fucking punch my dick…”

“Oh shit sorry, where are you?” Ryan let go of the warm hand, reaching forward to feel for Jonathan who stood up slightly with one hand holding his groin. The cognac eyed male was found in seconds when the brunette’s hands landed on his cheeks, thumbs unconsciously running over their soft skin. “Sorry man…” Jonathan let out a soft chuckle then groaned when Ryan’s thumb accidently hit his eye.

“Stop fucking hurting me!”

“Sorry!” Once again the brunette was apologizing, blushing when he felt one of Jonathan’s hands move up to grab onto his. His hand was lowered away from his face till it rested in between them, his other hand just falling to his side while he got led away. “Wait.” Ryan moved back to the thin sheet, pulling it off the clothespins to wrap around himself so that way if the power was still out he wouldn’t get cold. He gripped onto Jonathan’s hand with both of his hands and trailed after the taller male, glancing around hesitantly at all the shadows that danced along the dark walls knowing that they were taunting and scaring him. It was like they were just waiting to pounce off the walls to kill him and the thought made Ryan grip onto the other male’s hand tighter. When they reached the kitchen he waited by the fridge, gripping onto the cold metal just to know that he wasn’t somewhere else. He was taken aback when a sudden light filled the darkness, red and orange flames dancing along the small wood that was held by two pale fingers before the embers were transferred over to a candle. Ryan followed the light into the living room, sitting down on the floor instead of the couch. It was some weird thing he always did but Jonathan didn’t care- He actually joined him on the floor in front of him.

“So…” Jonathan mumbled, trying to make idle chat with the terrified brunette in front of him. He had set the lit candle atop the table next to them, the light and company the only two things keeping Ryan from freaking out. “…Wonderful weather we’re havin’ isn’t it?” Ryan snorted, covering his mouth to stifle his laughter as Jonathan just let out a big grin of satisfaction, glad that his stupid attempt to make Ryan cheer up worked. He was smiling until the two went silent, neither of them even bothering to speak. Ryan flinched when he felt something wind move past his face, his sheet being pulled around himself more. “Are you alright?”


“I’m gonna take that as a ‘no I’m practically shitty myself.’ C’mere,” Jonathan beckoned Ryan over. With slight hesitation, the brunette crawled over, stopping just in front of the taller’s crossed legs and sat there with his hazel eyes looking up at him. “Get over ‘ere,” He chuckled, using the stupid reference to Moral Kombat Scorpion, throwing his arms around Ryan pulling him into his lap and a warm embrace. Instead of fighting he practically just melted into his warm chest, the fluffy blue bathrobe tickling his skin and added onto the warmth radiating off the pale male. “…Sorry for getting mad at you the other day.” Ryan didn’t even move his head to look up at the male, resting it on the crook of his neck with his butt in Jonathan’s lap and both of his legs over just on of his legs. His arms were around his neck so he was being held up and fingers slightly playing with some strands of his hair, smirking whenever they accidently brushed against his skin which made the pale male shiver.

“It’s fine, I understand why.” He mumbled, breath hitting his skin which made more shivers result from him. Instead of questioning why, because he knew why he shivered, Ryan played the ‘innocent’ card and threw the sheet around Jonathan then pulled it around him so it wrapped around them both. He yawned quietly, sleep clogging up his brain and making all common sense just get covered by a thick fog of sleepiness. The male snuggled closer into Jonathan’s bare chest, not realizing when he closed his eyes and dozed off. Jonathan blinked when he heard soft, quiet snores and looked down only to smile at the sleeping state of Ryan’s whose hair was sticking up in certain places and he was soundly sleeping. The male carefully moved Ryan until they were both sharing the bathrobe, butt scooting backwards till he hit the couch with his back then draping the sheet over them both. He was now smiling widely, yawning and moving an arm over Ryan’s shoulders with the tired male just snuggling into the open space given to him. After a while he too started getting tired so he kissed the top of Ryan’s head, giggling when some of his brown locks tickled his nose.

“I may never gain the balls to tell you this but I love you…” Jonathan mumbled, resting his head on top of Ryan’s and dozing off just before Ryan opened his eyes. He had woken up when he got moved and now was blushing a bright red, looking up at Jonathan’s sleeping figure.

“…I love you too you assclown…” And then he let his head lean back against the other’s shoulder, closed his eyes and fell asleep.  

imagine a good!jonathan like that in city of heavenly fire
imagine good!jonathan being a super protective brother
imagine good!jonathan pushing clary on swings and playing any game clary wanted.
imagine good!jonathan baking cookies with clary and jocelyn.
imagine good!jonathan being really clumsy whilst doing this cooking and he trips and drops all the chocolate chips on the floor.
imagine good!Jonathan and clary are super close to the lightwoods, even as children.
imagine good!Jonathan always watching jace because thATS HIS SISTER HES GOING WITH.
imagine good!Jonathan having a huge crush on Isabelle for the longest time and being so awkward around her.
Imagine good!Jon asking her on a date and he’s just blushing like 4000%
also he blushes more because he’s blushing.
imagine good!jonathan with clary and the lightwoods being a teenager doing teenager things and just being happy just imagine.

Christmas Eve in the Howell-Lester household (ficmas: day 4)

Summary: Dan and Phil spend Christmas eve with their son, Jonathan, and end the evening with the one word story game.

Word count: 776

“Jon, come and brush your teeth now so that we can go and have a bedtime story” Dan called to his son from the hallway.

Jon was in the living room playing with the kinetic sand with his other father. They’d been seeing who could make the tallest tower, which was hilarious as the sand acted like liquid if left alone for a couple of seconds. He looked up at Phil with a pout.

“It’s too early to go to bed, isn’t it dad?” Jon asked.

“No, I’d say that this is the perfect time for bedtime stories. Besides, the sooner you sleep, the sooner it will be the morning. It’s Christmas tomorrow!” Phil replied excitedly.

Jonathan’s face lit up. “I want to stay up all night!” He exclaimed.

“Jon, remember that Santa only comes when everybody is asleep. Now lets go to papa so you can brush those teeth of yours”. Phil held his hand out for Jonathan to take before they both walked to join Dan.

After Jon had brushed his teeth and had a quick wash Phil reminded them that they hadn’t put out the food for Santa and his reindeers yet. So Jon followed Phil into the kitchen to get the said food.

When they entered the living room again, Dan had just finished tidying and cleaning the mess of kinetic sand from earlier (this was a great feat as Jon and Phil had managed to destroy half of the living room with it). He laughed as he saw what Phil was carrying.

“Phil, why do you have nine carrots?” Dan questioned.

“Well I suggested that we should leave out a carrot for Rudolph. But then Jon didn’t want anyone to be left out, so we’ve got a carrot for each of the reindeers” Phil answers, a smile prominent on his face.

“Aww, that’s a good idea Jon” Dan praised his son who was proudly holding the glass of milk and mince pie for Santa.

They placed the food on the coffee table and went to Jon’s bedroom. Dan and Phil sat down at the top of his bed, then Jon climbed up and sat in Dan’s lap to cuddle with him.

“Okay, which story would you like? Is it the one with the grumpy monster?” Dan said to Jon, wrapping his arms around him.

“No, I don’t want a bedtime story because I don’t want to go to bed!” Jon shouted.

“Hey, remember what I said before Jon. Santa only delivers presents if we are asleep” Phil reminds him in a soft tone.

“Bu-but stories are boring” Jon said, looking for any excuse.

“We could play a game” Phil suggested. This caught Jon’s attention. “What about the one word story game”.

“Yes!” Jon squealed excitedly, jumping up a bit.

“Okay let’s start”

They took it in turns to each say the words to the story. There were a few times when Jon had definitely said more than one word but Dan and Phil didn’t point it out. They had ended up doing three very short stories which had ended up turning out like this:

One day in winter land a small elf who wore some striped gloves and a green dress went out go the grotto to place three presents on the fire place because children didn’t want any.

“Noo, I want presents!” Jon shouted. Phil had to reassure him that it was only a made up story and Santa would bring him his presents soon.

Yesterday there was a loud noise coming from the elf dormitories-

Dan smirked at Phil as he said the word ‘dormitories’ to which Phil mouthed a ‘shut up’.

-when Billie accidentally fell from a tall tree then he was dead.

“Wow that was an abrupt ending” Dan said as they finished their second story.

“Okay, one more but it needs to be a happy one” Phil said to Dan and Jonathan. But mostly Dan.

This Christmas Santa decided that all reindeer were going to wear three giant hats when suddenly a reindeer said I prefer ten scarves instead so Santa said k.

After the story Jon was significantly more tired than before so they quickly gave him kisses and said goodnight. However before Phil could leave, Jon called him over. Jon had his hand over the side of his mouth when he whispered to his dad:

“Can I have a secret cookie, dad?”

Phil giggled quietly and nodded his head. It wasn’t the first time that he’d sneaked Jonathan a cookie after bedtime. Dan pretended to be completely oblivious to it.

Dan and Phil walked out of Jon’s room incredibly excited for the next day.

A/N: aww I’m happy with this. I thought it would be difficult to incorporate the one word story games but I think I did pretty well. Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it).

also, thanks to @pottergentgames for doing the one word story game with me for this.

Thanks ^ω^

Yes, yes, I know, I publicly declared that I’d take a break from the Hiddles for a week and post something else for my Cherik and Marvel/Civil War followers… but he just looks so cute nibbling that cookie/biscuit in TNM gifs that I just couldn’t not doodle this. I’m also terrible at delayed gratification and just had to share it right away. Am I forgiven for breaking my promise? :)

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