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@RealKevinConroy: Last week at a record at WB with creative team [source]

@spacekicker: Weeeeeeeeee! #JusticeLeagueAction @joshkeaton @RachelKimsey @TheJLew @RealKevinConroy @jim_krieg [source]

@RealKevinConroy: Worked with Carl Reiner today. 93 and in top form. He was editing himself and improving with each take [source]

@RealKevinConroy: In the studio today with Dietrich Bader [source]

Once the announcement for Justice League Action went live a few days ago, we saw some tweets that might hint who else we can see involved in the new cast. This doesn’t officially confirm anything, but there’s certainly a few more familiar faces than those previously announced in the mix.

Among them being – Twitter user Spacekicker (@spacekicker) is Jeremy Adams who wrote some of the most heartbreaking Green Lantern: The Animated Series episodes, and I spy another GLTAS writer Ernie Altbacker (@altbacker​) in there too. Jake Castorena (@jakecastorena), first known around here for his story boarding work on Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Young Justice, and Beware the Batman has mentioned being a director on JLA. (Congrats guys! XD) Josh Keaton (@joshkeaton), previously the voice of Hal Jordan and Peter Parker looks to be part of the cast too. (Is he back as Hal?) We can also see Michael Dorn best known for his work on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space 9 alumni, Armin Shimerman, both of whom have voiced a variety of DC animated characters in the past. Plus we have Rachel Kimsey, Jason J. Lewis, and the legendary Carl Reiner.

A few writers and storyboarders have revealed themselves on twitter. Our compliments to Jonathan Callan [link], Brian Ford Sullivan [link], Jen Muro [link], Heath Corson [link], and Michael Borkowski [link]. 

We look forward to what the JLA crew has in store for us.

Thank you to the ever attentive @thomasdreyfuss​ for catching these tweets.