jonathan bell wolfe
Warmer: A collection of poetry comics about climate change
For the fearful & hopeful. 1 book, 16 comics to celebrate the world for what it is, and mourn for what it is becoming.

I have a 10 page watercolor comic in Warmer called Pollination. It has honey bees @ajttk I know you love them! Thanks to Raighne for designing my title page and final page :D

The line up for Warmer is spectacular: @alyssa-berg with Catalina Jaramillo, Andrew White @whitecomics, Caitlin Skaalrud @rosebudskud, Ellie Schmidt, Graeme Shorten Adams @foreshortening, Jonathan Bell Wolfe @bell—wolfe, Kimball Anderson @earnestattempts, L. Nichols @wormulus@madeleinewitt with Anya Grenier, Maggie Umber with Raighne, Nick Soucek, @olivereast, Tor Brandt, Warren @craghead, Wenting Li, Will Cardini @hypercastle.

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Here’s my big list of LGBTQ creators and LGBTQ content at SPX. There’s a lot of variety here, and I encourage you to check everyone out. (And check out the rest of the show too!)

For more information on these artists, you can read their posts here on

  1. Jared Axelrod H4
  2. Jonathan Bell Wolfe W49B 
  3. Reed Black K11
  4. Tony Breed K6A
  5. Molly Brooks A13A
  6. Sabin Calvert E8
  7. Danielle Corsetto W31
  8. Evan Dahm W33
  9. Dechanique G7
  10. Blue Delliquanti K10
  11. Rachel Dukes L9
  12. Jess Fink L12
  13. Koyama Press (Elisha Lim’s new book) J12-J14
  14. Penina Gal F7/N14
  15. Melanie Gillman L5B
  16. Bob Glasscock K6B
  17. Simon Hanselmann W57-61
  18. Noel Arthur Heimpel B5A
  19. Cathy Johnson W50
  20. Laurel Lynn Leake L7B
  21. Jade F Lee A14B
  22. Ed Luce K7
  23. MariNaomi (at 2D Cloud) M9
  24. Joyana McDiarmid L6A
  25. Kel McDonald K10
  26. Sylvan Migdal C6
  27. Hazel Newlevant F8A
  28. L Nichols (Saturday only!) B10
  29. Heather Nunnery A10
  30. Molly Ostertag B14B
  31. Aatma Pandya B14B
  32. R M Rhodes I5-I6A
  33. Shmorky A7
  34. ML Snook W91
  35. Jeremy Sorese W49B
  36. C Spike Trotman K9
  37. MR Trower N4
  38. Johnny & Sasha Velour (John Jacob Lee & Sasha Steinberg) L6
  39. Kat Verhoeven A1B
  40. Emily Willis D6
  41. Sophie Yanow M10-M11A