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So yeah I’ve bought the Shin Megami Tensei IV Official Artworks. I’ve been wanting this for quite a while ever since it was only in Japanese but I needed it in English. YHVH blessed us with it! I’ve decided to take a good chunk of photos of it. I apologize in advance the quality of the pictures. My phone’s camera is ass and I used to have a scanner until that thing broke down. -_- But oh well. I guess I’ll make a little commentary/review as I go.

The Eastern Kingdom of Mikado

Pretty interesting interviews here. The main idea they wanted to get across while designing the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado was to not make it obvious that there was something ‘off’ about the place. Having the very subtle of clues possible.


Real cool stuff here. Love how the interviews point out that it was 100% the unclean ones’ work, while the people of Mikado only maintain and repair it. With that in mind, the further you went down Naraku the more modern it becomes. Unclean Ones often took breaks and naps so leaving a gun behind was a clever choice to really bring home the fact that you’re close to another world.


My favorite section of art in the whole book. What intrigued me the most is how careful they were when making a re-imagining of Tokyo. They didn’t want to go full blown post-apocalyptic Tokyo. But just enough to know that Tokyo is suffering. Like the interview said, it’s a ying and yang when comparing Tokyo to the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado. Both different but fundamentally the same. The members of the Ashura-Kai are essentially the Luxurors of Tokyo.

Character portraits and concept art

Jonathan was literally designed after Brian May, the guitarist for Queen

Isabeau was designed with the intention on having her appear cute with her short height while having some mature/elegant attributes.

Walter was designed after Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols.

Tayama had a lot of concept art. But personally I like the finished result the most. Clean attire for low level gangster. Suits his character perfectly and gives him more presence in the story.

There’s a lot more stuff in the book but I don’t want to overload my crappy phone with too many pictures. I’m super glad I’ve bought this book. I love SMT IV a lot and I hope with ATLUS releasing this to America that it’s a sign that we’re gonna get SMT IV Final. If you’re a fan of SMT IV please buy this art book. There’s a lot of interesting interviews and never before seen illustrations. Udon comics apparently bump up the prices on their books after a certain amount of time so get it while it’s relatively affordable.


Jonathan: …No, not you, Flynn. I’ll be our martyr. I have ever been at a loss… Both humans and demons only speak of themselves whenever they open their mouths… If only people would think and act for the sake of their fellow man… Just imagine it… What is preventing them from doing so? Why can they not shed a tear for the plight of others? Are humans creatures that cannot band together as one? Are they creatures not worth salvation? I am one of those people. I am at a loss; wracked with anxiety. That is why… I will sacrifice everything to drive out everyone’s fear and doubt. I do this to forge a new world… One where today’s peace lasts unto eternity. I am honored to have traveled by your side, Flynn.

…Thank you.