jonathan aldridge


Today is Final Order Cutoff for WE(L)COME BACK #1.

Every week, comics shops put in their orders for how many copies they’re going to get of each upcoming book. Ongoing series as well as brand new ones fall under the gun. Retailers operate under tight margins that factor in a buttload of things, but one of the best indicators for them are pre-orders. 

A pre-order scores you your copy of the book, but it also lets shops know that there’s an interest there, and maybe they order a few extra copies. That’s a few more people who’ll buy it off the shelf. That’s good news for a book you want to read for a long time.

We have a lot of big ideas for the book, so we want to keep doing WE(L)COME BACK, so we need people to pre-order the book. If you’re near your local comics shop today or you find yourself with a second to call them, tell them you want to add WE(L)COME BACK to your pull list or order a copy this book (we’ve also provided the order code if you’re into secret codes: JUN151070).