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Hi everyone! I’ve made it to 100 followers, which is pretty cool! Thanks everyone for your support, I appreciate each and every one of you. For my 100 follower gift, I answered the most common conundrum to come into my inbox, who I would cast as the characters in Disney’s Aladdin.

All faces are Iranian unless otherwise noted. For more information on casting faces in Aladdin, please refer to my guide.

  • Touraj “Tooji” Keshtkar as Aladdin
  • Sarah Kazemy (Iranian/Algerian) as Princess Jasmine
  • Omid Djalili as Genie
  • Jonathan Ahdout as Abu
  • Mohammed Reza Golzar as Rajah
  • Parsa Pirouzfar as Jafar
  • Farhad Aslani as Iago
  • Akbar Abdi as Sultan
  • Hedieh Tehrani as Carpet