jonathan 30 rock

  • Zack: How late is Jonathan now?
  • Lil: Two and a half hours.
  • Zack: How did this happen? I had Brad wake him up at eight and pretend it was eleven.
  • Jojo: I gave him that fake schedule that said we were starting at nine instead of noon.
  • Sock: Oh, and I set all his watches and clocks to say PM when it’s really AM.
  • Zack: Oh boy, we may have overdone it.
  • [elsewhere]
  • Jonathan: WHAT THE HELL TIME IS IT?!

30 Day Avenged Sevenfold Challenge, Day 10: Something you love about Johnny Christ.

I love the fact he’s so small just like me ahahah also I love when he begins to walk everywhere during concerts, I love his energy and his crests. I think he’s soooo handsome with the beard but for me he’ll always be a sweet gnome ahahah