the jonas brothers paved the way for other boy bands. the jonas brothers got rid of the whole idea that choreographed dancing makes a boy band. they played REAL instruments. gave us hit after hit. when you look me in the eyes made every girl age 7-87 swoon. burnin up not only was a summer hit but also started the iconic niley/nelena love triangle. lovebug made every girl from age 7-87 swoon AGAIN. fly with me made us all nick stans for a month. they werent just musicians tho, they were ACTORS, PERFORMERS, and SONGWRITERS as well. gave us camp rock, camp rock 2, jonas, and jonas l.a. their 3D concer experience was a moment in time no one can recreate. nick doing a backhand spring during the instrumental break during Goodnight and Goodbye? bringing big rob out for his verse in burnin up? bringing out water guns and soaking the crowd? they knew how to put on a SHOW. not only did they write their own music from the START but also wrote on demi lovatos debut album. they were the biggest boy band of our generation and it is time for EVERYONE to recognize that.

Wish I bought tickets for Coachella this year. The lineup looks sick.