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Alright my Darlings, this is it, another month of delicious Hiddles. Are you ready? Can you handle it?

Well, without further ado, here is this month’s first post:

The Many Suits of Hiddleston Day 1!!! (or MSH for short) Enjoy!

*credit to,, and for pictures*

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Sexy Men Post 13 - Terrific Teal 

I saw the photos of  Sebastian Stan and Chris Hemsworth and thus was inspired to to a post with this theme. 

none of the photos are mine

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anonymous asked:

Can you possibly give me some good songs to get over a heart break?

miss you by frank ocean
the boy who blocked his own shot by brand new
marvin’s room by drake
i lied by nicki minaj
grand piano by nicki minaj
last kiss and forever and always and haunted by taylor swift have been mine since i was in like 4th grade
the scientist by coldplay
all too well by taylor swift
i like anything by frank ocean
magic by coldplay
everything i own by the front bottoms
you said okay by flatsound
i listen to a lot of slam poetry when i’m sad but make sure it keeps going on and on and on
jesus christ by brand new
princess of china by coldplay
stuck on the puzzle by alex turner
miracle mile by cold war kids
hiding tonight by alex turner
the devil and god are raging inside me (the whole album man) by brand new
swim good by frank ocean
angels by the xx
heart skipped a beat by the xx
novacane by frank ocean
your ex lover is dead by stars
we might as well be strangers by keane
cornerstone by arctic monkeys
perfect by the smashing pumpkins
creep by radiohead
out of reach by matthew perryman jones

bathtub by the front bottoms father by the front bottoms molly by the front bottoms hello world by the front bottoms more than it hurts by the front bottoms