Young Avengers
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang, David Alleyne
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:Teddy Altman, Tommy Shepherd, Eli Bradley
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll:Billy Kaplan, Jonas
  • looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you:America Chavez, Noh-Varr
  • the sinnamon rolls:Nate Richards, Loki Laufeyson
The Signs as Hot Guys in Media

Aries: Ian Somerhalder

Taurus: Channing Tatum

Gemini: Dylan O’ Brien

Cancer: Chris Evans

Leo: Chris Hemsworth

Virgo: Ansel Elgort

Libra: Scott Eastwood

Scorpio: Ryan Gosling

Sagittarius: Chris Pratt

Capricorn: Zac Efron

Aquarius: Jamie Dornan

Pisces: Nick Jonas

Why Joe Will Always Be The Best Jonas Brother

We all have our different opinions, but to me, Joe will always be number one 

Article by : Victoria Houk in The List on Jul 27, 2015

I’ll admit it. I was your basic, middle school Jonas Brothers fanatic. I had their CDs, posters and all the random souvenirs you could buy at Claire’s. I freaked out when they were on “Hannah Montana,” and I loved Camp Rock. My friends and I would have debates on which of the three brothers was the best. Some loved the oldest, Kevin, for his crazy hair and his goofy personality. Most loved the baby, Nick, with his dreamy eyes and musical skills. But, me? There was never a doubt in my mind that Joe Jonas was number one. Just looking at his Instagram, I can prove why he is in first place for the best Jonas Brother. 

1.  He is still beautiful. 

I have always thought he was the best looking Jonas Brother. He has the best hair and little smirk. And just look at that jawline!

2. He is the center of attention (and loves it).

When the Jonas Brothers were still a band, Joe was the lead singer. He was the one on stage to really bring the energy and get the crowd going. Being the center of attention is a lot of work, and Joe fits the description perfectly.

3. He supports his brothers’ careers.

Although Kevin is off and married and Nick is doing his solo career, Joe always seems to stay in touch with his brothers. No matter what, Joe supports them. On Instagram, he is always posting about how proud he is or how he loves hanging out with his brothers.

4. He picks on his brothers too

When he is not supporting his brothers, Joe is making fun of them as any loving brother would. The middle Jonas Brother loves giving the older and younger brothers a hard time and making jokes about them on his Instagram. Joe never takes life too seriously.

5. He’s still friends with his exes.

Not too long ago, Taylor Swift posted an Instagram with her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, on a boat. Next to the happy couple is another happy couple, Joe and his girl. After some more creeping, I found a post from Joe himself, joking with Demi Lovato, another ex of his. Joe Jonas proves to the world that you can still be friends even after a messy breakup with pop-music superstars. 

6. He understands what its like to be the middle child (just like me). 

Being the middle child is not an easy task. The oldest gets the first of everything. The youngest is the baby and gets whatever he or she wants. The middle child has to either get the hand-me-downs or earn his or her stuff. Also, for some reason they miss out on lots of family activities. Joe understands my pain.

7. He knows how to laugh at himself.

When he is not making fun of his brothers, Joe is making fun of himself. He is not worried about people judging him for doing weird and crazy things. Joe does not take anything too seriously and knows how to have a great time.

8. He loves pizza.

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