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So, I went to pride yesterday (with the amazing @cheekyeven ) and got inspired by two of the cutest guys i’ve ever seen in my life… Enjoy this drabble

Isak still feels overwhelmed, being at pride. There are so many people here, so many flags and he is slightly embaressed to say he doesn’t know what all of them stand for. Even, being the wonderful boyfriend that he is, draws Isak close to him and points out all the different flags and their meaning. Isak scoffs at him, tells him that “he knew that, Even, he isn’t stupid” Even just smiles that small, private smile he reserves just for Isak.
They stand hand in hand, watching the parade go by, and Isak slowly feels his anxiety seeping away as he looks at the brilliant smile on his boyfriend’s face.
As the day progresses, Isak relaxes more and more and actually starts to take in the sights. Eva and Noora are dancing in the streets, hand in hand, sharing kisses and heated looks. Eskild is waving his flag and sign promising free kisses around. Vilde, edged on by Chris and Sana, approaches a girl with a similar sign, and pecks her on the lips, blushing furiously. Mahdi is smiling broadly at a guy, his eyes flitting down to his lips every couple of seconds. Magnus is dancing somewhere in the middle of a group of drag queens, laughing louder than anyone else. Jonas is waving Mikael’s non-binary flag around, while the other stands next to their boyfriend, smiling proudly.
Even’s smile gets wider and wider everytime Isak kisses him, making the younger boy feel like floating.
By the time the pride celebration is coming to an end, Isak is sweaty from getting dragged onto the dancefloor and slightly intoxicated from the beers his friends have been buying him.
The last act of the evening ends with a drag queen, dressed in a wedding gown, walking upstage. She turns around, back to the audience and Even realises she’s about to throw he bouquet she’s holding. Before Isak realises what is happening, Even rushes forward, closely followed by Eva. Noora and Isak share a look and an amuses smile at their partner’s antics.
As the drag queen throws her bouquet it’s clear it’s not really a fair fight, considering Even’s height. As expected, Even easily catches the bouquet, causing Eva to pout and stomp back to her girlfriend who coos at her and draws her into her arms.
Even, however, screams loudly and joyfully and bounds up to Isak. Isak can’t help but grin as he watches his boyfriend jump up and down towards him. Even grabs Isak’s face in his hands, and kisses him passionately making Isak throw his arms around Even’s waist, drawing him closer. He opens his mouth to allow Even’s tongue to caress his and revels in the soft moan he ellicits from Even.
When they finally break apart, friends and strangers alike woop and holler. Isak blushes, and buries his face in Even’s neck. “My blushing bride,” Even whispers into Isak’s hair, making the younger boy scoff and roll his eyes.
It’s good. It’s wonderful

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jonas being born during pride month is such a good fact, what a bi

Anonymous said:and sidney too, my girlfriend, how could i forget her,, jshdjd the pride twins, im eating grapes and crying



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