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« It can sometimes be uncomfortable ( to perform, every night, songs, that are personal to him) , but you know that this could be a fan’s favourite song or it could have gotten them through something. That’s at least what you hope for. I’ve caught the eyes of certain fans on this tour. I could tell that was their song – maybe that was their break-up song or their make-up song. That’s the beauty of music – you can find ways to relate with artists and fans. »


Marvel’s Gay Characters for LGBT month:

- Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier) of Alpha Flight and X-Men

- Wiccan (Billy Kaplan) of Young Avengers

- Hulkling (Dorrek VIII/Teddy Altman) of Young Avengers

- Striker (Brandon Sharpe) of Avengers Academy

- Cullen Bloodstone of Braddock Academy

- Anole (Victor Borkowski) of X-Men (in the student body)

- Graymalkin (Jonas Graymalkin) of X-Men (in the student body)

- Flatman (Val Ventura) of Great Lakes Avengers

- Rictor (Julio Richter) of New Mutants, X-Force and X-Factor

- Living Lightning (Miguel Santos) of Avengers West Coast 

Note: Characters from alternate universes (e.g. Ultimate Colossus) who are LGBT will come up later.