jonas father

Le cose cambiano e la vita prosegue in modi spesso inaspettati. Perché in fondo la verità è una sola: la fine non esiste.

“Things change and life goes on often in unexpected ways. Because, in the end truth is one only: the end doesn’t exist.” 

La Porta Rossa, Leonardo Cagliostro

Under the cut you will find a list of #68 male and female Scandinavian first names (and their meanings) that are still popular in 2016. It does not include names originated elsewhere; though many of these are very popular in Scandinavia, I will only be listing names that originated in the region. Additionally, it does not include old-fashioned names that typically are not in use anymore. Because I am Scandinavian, I have compiled these mostly by listing names that I know are common, with some additional help by searching various name sites. Please reblog or like this if it was helpful to you!

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My father, a minister from New Jersey, shaped my view that love is love, that we are all equal. That no matter who you are, or where you’re from, or where you’re going in life, you have the right to love and be loved. So yesterday, thinking about the families of the victims and the lives lost, I just thought that could be my friend. That could be my people.