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Dean is an Abuser - Analysis

(tw: abuse, parental abuse, father abuse)

Note: Before anyone is like “Jenna u hav no idea wht ur talking abt” I am victim of parental, in this case fatherly, abuse. I just don’t want people to think I don’t know what I’m talking about and think I’m flinging the word “abuse” all around willy nilly. So LETS GO

I love! Long Exposure! So much! Mars is AMAZING at storytelling, pacing, and her characters are so easy to love? I love them? She’s amazing, please go tell her that!!

And now while all of us Love Mitch, Jonas, Sid, etc there is the Other spectrum with characters like Dean and Neil that we’re SUPPOSED to hate! And Mars is doing a spectacular job showing how the audience is Not supposed to side with them.

But, from an outsider perspective that doesn’t know subtle signs of abuse, I can understand why it doesn’t click right away that Dean is supposed to be an abuser. While there are those who dislike him, I sense some hesitancy calling Dean a downright abuser, and well STRAP IN because he is.


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“You know, since it’s father’s day and our son is a little bit older… today should be the day I take him out hunting. What do you say, Belle? You can join us if you would like!” 


Hi guys! So i wrote this fic that everyone was so excited about, I had fun writing it but I’m really not confident about this fic. I still wrote it, this is exact 900 words. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Ah, Spring Court, my mom’s old court. The manor was a rose covered prison just as mom described it. Mom and I relaxed our glamour’s and let the tendrils of night roll of us. The guards at the gate paled. My mom smirked and said,” Why if it isn’t Bron and Hart, my old bodyguards.” I stifled a laugh-mom had bodyguards, no wonder she hated this place. Both of the guards went inside. I looked at mom, she smiled. I smiled back and moments later two blonde guys were walking toward us. Mom slipped her High Lady mask back on and said,” Tamlin.” He gave a smug look and answered,” Feyre.” His tone had a hint of surprise and shock. Mom gestured toward me saying, “This is my daughter Vivian, Princess and Heir of Night Court.”Tamlin and the boy standing beside him looked at me like they were expecting some else. Tamlin patted the boy’s shoulder and said,” This is Jonas, my son and the Prince and Heir of Spring Court.”I looked at Tamlin, seeing that he had an artificial arm and leg. Jonas was eyeing me so I gave him a smirk and flipped my brassy hair.

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Under the cut you will find a list of #68 male and female Scandinavian first names (and their meanings) that are still popular in 2016. It does not include names originated elsewhere; though many of these are very popular in Scandinavia, I will only be listing names that originated in the region. Additionally, it does not include old-fashioned names that typically are not in use anymore. Because I am Scandinavian, I have compiled these mostly by listing names that I know are common, with some additional help by searching various name sites. Please reblog or like this if it was helpful to you!

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Jonas Maliki: My father told me something that always stayed with me. It’s probably what kept me alive. He said that what made us “us” was far less important than what makes them “them”. In the end, it doesn’t matter who came first. All that matters is the fact that one small chromosomal mutation severed them from their connection to nature, and to each other. That isolation has allowed them to focus on the one thing they do better than any species in history. Killing is easy when you can feel nothing.

Chapter One: Leah

Three things of note happened in the year I was sixteen: Wizard Winterdene came back to live at Winterdene Hall, my father took on Michael Kelly as an apprentice, and old Mother Whittle was hanged for witchcraft. I have hesitated over where to begin my history, but ultimately I think it best to deal with these events in the order in which they occurred, and hence make clear to you, Reader, the path which led to my downfall.

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Demi’s new album tracklist is being revealed on Twitter right now by some Demi’s friends.

Check out the songs that have been revealed and who revealed it:

1. Confident (By Demi Lovato)
2. Cool For The Summer (By Wilmer Valderrama)
3. Old Ways (By Perez Hilton)
5. Stone Cold (By Bea Miller)
8. Wildfire (By Christina Perri)
10. Yes (By Nick Jonas)
11. Father (By Adam Lambert)
13. Mr. Hughes (By Kim Kardashian)