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Le cose cambiano e la vita prosegue in modi spesso inaspettati. Perché in fondo la verità è una sola: la fine non esiste.

“Things change and life goes on often in unexpected ways. Because, in the end truth is one only: the end doesn’t exist.” 

La Porta Rossa, Leonardo Cagliostro

Dean is an Abuser - Analysis

(tw: abuse, parental abuse, father abuse)

Note: Before anyone is like “Jenna u hav no idea wht ur talking abt” I am victim of parental, in this case fatherly, abuse. I just don’t want people to think I don’t know what I’m talking about and think I’m flinging the word “abuse” all around willy nilly. So LETS GO

I love! Long Exposure! So much! Mars is AMAZING at storytelling, pacing, and her characters are so easy to love? I love them? She’s amazing, please go tell her that!!

And now while all of us Love Mitch, Jonas, Sid, etc there is the Other spectrum with characters like Dean and Neil that we’re SUPPOSED to hate! And Mars is doing a spectacular job showing how the audience is Not supposed to side with them.

But, from an outsider perspective that doesn’t know subtle signs of abuse, I can understand why it doesn’t click right away that Dean is supposed to be an abuser. While there are those who dislike him, I sense some hesitancy calling Dean a downright abuser, and well STRAP IN because he is.


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Sanctuary City p2, A Reactionary Post

Lacking Faith

Major Crimes, S6xE2: Episode Review
What this episode is about:
Provenza’s Printer Pricing & Prickly Page & Knowledgeable Nolan
The Question of Father Jonas’ Guilt
Rusty goes to Stepdad
Looming threat of Stroh
Sharon’s Office & Fish Art
Two Mothers
The Morgue & The Church: Sharon and Sarah
Fire & Water: Dealing with our emotions
Sarah & Mateo Garza
Sharon & Andy
Conflicting Missions
Sharon & Father Stan
The Ending Scene(s)

I really enjoyed this episode, more so than the first part. I see the first part as exposition and this part as the start of the emotional meat to the episodic arc. There is a lot to unpack in this episode but it’s focus is on emotions this time.

Hyphenated Nation: Mike Pointing out the Hypocrisy in people
Mike gives me life. I love it when he points out hypocrasy in people.
“What about Irish American’s or German Americans?”
“Doesn’t seem to come up.”

I don’t know why but hearing Provenza shout out Mike’s full name gives me life. When the team serves the search warrant at Ian’s house. Like when have we heard anyone call him Micheal? About as rare as we hear Louie, Andrew, Francis, Fernando and Russell. Page punching Ian was pretty badass, though. 

The News Vultures
Can I love how each of the news casters have their own spin on what’s going on since the police haven’t released any information on the Joseph’s three.

This one is obviously Fox news.

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Major Crimes-Sanctuary City Pt. 1

I finally got the chance to watch both the Duff/Tony/Mary facebook chat and  Santuary City Part 1.

A couple notes of interest from the facebook chat:

Tony is still very much trying to save the show, he talked about the #savemajorcrimes and didn’t rule out the possibility it continuing. Duff basically said not to bother, that it is all over and Mary doesn’t seem to give out any hope either. I loved the “hi baby” and “I love you” with Duff watching. I just wanted to shout, look Duff, that took all of two seconds. You complain you don’t have enough time with Mary for the things her fans want but it took all of two seconds for her to tell Tony “I love you” and give him a kiss, surely you have time to sneak that in an episode. Certainly not too much to ask for a couple that is actually a couple.

I am now a bit more worried about this season. While Tony earlier had said that there would be closure but enough would be left open that the show could go on, Duff made it quite clear that it was “done”. As if he had completely ended it and there was no way for it to go on, which leads me of course right off the cliff with Sharon having a terminal illness or retiring, which given that she just got promoted would have to be because of something pretty serious. When asked if he was happy with the way he ended things Duff would not say he was happy. I don’t know if it was because he was upset that he had to end things or because he did something bad to the characters.

I know I may seem completely paranoid when it comes to a Sharon illness, but I seriously do not want to go through a Laura Roslin again. It pretty much destroyed BSG for me. I can’t tell you how many times I would have re-watched that show if they hadn’t had her cancer return–or if they had gone a different way with it. I have friends who still refuse to watch the show because they aren’t willing to get emotionally invested with knowing how it ends. I held out for years because of that.  If the MC has to go end, I want it to go out happy with our characters content with their lives. I thought we’d get that with Sharon and Andy getting married, I just really don’t want that destroyed. Rather than looking forward to episodes I actually have a knot in my stomach, like I am just waiting for Duff to drop the ax. I hate feeling this way. I just wish I could have enjoyed this last season rather than living with this trepidation. I hope it is not something that hangs over the whole season.

That said, I will move into Sanctuary City Part. 1

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Canadian Girl

Chapter Seven

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Steve Rogers x OFC  |  Word Count: 3528 
Warnings: Violence, Swearing, Fluff, Stereotyping of Canadians (I’m allowed, I am one)

Hand going to the com in his ear, Steve bellowed, “Bucky!?”

“Incoming. Three dozen hostiles, rapid moving ground force and communications chatter. We’re inbound in ten.” Bucky’s voice was gruff as it came through the com.

Steve had asked them to hang back, wanting time to sort things out with Kennedy before they descended en masse to meet her again. Now he regretted making them wait. Gritting his teeth, Steve hauled Kennedy up in front of him and urged her across the ice.

“What the hell, Buck!? Why are they here? How? Who?” he asked on the run.

“Hydra. There was a leak. They know she figured out the formula. They’re coming for Kennedy.”

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Major Crimes

Sanctuary City 3

And the story is picking up! By the end of the episode, we have a resolution that’s not really a resolution and one hell of a pass out scene.

I’m only going to touch of Sharon’s potential illness in the most cursory manner. I have done no research. Anything I say would be pure speculation. Plus, I just can’t deal with it emotionally right now.

So here are my thoughts about the episode overall.

You know Sharon is sick because…

  1. She agreed to let Rusty have a gun with very little complaint.
  2. She was fine with Rusty’s homemade murder board
  3. The obvious…she passed out in a very dramatic fashion.

“Father Jonas is a mother lover.”

Best line of the entire episode!!!! And it didn’t even come from Provenza. The new guy, whose name I can’t remember, dropped that in the middle the floor and left it there for the kids.

Thank God for Andrea’s summary

Is it me or are there way more suspects than normal? Literally, almost every non-regular character is a suspect. So here are my faves…

  1. Father Mother Lover
  2. The Drug Addicted Dad
  3. The Dead Beat Daddy
  4. The Racist Daddy
  5. Dem Kids (How are you a victim and a suspect at the same time?)

Phillip Stroh is just the gift that keeps on giving…

Rusty has no purpose if this dude isn’t around. Let’s pretend he’s in L.A. so Rusty can have a storyline. Rusty is more worried about him than Gus who he stalks online. I really wonder if Stroh has Gus.

Oh Poor Sharon!!!!

I’ve always wanted to see her go off on someone but this is definitely a case of be careful what you wish for. The FBI agents were so full of 💩 on this one. They deserved everything she said. But now, they get to chalk it up to her “illness.”

Most importantly, Julio is back!!!!!


I was extremely entertained and I can’t wait to see it next week. Hell, I might even stay up and see it on the night it airs.

A Reunion with the Devil, Jonas Nightingale Chapter 1

Good Afternoon guys! So this is actually my first Jonas Nightingale fic. Did this even though I should be studying for an exam. Hope you guys like it. I plan on maybe doing a storyline for it. 

 Never in a million years did I imagine I would ever see him, but here he was. All glitzy with that fucking disco ball patterned blazer of his. Pretending to be a good servant of the Lord. 

 You would think that as a claimed Christian man, Jonas Nightengale would at least have the decency to take me out on a date after fucking me in a church bathroom and making me call him Father multiple times. 

Our Ronde Vu was going on for almost a year until it ended when he told me that he was leaving for some gospel tour he was doing, 

“Sweet pea, this was all fun and games, but I have to go on and preach the Lord’s word to the rest of the world.” 

“I don’t understand, can’t you just stay a little longer?” 

“Don’t be selfish now. After all,  you were just doing your godly work by helping me out. Not like this was goin’ anywhere between us.”

Feeling my heart sink to the bottom of my butt, and possibly to the ground, I knew something horrible happened to me in that exact moment. I fell in love with him, Jonas Nightengale, the King of Sin. 

Later that night,  personal raindrops fell on my pillow expressing my feeling for the unholiest of the unholy. However, the worst, yet the greatest, thing that could’ve happened to me since Jonas left. 

I got pregnant with, that right, twins. After not seeing the reverend for a year, I gave birth to our children: Mila Elizabeth and Holden Robert Nightingale. I gave them Jonas’ last name since I felt like they should know who their father is. It’s been three years and they still don’t know who he is.

“Well would you look who it is, how are you doing Y/N?”

My heart flutters as I turn around and see him, Jonas Nightengale, the King of Sin, the man I still love, the father of my children. 

“Reverend, nice to see you too. I’m doing quite well thank you.” 

“What brings you arou-” 

Interrupted, I hear the wailing of a child. I see Holden running towards me,

” Mama! Sissy hit face hard.” 

I pick up my baby boy and coo him. I see him and I see his father’s features; hair, nose, eyes.

 “Mama, I sowy. I no mean it” Mila shyly said as now both her and her brother take in the fourth figure that is present.

“Sister, you have children now. Who’s the lucky man” Jones says in a startled yet curious voice,

 “He left a long time ago. Before the twins were born” 

I responded, hoping he’d take the hint. After giving he a response to his question, there was silence. His face looked as if he saw his life disappear in front of him. He finally understood. He was their father.


Hi guys! So i wrote this fic that everyone was so excited about, I had fun writing it but I’m really not confident about this fic. I still wrote it, this is exact 900 words. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Ah, Spring Court, my mom’s old court. The manor was a rose covered prison just as mom described it. Mom and I relaxed our glamour’s and let the tendrils of night roll of us. The guards at the gate paled. My mom smirked and said,” Why if it isn’t Bron and Hart, my old bodyguards.” I stifled a laugh-mom had bodyguards, no wonder she hated this place. Both of the guards went inside. I looked at mom, she smiled. I smiled back and moments later two blonde guys were walking toward us. Mom slipped her High Lady mask back on and said,” Tamlin.” He gave a smug look and answered,” Feyre.” His tone had a hint of surprise and shock. Mom gestured toward me saying, “This is my daughter Vivian, Princess and Heir of Night Court.”Tamlin and the boy standing beside him looked at me like they were expecting some else. Tamlin patted the boy’s shoulder and said,” This is Jonas, my son and the Prince and Heir of Spring Court.”I looked at Tamlin, seeing that he had an artificial arm and leg. Jonas was eyeing me so I gave him a smirk and flipped my brassy hair.

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anonymous asked:

About Jonas Quinn. Even though we were never actually told in the show, I'm like 99% sure that boy is an orphan. There's never any mention of his family. Not once. So I have this headcanon that his parents died when he was fairly young and that his professor back on Kelowna was the closest thing he had to family before Earth. Hence the whole theme of Jonas and father-ish figures, and the sibling bond between him and Sam.

I’ve thought about this before as well. No family is ever mentioned at all, and somehow it doesn’t quite feel like he’s got family anyway. It seems like he’s always been kind of by himself, except for his teachers. I’ve tried before to imagine him with a family but I can’t really do it. So I definitely agree, I’m quite sure that Jonas is an orphan (which only serves to make me want to give him hugs even more).

Under the cut you will find a list of #68 male and female Scandinavian first names (and their meanings) that are still popular in 2016. It does not include names originated elsewhere; though many of these are very popular in Scandinavia, I will only be listing names that originated in the region. Additionally, it does not include old-fashioned names that typically are not in use anymore. Because I am Scandinavian, I have compiled these mostly by listing names that I know are common, with some additional help by searching various name sites. Please reblog or like this if it was helpful to you!

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Chapter One: Leah

Three things of note happened in the year I was sixteen: Wizard Winterdene came back to live at Winterdene Hall, my father took on Michael Kelly as an apprentice, and old Mother Whittle was hanged for witchcraft. I have hesitated over where to begin my history, but ultimately I think it best to deal with these events in the order in which they occurred, and hence make clear to you, Reader, the path which led to my downfall.

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