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the fact that jonas speech started off skam and he’s now reading the one that ends the show is just. a totally new level of paralleling. and the fact that they literally broke the forth wall totally in the end by turning the lense on us fans is the most beautiful meta I’ve ever seen. 😢👏👏👏👏 what a huge thank you to all of us.

Hate spreads, but we can also spread love 💖

I’m so happy for Sophie, she’s one of my favorite actresses and seems very kind and sweet and just a fun person all around (therefore my bae from afar) but I still don’t trust Joe- all the girls he’s been with and hurt just for publicity/personal douchebaggery? Not cool.

If he hurts her I’m throwing pies at him and cutting up all his pants.

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Also, I liked the way they reenacted the fanart in the first clip in the first episode. But they're continuing to try to please the evak shippers and I feel like they're sometimes planning sanas story to fit what people want to see if Evak. I don't know if that's me being grumpy but ://

hey lovie! hmm, I don’t really see that, to be honest. Isak and Even have been in very few clips, and she needed to end up in Isak’s apartment anyway. I feel like it would be weirder if Even wouldn’t have been there.

thing is, people who have only watched parts of season three in real time are very used to the character almost living in a vacuum and take this as the skam way, so to speak. during Isak’s season, nobody else seemed to have any problems, just him. if characters did struggle, such as Noora with William, it was only very, very briefly mentioned to help Isak’s story move along. and while I get this being nice for many people, there’d already been two season before that in which the exact opposite had happened. the struggles of so many of the other characters were shown during both Noora’s and Eva’s season, which to me seems much more realistic. people talk to each other, they live lives outside of the main character’s one, they are who they are even if it doesn’t help the story of the main character, and that’s what’s happening here now.

Even and Isak are together. they live together, they’re going to discuss who has to do the laundry and who has to buy the bread, because that’s what couples do. it all seems very natural and organic to me and to call the healthy portrayal of a relationship between two boys, one of which is mentally ill, fan service, seems like a disservice to so many of the people who take strength, courage and inspiration from their story.

skam characters tag game

tag these names and let tumblr fill in from tags you have written in the past. either pick the first one or you favourite one. skip the name if you have none:

“Sana…” “Elias…” “Yousef…” Mutta, Adam, Mikael, Noora, Eva, Vilde, Chris, Isak, Even, Mahdi, Jonas, Magnus, Sara, Ingrid, Laila, Jamilla, Mari, Eskild, Linn, William (any version of his name)


Favourite Skam Things: Jonas Noah Vasquez
↳ “Ooooh my name is Jonas and I love idealism and reading ‘The Class Struggle’. I don’t like plastic and use a skateboard made of sustainable wood. I wear second hand clothes because new clothes are bad for the environment and I only drink recirculated water.”

people who are like “even is taking up sana’s entire season this white boy is everywhere!!! the holy trinity??? no we don’t want that shit. we don’t want sana and the boys!!!”,

and i’m like, lmao, even and isak have taken up the least room, have been on screen the least. in fact, jonas and mahdi have been nowhere to be seen since the 1st clip, with magnus just popping in and out of clips with vilde. the boys have been so absent this season.

sana’s season thus far has been about nothing but the russebuss and now noorhelm, but, yeah, sure, even and isak and the boys are the problem here in taking up too much space, right? even, who clearly knows sana from before, who has ties with her family, yet still, the season so far has been so silent on them … they’re the ones taking up too much space, are they??? the boys aren’t even here and they’re the problem??? even, who suffers from a mental illness, that people need representation of, what is so wrong in seeing that? what is so wrong in wanting to see even and sana? what is so wrong in seeing them 2 bond over stuff when they KNOW each other from before? what is so WRONG with that?

but as of now, even hasn’t even BEEN that present in the season, yet … still y'all are going after him like he’s taking up sana’s entire season??? he isn’t taking up sana’s season at all????

sana’s season right now is more focussed on noorhelm than anything, that’s the problem. that’s what is consuming sana’s season right now. and hopefully, the season can move past this and onto plots more central and focussed to sana.

but to say even is taking up the entire narrative? hello, are we watching the same show here or … ?

and this whole discourse about sana being friends with the boys? are you kidding me??? let sana be friends with the boys! let sana be friends with girls! right now, the whole point of us seeing the girl squad being so disoriented is bc julie wants us to see that, from sana’s pov. we are MEANT to be seeing that. we are MEANT to be seeing sana realise how unperceptive the girls are. by saying these things, we as an audience do not become bad feminists or sexist????? we are stating what we are meant to be seeing from the eyes of the main. we are meant to pick up on how “other” sana feels around the girls. we are meant to be seeing and commenting on these things. it does not make us bad people for saying these things. if we spot sana smiling with the boys, then we can comment on that. we can say that! we can spot and pick up on that!!!!

like??? this show is meant to be analysed. meant to be broken apart and viewed under the microscope to decipher meaning from. we are meant to pick up on the subtleness and silences.

By the time of his chat with Murrow, which aired on the day the polio vaccine was announced as safe and 90 percent effective, Salk was already more messiah than virologist to the average American. Polio paralyzed between 13,000 and 20,000 children annually in the last pre-vaccine years, and Salk was the face of the inoculation initiative. Appearing on television to present the vaccine as a gift to the American people was a public relations masterstroke. SOURCE

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Taylor literally wrote on 2007 abt her best friend being too naive bc she gave "everything she had" (virginity) to a boy. Wrote "it's okay i'm going to tell your friends that you're gay" bc a boy ditch her. Wrote a slut-shaming song about a woman (Camilla Belle) bc she dated her ex (Joe Jonas). The fact people thing she's an angel is beyond me. She's insane.

but she can’t do dat she a feminist!!! also a victim, obviously

On Noora and Season 4

In SKAM there are always those leftover storylines from previous seasons, a small continuation not to end the character’s arch abruptly, and to give the show a nice, believable flow. In S2, we see Eva deal with her breakup (though I have many opinions on this) by looking for a way to heal and get over the fact that Jonas is no longer her boyfriend. In S3, we get Noora’s dealing with William’s departure and being all secretive about what was going on between them. We, however, get no Eva whatsoever. Her season is long over, her storyline done with. We don’t see her drunk and making out with random guys. We understand that she’s all better now and remains on good terms with Jonas. This is Isak’s season.

In S4, in one of the first scenes, we are given an update on Evak: they’re doing great. They love each other and are still together, Isak is smiling and Even appears to be in good mental health. Like Eva in S2 and Nora in S3, this is our sigh-of-relief moment: the characters we fell in love with in the previous season are still there, not gone. 

However, even before the main conflict of the season (Sana’s season) is introduced, our main girl walks inside the apartment and is confronted by something we thought would be long over: Noora’s love problems. The girls start whispering about how William got another girlfriend and wether they should tell Noora or not.

I was appalled. “Really?” Was my first thought, “We’re still on this?” And don’t get me wrong, I loved Noora’s season, I thought it covered some very important matters and the ending had me bawling and wishing for more. I was given more in S3, and though I hated what I got (and understood their way of handling it, what with Thomas’ departure from the show and all), I was content. And when I go into S4, expecting my unapologetic muslim goddess to slay the world, I am yet again confronted by the things from two seasons ago.

As usual, we get some borderline islamophobic comments from Vilde, some uncomfortable silences from everyone else, and the show begins. 

Everything seems to be running smoothly. We meet the Balloon Squad. We get excited over our girl having a crush, loving the fact that he seems the perfect guy for her.

Then shit starts going sideways. Girls hating on other girls, Sana unable to speak about her crush because Noora apparently likes him, the Girl Squad making Sana feel left out, the Balloon Squad (POC guys) being seen as ‘the bad guys’. We get russ bus drama and ignorant white girls unable to grasp the concept of ‘other religions’. We get Noora and her William problems that, let’s be honest, should have been long over by now.

Finally, a silver lining: Yousef doesn’t believe in Allah. Ok, we’re getting somewhere here. This grabs my attention and has me craving for the next update. How will they solve this? Sana’s not giving up her religion for a guy, I’m fairly certain Yousef’s not gonna convert just to be with her, Sana’s family won’t approve. What’s gonna happen next? I’m finally caught up (something the first clip hadn’t achieved.) And then, a reward for our patience: a beautifully shot, performed and even edited clip of Sana and Yousef together for an extended period of time, bonding, getting to know each other, and finally addressing the elephant in the room. We’re rewarded with a scene that seems to be that Isak-goes-to-Even’s-apartment scene, that Noora-and-William’s-first-date scene. A solid, robust, meaningful scene that moves the plot forward.

And then Noora again. Her and Sana have a talk about none other than William Magnusson, a talk that could have been placed in S3 discreetly, giving Noorhelm’s storyline the closure it deserved. By now, the Niko plot should have been figured out. I was curious back in S3 about what had happened to him, but by S4 I’ve forgotten all about it. This scene only adds to the piling amount of Noora screen time.

Then comes a clip and texts that promise that Friday’s clip is going to blow our shipper hearts away. Sana and Yousef are seeing each other again for the first time since The Scene. We’re expecting lovey dovey eyes and goofy smiles. 

But surprise! Everything crumbles down on Sana.

Noora acuses Sana, not giving her a moment to form a coherent answer. Yousef comes up to her and she has to break apart a fight. She has to see her brother (yes, that same brother who a clip ago was the most loving creature in the universe) with a face contorted in anger, and we never get a reason for the fight. Sana goes to clean the blood off her hands and overhears conversation that tears her (and the audience) apart.

They could have ended the episode there. What she overheard and the fight between the boys promised enough drama to keep us on edge until the end of the break. Instead, they recycle the cliffhanger from last season and have Noora kiss Yousef. And I hated it. Not only because Sana witnesses the guy she likes kissing one of her best friends, or because Iman’s expression broke my heart into a million pieces, but because it gives Noora a permanent spot in the next half of the season. Sana is bound to share the spotlight with her and it pisses me off. Instead of having Sana explore her religion and deal with islamophobia (which is so present in many scenes), we get a love triangle. And I hate to see powerful Sana, smart Sana, unapologetic Sana, beautiful Sana be reduced to that.

Meet the Robinsons Fun Fact

Thanks to the above screenshot in the film, most viewers of “Meet the Robinsons” think the future-timeline city’s name is “Todayland”. However, creators of the movie never intended for this to be the case. The screenshot you see is suppose to be of Lewis and Wilbur flying over Disneyland where the joke is that you see “todayland” instead of “tomorrowland” (which is why you see Disneyland attractions in the background). The actual city’s name is Future City, despite there being absolutely no evidence in the film to suggest it. It’s not surprising that the name has been confused though; even the Jonas Brothers in their Meet the Robinsons song “Kids of the Future” have a lyric that confuses it: “Outside a new day is dawning…outside TodayLand is rawling everywhere…

In s2 Noora hid the fact that Jonas had a new girlfriend from Eva and didn’t tell her that she knew until she had to because Jonas was going to be at the same party as them with his new girlfriend. 

And yet she still thinks it’s ok to be mad at Sana for doing the same thing when she herself said that thinking about William with someone else would break her. I get it was a heat of the moment thing but if she keeps holding a grudge over this she’s a hypocrite. Like she should apologize first thing when she calms down. And also why can she never find herself a guy that none of her friends are interested in? Like first William that Vilde was in love with and now Yousef. I really used to love Noora but now I’m getting more and more sick of her to be honest.  

Reasons why Magnus Fossbakken is awesome in the Jonas clip:

  • The silly faces he makes.
  • When he says ‘See you there!’ to Sara
  • How genuinely insterested he is in what Jonas have been up to.
  • The fact that he instantly believes the best about Boy-Chris despite his reputation.
  • When he says without any hestation that Boy-Chris is quite hot.
  • The way he holds and kisses Vilde’s hand.
  • His bracelet.
  • His idea about writing a card to Sana.
  • The way he smiles after Vilde has left them.
  • The fact that he think Boy-Chris is brave for asking Jonas about Eva.
  • The fact that he believes people can change.
  • When he asks Isak if he had a crush on Boy-Chris.
  • How worried he is about a guy he’s never met before and who his friends say is kind of a douche.
  • How he says ‘You were fighting!?’ with that classic breaking voice.
  • His imitation of William.
Moments. Chapter 12: Jealousy

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here

(I’ve decided to put the prompts in the end from now on so it’s not like a spoiler or anything)

Chapter 12: Jealousy

Finally her classes were over. Sana picked up her things and got out of her classroom. It had been a long day at university and all she wanted to do was get out of there and hang out with the boy that she knew was waiting for her outside.

Every Monday, Yousef would pick Sana up at university since he didn’t work on Monday, it was a tradition they had had since she was in high school. Now they had been dating for 2 and a half years and she still got butterflies in her stomach every time she saw him waiting for her.

That particular Monday she was so eager to meet him that she was almost running through the hallways. That was probably the reason why she didn’t see the boy until she crashed onto his chest, dropping her books.

“I’m sorry” she said crouching to pick them up

“Oh no, it was totally my fault” the boy said helping her with the books “here”

“I’m sorry I was running…”

“Wait a minute” he interrupted her “I know you, right?”

Sana titled her head and looked at the boy standing in front of her. He did look familiar but she didn’t remember him

“Uh…I don’t think so?” Sana said

“Yes, I do…but from where…” he said thinking then it clicked “the café, around two or three years ago? You were with a friend, my friend and me sat with you but then you got a call and left?”

“Oh! Oh that’s true!” Sana said remembering what day he was talking about

“Your name was…Sonja…Sara…Sana…Sana?”

“Yes, yes it’s Sana. I don’t remember yours, sorry” she said awkwardly

“Oh, that’s okay. I’m Jonas”

“Right! Like a friend of mine” she nodded

“Wow, it’s been a long time. It was such a shame we never got the chance to end that conversation”

“Yeah, definitely” she said faking a smile

“Oh you were on your way out right? Let me walk you outside, I’m going in the same way” he said


“So, what are you studying?” he asked as they walked towards the exit

“Medicine” she said proudly

“Seriously? Me too! I’m on my last year actually”

“Wow, that’s such a coincidence. I’m on my second year”

“So you lied when you said you were at university huh?” he chuckled

“Apparently, yeah” she laughed too

They walked in silence for awhile until they reached the exit of the building

“So tell me Sana, do you believe in destiny?”


“I mean, we met after almost 3 years, we’re both in the same university, studying the same. It has to mean something right? What do you say, would you like to hang out sometime?”

“Oh…oh…” Sana said knowing how awkward this was going to be.

“Hey Sana!” she heard her name being called, yes, it was definitely going to be awkward.

Yousef approached Sana and greeted her with a kiss on her cheek.

“Hi, I’m Yousef” Yousef said offering his hand to Jonas who shook it confused.

“Uh, Jonas, this is Yousef…my boyfriend” Sana said biting her lip

I see…Sorry, my bad” Jonas said embarrassed

Yousef just looked back and forth between them waiting for an explanation.

“Uh, we ran into each other on our way out” Sana explained “Jonas is also studying medicine”

“That’s really cool” Yousef nodded

“Yeah, I can’t believe I ran into Sana after all these years” Jonas said earning a glare from Sana.

“Did you know each other already?” Yousef asked frowning

“Yes, we met a few years ago, I was with Noora and he and his friend were there” Sana said

“Yeah, but don’t worry, that date didn’t end well” Jonas joked

“Date?!” Yousef said choking

Once again Sana glared at Jonas.

“It seems like I said too much, my bad…I’m just going to leave you two alone. It was nice seeing you Sana…Yousef” Jonas said as he walked backwards and left

Yousef stood in front of Sana and crossed his arms in his chest.

“Care to explain?”

“I told you, I was with Noora at a café and him and a friend joined us”

“Was it before or after we started dating?”

“Do you really need to ask me that?!” Sana said exasperated “Of course it was before. In fact, do you want to know why that “date” didn’t go well? Because you call me”

“What?” Yousef asked confused

“It was the day Elias got drunk and we took him to Noora and then you and me…”

“We spent the afternoon together” Yousef completed

“Yes, so can you please stop being jealous now?”

“Jealous? I’m not jealous” Yousef lied “I was just curious”

“Sure” Sana said rolling her eyes

“Okay, fine, I was a little jealous” he said wrapping his arms around her waist and bringing her closer “I’m sorry”

Sana looked at him trying to keep a blank face but Yousef tilted his head and pouted at her which made Sana’s heart melt.

“I hate you” Sana said smiling

“You love me”


“Hey Sana wait!”

She turned around as she was leaving the university building the following day.

“Oh Jonas, hi!” she greeted the boy who was walking towards her.

“Hey I just wanted to apologize for yesterday. I completely overstepped”

“It’s fine, you didn’t know I had a boyfriend”

“Yeah, but still, not cool.”

“Apology accepted” Sana said nodding

“So, how are you dealing with medicine so far?” he asked as they walked towards the exit of the building

“I’d say I’m doing good actually, except anatomy, I’m so behind in that subject”

“Ahhh, anatomy” he chuckled “You know it was one of my favorite subjects actually back in the day. I could help you if you want”

Sana stared at him trying to find out if he was just being nice or if he wanted something more

“As friends, as partners, nothing else I promise” Jonas assured her “I don’t want to cause more trouble with your boyfriend”

“Okay and yeah I’d like that” Sana said smiling “And don’t worry about Yousef, he doesn’t have a problem with you”

“Are you sure? I mean he looks pretty upset” Jonas said pointing behind Sana

She turned around and saw Yousef approaching them

“Yousef? What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be working” she said frowning

“Yeah well I wanted to see my beautiful girlfriend” he said kissing her cheek and hugging her

Sana frowned at him not believing a word he was saying.

“Well, I’m going to leave you two alone. And Sana remember if you need help with anatomy I can help you”

“Dude are you for real?” Yousef couldn’t stop himself from saying

“Yousef…” Sana warned him

“No, I mean. Are you for real? You know she has a boyfriend and still you flirt with her in front of me and say you’re helping her with anatomy? I know what anatomy means” Yousef said taking a step towards Jonas

“I meant the subject” Jonas said raising his hands trying to calm Yousef down “Look, I was just trying to help her, but don’t worry man I’ll back off”

With that, Jonas turned around and left them alone.

“You better!” Yousef shout after him

“Yousef!” Sana yelled at him “What is wrong with you?”

“Me? That boy is totally flirting with you and you don’t seem to see it”

“He was just trying to be nice”

“He said he wanted to help you with anatomy…ANATOMY SANA”

“Because I told him I find that subject difficult! He’s studying medicine too and offered to help”

“Yeah, I know what kind of help he wants to give you” Yousef said crossing his arms on his chest

“I can’t believe this. I honestly can’t believe this. How can you not trust me?”

“I trust you, I don’t trust him”

“I don’t care if you don’t trust him Yousef! If you trust me that should be enough. You should know that I would never do anything that could ruin us” she said exasperated

Yousef closed his eyes and shook his head, he knew he wasn’t being fair on her, he trusted Sana with all his heart and he knew she would never cheat on him. He was acting like a dick and he was aware of it.

“Sana, I’m sorry I…”

“Whatever Yousef. I’m tired of this” Sana said taking a step backwards

“Wait, let’s have lunch together and talk about it”

“I don’t feel like spending time with you right now Yousef. I just…I’m going to go” She said turning around

“Sana wait!” he called after her but she was already gone.


Sana was trying to concentrate in her book but she couldn’t stop thinking about Yousef, damn Yousef. She knew that he had a point, Jonas was in fact flirting with her, but still that didn’t mean that she would ever cheat on him. He should trust her enough to know that even if every boy in the planet tried to flirt with her he would never ever be with them. She was so lost in her thoughts that when her phone rang she was startled by the sound. She looked at the screen and for a moment she thought about not answering but a part of her was begging her to pick it up.

“What do you want?” she said as a greeting

“Can we talk?” Yousef said in the other line

“I’m studying”

“Sana, please let’s meet”

“I can’t Yousef, I don’t have time to get out of my house”

“What if you didn’t have to?” he asked

“What do you mean?” she said frowning even though he couldn’t see her

“Go to your window” he said before ending the call

Sana took a moment to process the conversation. “Go to your window”? What was he talking about? He wouldn’t….of course he would. Sana stood up and walked, ran, to her window and, indeed, Yousef was standing in her backyard smiling at her. Before she could react Yousef bent down to the floor to pick some signs.

“Please tell me he’s not going to pull a Love actually on me” she muttered to herself

But he was, of course he was.

Yousef stood there showing her all the signs, one at a time.

Sana shook her head, not sure if she wanted to laugh or to cry. Eventually she opted for both options. She got out of her house and went to the backyard to meet him. He was still showing her the last sign with a goofy smile.

“You’re a dork” She said approaching him

“Yeah, I know, haven’t you read the signs? I can start again if you want”

“No! One time of this embarrassment was more than enough”

“Embarrassment huh? Then why do you have tears in your eyes?”

“Because I feel sorry for you” she said rolling her eyes

He laughed and left the signs on the floor before taking a few steps towards her.

“Does that mean that you forgive me?” he asked “Please, please, please, please”

“What am I going to do with you?” she said shaking her head

“Love me?” he said placing his hands on her waist bringing her close

She put her hands on his chest and looked up at him

“You really hurt me, you made me feel like you didn’t trust me”

“I know, and I’m so so sorry for that” he said “It won’t happen again”

“Ah…I guess” she sighed “I guess it wouldn’t be fair of me if I didn’t forgive you considering I got jealous of those girls at your kindergarten a few months ago”

“In their defense I have to say that I am really hot” he said shrugging

“Are you trying to make me forgive you or to make me more mad at you?” she asked glaring at him

“It was a joke, it was a joke” he said squeezing her a bit “So what do you say, Sana Bakkoush, love of my life, do you still want to be with this stupid boy who doesn’t deserve you?”

“I guess every girl needs a dork” she said shrugging “And you’re mine”

“You bet I am” he said leaning in to place a kiss on her forehead “I love you, Sana”

“And I love you” she said smiling at him “But you can’t watch Love actually again for the rest of the year”

“Sounds fair”



“ Hi, I wanted to say that I’m really fan of your work I follow your stories here and on ao3, like I’m obsessed with your prompts and I would like to ask you if you can write something about Yousef being jealous like this is my dream and no one has done it yet so I was thinking of asking but if you can’t it’s okay I mean I see you doing an incredibly hard work already and I’ll understand. Have a nice day and thanks for your work you’re the best “

Hiii! First let me tell you i love your stories, your writing is perfect! and i dont want to bother because like the other anon i know you already wrote a chapter of Yousef jealous but please could you make another one, it was adorable! Jealouse Yousef is adorable, like if he finds out or meets the guys Noora and Sana met at the cafe and he finds out one of them is interested in Sana or something like that, sorry for my English! Thank you, oh and good luck on your exams! “

I’M SO SO SORRY IF THIS SUCKS AND THE SIGNS SUCK AND EVERYTHING IN THIS CHAPTER SUCKS AHH I DON’T KONW IF YOU’LL LIKE IT. Hope you don’t feel disappointed! I fell so embarrased about this chapter and the signs but I’m so so sorry I suck at this stuff

Thank you so much for reading!!

BTW if you don’t know which Love Actually scene I’m talking about here’s the link