jonas de ruytter

WORK IT — 2014

For my masters I’m trying out some alternative methods of designing. Therefore I organised a tryout at my home with: Lien Van Leemput, Jens Wijnendaele, Robin Candaele, Maité Maekelberg & Anke wouters.
Everyone got a set of lyrics by Missy Elliott & had to interpret that in their own way. After 15 minutes had elapsed, your poster got passed on to the next person, who in their turn also got 15 minutes to work on that same poster. Here are some of the results…

Result of a group effort during open tools week (workshop given by OSP)
at KASK (royal academy of fine arts), Ghent, BE

Font is an adaptation of Aileron, edit done by Julie Pittevils and is available for free (click)

This publication is a collection of every file placed on the server during this open tools week, we gathered all the files and pressed print. The pages in between each chapter (workshop) are interviews we did with each specific workshop. There is only one copy in existence.

Together with: Jullie Pittevils, Karmien Nys, Sam Gunst, Laura Spitael, Gust Matthys, Kamilla Siffer, Lisa Pflaesterer, Simone van Daelen