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Jona Spoils Chicago Typewriter

[The following review liberally spoils the ending a plot details of Chicago Typewriter. I recommend watching the drama before reading.]

Yet another drama that I took my sweet time finishing after it had officially stopped airing, and yet unlike with MoonClouds or Goblin,  I really felt like CT was worth my time. At the very least, an interesting break from the norm, and one that deserves a bit of a closer look.

Chicago Typewriter is a supernatural reincarnation romance that spans over two timelines. The majority of the drama focuses on Han Se Ju, a novelist in modern-day Seoul, his devoted literary fangirl, Jeon Seol, and a quite literal ghost-writer, Yoo Jin Oh, who has been haunting the titular typewriter for the past 80 years. In their former lives the three were passionate freedom fighters in occupation-era Korea. The hypersensitive, hopelessly self-involved Se Ju as gotten himself a wicked case of writer’s block right at the beginning of a hugely lucrative project. Yoo Jin Oh offers to assist him in finishing his book through supernatural means, but that will mean compromising his principles and passing off someone else’s work as his own. It will also mean drawing closer to Jeon Seol, as the three are pulled further into the web of memories from their past lives, toward a shared fate.

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raúl esparza broadway roles wishlist: billy flynn (”chicago”)

maybe you think i’m talking about physical love. well, i’m not. not just physical love. there’s other kinds of love. like love of… justice. love of… legal procedure. love of lending a hand to someone who really needs you. love of your fellow man. those kinds of love are what I’m talkin’ about. and physical love ain’t so bad either.


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