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i remember ages ago you posted pics of yourself and you were like a hispanic young jonah hill with a facial expression like youd been doing coke and sleeping 3 hrs/ night for 5 years. and i loved it


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Top 10 OTPs and pass this on to whoever

Hi, anon. Thank you for this. 

10 OTPS:

1) Olicity, obviously (Arrow)

2) Captain Swan (Once Upon A Time)

3) Rick and Evy (The Mummy)

4) Wyatt and Lucy (Timeless)

5) Jack and Rebecca (This Is Us)

6) Fitzsimmons (Agents of SHIELD, I’m so behind)

7) Jonah and Amy (Superstore) 

8) Jake and Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

9) Deckerstar (Lucifer)

10) Mark and Lexie (Grey’s Anatomy, I’m still not over it)

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Jonah, how do you feel about ace discourse? I don't participate in it because frankly it's a waste of time. But at the same time there are arguments about whether ace people are oppressed or not and I don't know. I'm ace, I don't feel oppressed. I'm not oppressed. I feel misunderstood though. But I'm not confused about this. Thoughts?

Ace discourse makes me feel physically ill. I’ve had people come at me and try to start shit, but it’s honestly just offensive. The fact that someone, WHO DOESN’T EVEN KNOW ME, thinks they can come at me and speak over my experience, is absolutely not okay.