“Y’all did that”
“No our fans did that”
I’m sobbing. I was going through their Instagram because ya know why not but let me just say the amount of love they have for us is just purely so heart warming. They always try to do the absolute most for us and I hope they know how appreciative we are for them and for what they do. They have come so so far in the span of a year. Form their first tour to their third. From traveling the US to traveling the UK. These boys means so much to me. Seeing the achieve so much and be happy makes me so happy. I’m so proud to call myself a limelight and to be apart of such an amazing fan base with fantastic people and the best talent out there.
I love them so so much 💙

WDW’s Reaction to Cheating: They Confess to You- Jonah


*As Requested*

Prompt: They confess to you, their long-time girlfriend, that they cheated on you while away on tour

Disclaimer: Contains arguing, infidelity, brief mention of alcohol, general angst

Reaction Requests are open!

J O N A H:

“You what….?” Your voice shook as you felt your skin cover in goosebumps from the frigid temperature at which the air seemed to reside. It didn’t matter that it was late summer, it didn’t matter that you were inside- everything somehow felt colder now. You stared up at the boy you loved, watching his face for some ounce of emotion, but his eyes were empty. He wasn’t begging you for forgiveness, he wasn’t crying or making excuses for himself. Part of you couldn’t help but commend him for not losing himself in the moment- but part of you wanted to watch him fall to his knees and sob…and that part of you sickened yourself.


“No, I heard you the first time.” You interjected, folding your arms over your chest and clutching them against you as though trying to comfort yourself out of breaking down and seeming weak. The two of you had been together for what seemed like an eternity, people called you two the old married couple of any friend group you were in. His family was like your family, and vise versa. How could he do this? How could he take everything you had, and throw it away like it meant nothing?

He watched you quiver slightly as he tried his best to remain calm in the moment. This was it- this is what it felt like to watch the love of your life slip away. He knew he had to tell you, the life you’d built together was important, but you were his everything. You deserved so much better than a guy who’d give up your trust so easily- so much better than a guy who would cheat on you in a whirlwind of frustration and one too many shots. He didn’t even know why’d agreed to go out that night…he didn’t even like clubs. The memory brought him back to the dozens of instances where the two of you would drive past raging night clubs, making fun of the people who stumbled out of them, practically unconscious and hanging on some random stranger. Why had he let himself become one of those people- even if it was just for one stupid night. He refused to beat himself up in front of you, he knew he didn’t deserve your pity. He wouldn’t beg for forgiveness, because he knew he didn’t deserve it. All he could do is tell you, and let you shatter in front of him. He knew you better than anybody, so it didn’t surprise him when you bit back tears in an effort to save face, but he also knew you hid everything in your eyes- and they were falling to pieces.

“You don’t have anything to say?” You muttered, just barely above a whisper after what seemed like an eternity of silence. Jonah glanced down at the floor, watching his shoes and remembering how he bought them because you’d told him they looked nice, even though he’d always secretly thought they made him look odd. He’d have done anything for you…he’d have given up his dreams if you asked, and he’d do it now if it would make you happy again- but he knew nothing he did could ever really make you happy. Not the way it used to. He shook his head.

“I regret it…more than anything. I don’t have any excuses, it was a mistake- and I know that. I’m…I’m so, so sorry Y/N.” Tears threatened to bubble to the surface of his eyes but he blinked them back, standing in the face of his weaknesses, and feeling the smallest he’d ever felt.


Your voice echoed against the somehow hollow and forlorn walls of your apartment, shaking and ingraining the reverberation into your minds as he bit his lip in a way that used to make you smile. Staring down at his shoes, he nodded.

“I’ll have my stuff packed in an hour.” You scoffed slightly, shaking you head as you made your way over towards your front door, opening it wide and gesturing towards it.

“No, not in an hour. Now. You’ll leave now.” You watched as his face tried to remain placid, his eyes distant and forlorn as he made his way towards your door, stepping through it one last time. He glanced back over his shoulder when he noticed you hadn’t slammed the door in his face yet.

“…i love you, Y/N.” You felt tears rise to the brim of your eyes as you shook your head, turning away so he wouldn’t see you break.

“No…you really, really don’t.” With that, you closed the door, locking it behind you and collapsing against it. You wouldn’t break, not for him, not now.

Date Ideas
  • Jonah: Bowling date. You go on a late night adventure to the bowling alley and laugh all night.
  • Zach: Bike ride date. You go to the beach and rent out a bike to cruise around the pier.
  • Corbyn: Arcade date. You guys lose track of time playing every single game there is.
  • Daniel: Karaoke date. You take turns singing cute Disney songs in the middle of an empty restaurant.
  • Jack: Music Concert Date. You guys dance all night feeling the cool breeze hit your face.

a concept: jonah walking into the room fresh out of the shower, with his hair still wet and remnants of water droplets still covering his body. a towel is wrapped lazily around his waist, hanging low on his hips, showing off his v-line. he looks like an actual greek god and he knows it damn well, and he knows you know it too.

“babe, i know you enjoy the view, but didn’t your mother teach you staring is rude?”

“shut the hell up jonah”

Never be. D.S

Pairing: Daniel Seavey x reader

Warning: Angst?

Summary: Based off the song Can I be him? By James Arthur.

You walked into the room and now my heart’s been stolen. You took me back in time to when I was in broken.

He sat across the room from you. The room was full of people yet he could only see you. He sat alone as he watched you laughing and smiling from a distance. He watched in admiration as you twirled and danced, the smile he loved forever upon you lips. You were truly beautiful.

Now you’re all I want and I knew it from the very first moment. Cause a light came on when I heard that song. And I want you to sing it again.

He remember the day he had first saw you. He knew you were different from the moment he met you. You had treated him like any normal person, you were so kind and caring. He felt human, he felt normal. He loved his fans, the attention, his job. He loved it all but you. You were something different, something special. The something he didn’t know he so desperately needed.

I swear that every word you sing, you wrote them for me. Like it was a private show but I know you never saw me.

He fell in love with you. The more he had hung out with you the more he had fallen. He had fallen deep down the rabbit hole. He would do everything to make you smile, he’d stop what he was doing just to reply to your texts. You had grown close to him. You were perfection to him. You were beautiful, smart, caring and gentle. Everything he adore. Complete perfection. But perfection comes with a price…

When the lights come on and I’m on my own, will you be there to sing it again? Could I be the one you talk about in all your stories? Can I be him?

He was so in love that e had missed the signs. The very obvious signs. You were taken. Your heart belonged to another. And his belonged to you. Yet even with this information, he still continued to fall deeper in love with you, further down the rabbit hole. It tore him apart. He slept less, his smile only existed when you were with him. He was completely in love with a girl who would never return the feeling. Yet still, he fell further.

I heard there was someone but I know he don’t deserve you if you were mine I’d never let anyone hurt you.

He hit rock bottom. Watching as you fell for someone who didn’t deserve you. Didn’t treat you right. He screamed out every time he saw you that he loved you but you never heard his silent screams. He was a mess, madly in love and completely broken. And there was nothing that could save him. Because the only thing he so desperately craved and needed was taken by another.

I wanna dry those tears, kiss those lips. It’s all that I’ve been thinking about. ‘Cause a light came on when I heard that song and I want you to sing it again.

It pained him to see you cry after every fight you had with him, the one who had stolen you. But here he was. Sitting alone. Watching as you faked a smile and laughed with your friends as he flirted with another. Shattering your heart. He wanted so desperately to kiss you, tell you that you’re perfect, that he would never hurt you. He wanted to wipe the tears from your eyes and hold you tight. But like always. Perfection came with a price. And boy did he pay a heavy one.

I swear that every word you sing. You wrote them for me. Like it was a private show but I know you never saw me.

But to him, you were worth every single heart ache, sleepless night, and tear. He would do it all again, if it meant being able to hold you close to him. All he wanted was one kiss from the girl that had stolen his heart.

When the lights come on and I’m on my own. Will you be there to sing it again? Could I be the one you talk about in all your stories?

“You ok?” The blonde asked, dragging his attention from your twirling figure. He didn’t reply, only offering a weak smile. He wasn’t stupid. He knew all too well that Corbyn knew. It was obvious, yet you were completely blind to it.

Can I be the one? Can I be the one? Can I be the one? Oh, can I, can I be him? Won’t you sing it again. Oh, when you sing it again. Can I be him?

“I’m sorry” Corbyn offered him a sad smile as he returned his gaze back to Daniel, who was now staring at you again. It was visible that he was hurting, It pained Corbyn to know that he couldn’t help his friend. He was so lost with out you. He needed you.

Won’t you sing it again. Oh, when you sing it again. Can I be him?

But you didn’t need him.

I swear that every word you sing. You wrote them for me. Like it was a private show. But I know you never saw me.

You never did.

When the lights come on and I’m on my own. Will you be there, will you be there. Can I be the one you talk about in all your stories.

It was only him. And he had hit rock bottom with no way out.

Can I be him? Can I be him? Can I be him? Can I be him? 

All he could do was watch as the one he desperately wanted tore him apart while being torn apart by another.

Soap Opera- Daniel Seavey

A/N: Requested from the prompt list, #34 “You’re everything to me” & #65 “I thought I lost you” sorry it’s so short but I still think its cute so here you go (This is one of the more comedic ones that I’ve done so please give me some feedback on if I should do more of these)

Summary: It’s been two weeks since you and Daniel had gotten into a huge fight over something small, both of you too childish to apologize, until one day he shows up at your house.

it was week two of staying at Christina’s house, you were best friends and you knew she loved you but you did kind of show up unannounced so you understood why she wanted you gone.

Christina sat down next to you, no makeup on, with glasses, and one of Corbyn’s sweatshirts, a mug of hot chocolate in her right hand, she always looked effortlessly beautiful. you smiled at her until she stole the family sized bag of chips from you. 

“Y/N” she spoke, placing the bag of chips on the coffee table in front of you, “its been two weeks, you know I love you but you need to stop being so petty and just talk to Daniel already. I can tell you miss him, and I know for a fact that he misses you too.” you crossed your arms and sunk deeper into the couch.

“if he missed me, he wouldn’t have let me walk out that day. Besides I’m perfectly fine without him” you lifted your nose in the air and looked away from your best friend, but you still felt her judging you.

she grabbed your shoulder and forced you to look at her, “you’ve spent the last two weeks sitting on this couch eating junk food and crying over Spanish soap opera’s!” she exclaimed, you frowned knowing she was right.

“Okay fine, maybe I do miss him, but I’ll get over it. He betrayed me, Christina! Betrayed me!” you wailed dramatically and snatched the bag of chips back as Corbyn walked into the room, slinging his arm around Christina.

“definitely too many soap opera’s” she sighed, shaking her head at you.

“Alright I gotta head to the studio” he smiled, placing a kiss on Christina’s lips, you groaned and threw the bag at them.


Corbyn let out a laugh and patted you on the head on his way out. “Bye Y/N”

“Seriously Y/N-” Christina was cut off by the doorbell, you cheered, content with the fact that you didn’t have to hear her nag anymore.

She rolled her eyes as she stood up to open the door, your eyes widened as you saw who it was.

You shot up off the couch and before Christina could even think, you slammed the door, leaning your back against it.

“Y/N! open the freaking door, you need to talk to him.” she scolded, placing her hand on her hip, you shook your head.

“No Way!” you whispered, “He doesn’t even know I’m here, we just have to wait till he leaves.”

“Y/N! I know you’re in there!” you heard Daniel shout from the other side of the door, you screwed your eyes shut.

“Damn it!” you cursed.

Christina pushed you out of the way, opening the door to reveal your boyfriend, his phone in one hand, car keys in the other.

“Talk it out!” Christina pointed at you before leaving the room.

you cleared your throat and crossed your arms, “Daniel.”

“Y/N?” his statement seemed more like a question, wondering if you were still mad at him.

“Yes?” you sighed.

“I just wanted to apologize for what I did, I didn’t know that it would hurt your feelings to this extent, and I want you to come home” he spoke, but you were too stubborn to give up that easy.

“I don’t know if I can forgive you Daniel” you whispered, looking down at the floor.

“I’ll take you to Chipotle” 

your eyes lit up as you jumped into his arms, he let out a laugh and wrapped his arms around you.

“Okay good, because you’re everything to me Y/N, I thought I had lost you”

you smiled up at him, placing a quick but meaningful kiss on his lips.

“next time, just don’t eat my leftovers” you warned.

“Literally a fucking soap opera” you heard Christina speak from behind you.

Phantom! in the Keys! - W.D.W

AU: the second chance

series: Phantom! in the Keys! - part one

(1,466 words)

Pairing: Ghost!Noah Sinclair (D.S) x Reader

A/N: I’m finally back with another imagine! This was originally supposed to be a one-shot, but as I was writing it I realized there is no way I could finish the entire story in one chapter. So, please let me know if you’d like me to continue this as a series or if you’d rather me move onto other fics in The Second Chance AU. Also, as a pointer, Noah Sinclair is the canon alter ego of Daniel Seavey. :)

warnings: none 

“Y/N, please! Don’t buy the house! It’s haunted!”

“What do you mean it’s haunted?”

“The area’s shifty around there, Y/N! Everyone claims to see spirits wandering around there at night.”

“Raul, you know I’ve never believed in such trash and I’m not gonna start anytime soon! I’m buying the house!”

“But Y/N…”

“I said I’m buying the house. Case closed. I’ll see you later.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Y/N. Be careful.”

Your brother, Raul, had been the first to warn you about the mysteries of Blackery Manor and the house that sat on the property. It was true - there were many reports of suspicious happenings in the area, thus leaving the lot abandoned for over half a century.

However, the property was still in pristine condition due to it being cared for by an anonymous caretaker.

Raul had explained to you how the original owner of the estate was a young man by the name of Noah Sinclair, a musical prodigy who abode in said house with four of his closest friends.

They had only lived there for two years when Noah and his company were murdered one night. Their bodies were never found, and neither was the killer. Since then, no one has lived there for longer than a few weeks at a time.

Yet, you were determined to be the first to change the fact and had bought the manor at a surprisingly cheap price, thanks to the whole ‘paranormal activity’ spiel that everyone believed so fervently.

Here you were - sitting amongst a crowd of unopened boxes and antique furniture, settling in.

Blackery Manor was truly beautiful, having a vast meadow out front and hundreds of rosebushes scattered throughout the property. The house was attractive, not overly lavish yet keeping a touch of elegance with the simplistic designs and smooth floors.

A fire rages in the hearth, filling the living room with heat. Old paintings cast silhouettes across the dusty walls as the flames dance in its cage.

The fur rug is soft on your legs as you soak up the warmth, palming through a box of delicate trinkets.

It’s late. A few minutes until midnight to be exact. Yet, you aren’t tired, and there’s still a lot of work to do, so you set down the box and amble back and forth across the lounge, tucking away the clutter.

Moonlight lazily streams through the windows, illuminating a beautiful grand piano standing in the corner. The sight is enchanting and you walk over, sitting down on the stool as you brush the cobwebs off the keys with your fingertips.

It’s been awhile since you last played, and you don’t consider yourself a professional, but you timidly begin to play a gentle melody, relishing in how good the piano sounds. You end the piece with a flourish, not taking into account the boy standing beside you.

“What are you doing in my house?!” He exclaims, more surprised than angry. You jump, turning to face him.

“Uh, sir, this is my house. I bought it a few weeks ago.”

“This is Blackery Manor, is it not?” He asks.

“Yeah, it is.” You reply flatly.

“Well, miss, I’d be obliged to inform you that Blackery Manor has been under my name for many years. Also, I am rather taken aback by the fact that you’ve decided to live here after all this…time.”

“Wait, who are you?!” You furrow your brows, swearing you recognize him from somewhere.

“Oh goodness, my apologies. I’m Sinclair. Noah Louis Sinclair, to be precise.”

“Noah Sinclair - as in the boy who was murdered over a century ago?” He nodded solemnly.

“It is true. I am a ghost and you, fellow miss, have freed me from being trapped inside that piano since I died. For that, I am very, very grateful.”

“How do I know you’re not lying?” You say, stepping back to get a better look at him. “You don’t look like a ghost.”

“Ah, literature has always presented us spirits inaccurately, miss. But I can assure you, I am whom I say I am.” Noah grips onto his cane.

“Okay, then. Prove it, Mr. Sinclair.” You spoke, the boy immediately walking over into the hallway, out of sight. Keeping your eyes peeled on where he once was, Noah materialized right in front of you. Literally. Out of thin air. He’d teleported there from outside the room. Feeling a hand against your back, he inquired,

“You alright, miss? You look a little frightened.”

Nodding at him, you brush the dust off your shirt.

“Not my fault when you’re confronted by a ghost who happens to be the owner of your new house.”

“That’s true. I wasn’t intending to scare you, but I needed to prove that I wasn’t pretending.”

“Point taken.” You chuckled, making him grin.

He took his hand away from the small of your back, retreating to the lounge.

Noah has no tell-tale signs that he is a ghost. His body is solid, he doesn’t float, he isn’t glowing.

He could easily pass as a living person, it could’ve fooled you, but after his little demonstration, you know what he is. What intrigues you is why he hasn’t passed to the other side yet.

“Take a seat, if you’d like. What is your name, by the way?” Noah inquires, sitting on a chair that you assume to have been his regular resting place in the past.

“It’s Y/N L/N.” You respond, sitting across from him.

“Ah, pleased to make your acquaintance, Y/N. Welcome to Blackery Manor.”

“So you’re allowing me to stay in your house?”

“Of course! Would you really think that I would just go ahead and drive you out of here?”

“Well - yes?” Noah shakes his head, letting out a long sigh.

“Remind me to tell you the difference between fictional ghosts and literal ghosts.”

Gripping his cane, Noah stands and walks up to you, holding out his arm. “Let me show you around.”

Of course, you slip your arm into his and he slowly leads you to the floors of the house like the gentleman he is, giving you a complete tour of the manor.

It’s only when you come up to the dining room that he pauses abruptly. He swallows thickly, running his calloused hands across the grain of the mahogany table and closing his eyes for a brief moment.

“This. This is…” He begins.

“- where you died?” You finish for him, watching as he takes a deep breath and nods.

“One of my greatest friends, Fraser Pryce, had gotten engaged to his lovely fiancée, Christina, that week. They, our fellow housemates, and I decided to celebrate the occasion here at the manor, and all was good. But when they gave out the glasses of champagne at the toast… I died, and so did they.”

Your face falls at the realization. This is the story that Raul had told you over the phone.

“Our wine glasses were poisoned, and I perished before a minute’s passing. I had no choice but to merely observe as our guests were panicking and wailing in fear for their lives. I tried to find my friends, whom also had left their physical bodies by then, but they were nowhere to be found. I assume they’re in this house somewhere, trapped in some curious object as I was.”

“And why didn’t you pass over to the other side? Isn’t that what a soul does after it dies?” You ask. Raul had rambled on to you about souls and the afterlife long enough for the information to stick in your head. The only difference is that because of your encounter with Noah you now believed in the supernatural, and back then you wouldn’t have given it a second glance. Seeing really is believing.

“You assume correctly. However, I was murdered. I cannot pass to the other side because I didn’t die naturally, and I can’t leave the manor because my soul is attached to my piano. If it were to break, I’d have to re-attach my spirit to something physical before I fade out of the plane of existence.”

He places his hands on your shoulders, staring at you with his bright blue eyes. “Y/N, I know this is all unfamiliar to you, and I understand if you’re sceptical, but I need your help, just this once.”

You smile, shyly wrapping your arms around his waist. Something told you he needed a hug, and you went with it. Luckily, he returns the gesture, snaking his arms around you and pulling you close.

“What do you need my help with, Noah?” You say softly, rubbing circles on his back.

“We’re going to locate the bodies of my friends.”

“And then?”

“We’re going to find out who killed me.”

let me know what you think of this one, guys! feedback is appreciated. :)