jonah's little smile

Realization pt 2 ~J.M.

A/N : I’m already sleep deprived so i figured it wouldn’t hurt to finish the story and upload right now.

Requested: Kinda? idk anyway this one’s for you @nightsspentthinking 

Summary: After realizing that maybe you did like Jonah things take a turn you weren’t expecting

part 1 

Your eyes widen as you try to wrap your head around what just happened. Jonah looks at the blank expression on your face but before he gets to say something you quickly respond: “Why would you think that Marais?” “Oh I don’t know, maybe because I literally heard you say ‘how can you possibly be this gorgeous while sleeping?’”. You had really hoped that he hadn’t actually heard all you said because you muttered it under your breath, but unfortunately he did and you weren’t quite sure how to get yourself out of this. Bullshitting an essay was one thing but lying to your best friend about how much you actually liked him was on a whole new level. 

 “For your information, I said ‘cute’ not ‘gorgeous’ Jonah.” “Cute, gorgeous, beautiful, hot…whatever you want to call it” he says chuckling. You look at Jonah for a split second and sigh, “Why are you like this?” “Stop pretending you don’t love it.” “Would you shut up already?” you say trying not to laugh at Jonah wiggling his eyebrows at you. Jonah looked you straight in the eyes with a steel expression before responding: “Make me”. He continues staring at you and you look at him with a puzzled expression on your face, unsure of how to respond. Your heart is telling you to yell “kiss me” at him but you refrain. You search his eyes for an answer before trailing off to his lips.“I’m in love…shit” you think to yourself. 

You make eye contact with him one more time and with that he leans in and brushes your cheek with his thumb. His face comes closer to yours and you start blushing. Jonah smiles at you and before you know it you feel his lips pushing on yours as he kisses you. At first you were a little taken aback but soon you guys were making out as he deepened the kiss. As you both pull away you hear Jonah say: “I’ve wanted to do that for a while now”. You just smirk at him and say: “Is that so?” He nodded but then quickly changed the subject back to you. “So…When did you realize you liked me? Have I missed any hints before this?” “Well…” you stretched out the ‘l’ not sure how to continue. “Go on Y/N” he says while smirking “I guess that I’ve liked you for a while now but didn’t realize until earlier today?” “What made you realize?” you think about the short time span between him hearing you mutter that he was cute up to right now after you made out. 

“Hmm… well, I thought you were asleep earlier when I called you cute, but you just looked so peaceful and angelic that I just couldn’t refrain myself from saying that. The thought had crossed my mind earlier tonight but the realization hit when you caught me” You say before blushing a little. Jonah smiles at you and grabs your hand, his fingers intertwining with yours. “I’m glad I did catch you, because if I wouldn’t have, you would’ve probably taken an eternity to actually tell or show me you even slightly liked me” he said while trying not to laugh to hard. “Now that’s just rude” you said pretending to be offended and put your hand on your heart faking to be hurt but eventually gave in because you couldn’t hold your laughter any longer.

 “Don’t think I forgot about your little comment though Marais, how long have you wanted to kiss me?” you teased.”I uhh- I don’t know, a month maybe two?” “Two months and you didn’t even tell me? You always tell me about the girls you like! I’m hurt” “In my defense, those girls were neither you or my best friend. Did you really think I was just gonna risk so many years of friendship without being sure you at least somewhat liked me?” “Uhm yes!” You exclaimed jokingly. You couldn’t help but feel happy about the whole situation. At first, you were mortified because Jonah heard you but it had turned out pretty well so far. “So you just kept quiet about this for two months? I can’t believe my best friend doesn’t even trust me” “stop being so sarcastic Y/N” he said before throwing a pillow at you after you had confidently replied, “I will do no such thing”. “Heyyy” you whined and pouted at him. ”I didn’t exactly keep quiet though” he said while looking away. Your eyes widen as you look at him “what do you mean?” “I may or may not have told Zach about it” you over exaggerate a dramatic gasp “you told Zach before me? I can’t believe you” you said keeping up the drama queen act. “Shut up and kiss me already” Jonah said and with that your lips collided once again.

When you woke up Jonah was still asleep, you looked at the beautiful boy laying next you and just admired his features. “You know it’s rude to stare right?” you suddenly heard him say. “Are you ever actually asleep or do you just keep pretending so you can see me embarrass myself?” “Who knows” is all he said. He rolled over and pulled you into a hug while you look at the time. “Shit it’s 4 PM” “So?” “I should really get going my parents are already mad that I snook out, turned off my phone and didn’t come home at all”. You had completely forgotten about your parents and how mad they were going to be when you got home. “Please stay, just a little longer”he pouted and kept repeating the word ‘please’ over and over  “I don’t know if I should…my parents are already very angry” “At least let me make you breakfast before you leave” “okay” you smiled and gave him a quick peck on the lips “I love you Jonah” “I love you too Y/N”