jonah the great


In Genesis, He is the seed of the woman.
In Exodus, He is the Passover Lamb.
In Leviticus, He is our High Priest.
In Numbers, He is pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.
In Deuteronomy, He is the prophet like unto Moses.
In Joshua, He is the captain of our salvation.
In Judges, He is our judge and lawgiver.
In Ruth, He is our kinsman redeemer.
In I and II Samuel, He is our trusted prophet.
In Kings and Chronicles, He is our reigning king.
In Erza, He is our faithful scribe.
In Nehemiah, He is the rebuilder of the broken down walls of human life.
In Ester, He is our Mordecai.
In Job, He is our ever-living redeemer: “For I know my redeemer lives.”
In Psalms, He is our shepherd.
In Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, He is our wisdom.
In Song of Solomon, He is the lover and the bridegroom.
In Isaiah, He is the prince of peace.
In Jeremiah, He is the righteous branch.
In Lamentations, He is the weeping prophet.
In Ezekiel, He is the wonderful four-faced man.
In Daniel, He is the fourth man walking in the midst of the burning fiery furnaces of life.
In Hosea, He is the husband forever married to the backslider.
In Joel, He is the mighty baptizer in the Holy Ghost.
In Amos, He is my burden bearer.
In Obadiah, He is mighty to save.
In Jonah, He is God’s great foreign missionary.
In Micah, He is the messenger of beautiful feet.
In Nahum, He is the avenger of God’s elect.
In Habakkuk, He is God’s evangelist, crying, “Revive thy work in the midst of the years.”
In Zephaniah, He is our Savior.
In Haggai, He is the restorer of the lost heritage of Israel.
In Zechariah, He is fountain opened up on the house of David for sin and uncleanness.
In Malachi, He is the Son of Righteousness arisen with healing in His wings.
In Matthew, He is the Messiah.
In Mark, He is the wonder worker.
In Luke, He is the Son of Man.
In John, He is the Son of God.
In Acts, He is the mighty baptizer in the Holy Ghost.
In Romans, He is my justifier.
In Corinthians, He is my sanctifier.
In Galatians, He is the redeemer from the curse of the law.
In Ephesians, He is the Christ of unsearchable riches.
In Philippians, He is the God that supplies all my needs.
In Colossians, He is the fullness of the godhead bodily.
In I and II Thessalonians, He is my soon-coming King!
In I and II Timothy, He is the mediator between God and man.
In Tidus, He is my faithful pastor.
In Philemon, He is the friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
In Hebrews, He is the blood of the everlasting covenant.
In James, He is our Great Physician, for “the prayer of faith shall save the sick.”
In I and II Peter, He is my good shepherd.
In I John, He is love.
In II John, He is love.  
In III John, He is love.
In Jude, He is the Lord coming with 10,000 of His saints.
In Revelation, He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.



quite the opposite, really

reasons to watch andi mack if you haven't already

- cyrus is almost definitely gay and its amazing (he. looked. back.)
- every female character in this show is portrayed as strong and independant, while still having flaws and insecurities, also only two of the main female characters are white (iris and amber)
- the good hair crew is made up of two girls of color and a gay boy, like 👌
- jonah beck
- cyrus goodman
- andi mack
- buffy driscoll
- marty
- bex mack
- bowie quinn
- literally its such a good show and i love it

EDIT: a couple people pointed out i forgot to add in that cyrus is jewish and yes!!! that is so important!!! and yet another reason to watch the show!!
underrated tv shows that need more love:

ik I kinda posted about this earlier but I want more seasons of my fav tv shows and in order for that to happen y’all need to watch them.

1. New Girl- THIS SHOW IS LITERALLY THE BEST. I have been watching it religiously for three years and it is getting cancelled after season 7 and I want to die. This show is hilarious and has amazing otps.

2. Brooklyn 99- This show is unbelievably funny. I literally bought the first three seasons on disc because I wanted to watch them if I was ever feeling bad. And Jake and my are literally the purest couple out there.

3. The Good Place- I just found this show like a month ago and my whole entire family pissed ourselves by laughing so hard at the first season. It has such a strong plot behind it as well.

4. Great News- Like I said earlier this show is so funny and adorable I hope it never gets cancelled. Its so funny and relatable.

5. Superstore- I’ve only seen a couple episodes of this show but I can already tell its good. The characters are super funny and the customers are hilarious. This show has some of the weirdest plots but yet it still manages to pull them off as a normal for a store.


Couples that fight together, stay together


Comfortable - Jonah Marais

 A/N: requested from the prompt list, #59 “Did you use my cologne? you smell like me.” It’s kinda short but I hope ya’ll enjoy!

Summary: you were going to an award show with your boyfriend Jonah, it was your first time going out together as a couple so you were excited… and scared shitless.

warning: cursing & 100% FLUFF

“Baby, we gotta go!” you heard your boyfriend call from the bottom of the stairs. you let out a sigh.

“coming!” you replied, you continued to stare at yourself in the mirror. Your black dress clinging to your body, your black pumps matching perfectly, and your hair tied up into a perfectly-messy updo.

With all this, you couldn’t help but be self-conscious. There were going to be all of these beautiful and talented girls at the event and you were just. Normal.

you took a deep breath before gabbing you matching purse, shoving in your phone and wallet, taking one last look in the mirror and making your way out of the room.

you made your way down the stairs to meet Jonah in his classic black tux, his hair perfectly styled as he talked to the rest of the WDW boys, his jaw fell open as he stopped mid-sentence, his eyes landing on you. He stayed silent, just eyeing you up and down, but the rest of the WDW boys spoke up.

“Wow.” they all said simultaneously, a smile grew on your face as Jonah took your hand twirling you around before pulling you in for a hug.

“you look stunning” he hummed, you smiled up at him and he placed a quick kiss on your lips.

“Alright, lovebirds lets go. were already late” Jack laughed, holding the front door open, you nudged his shoulder as you walked past. 

“and who’s fault is that?” you sassed, crossing your arms as you walked between Jonah and Jack. 

“Hey! it takes time to look this good!” he retorted, you rolled your eyes playfully as you all piled into the car. 


Once you arrived at the venue, your nerves returned. And it was almost as if Jonah could sense it, because his arm snaked around your waist, pulling you closer to him and placing a kiss on your temple.

you squeezed your eyes shut and took a deep breath as you approached the red carpet.

“you're going to do great” Jonah reassured you with a smile, you smiled and nodded.

within seconds you were bombarded with flashing lights and dozens of paparazzi yelling.







“Over here!”

“Big smiles!”

You had no idea what you were doing to say the least, but being there with your boyfriend made it all okay.

your smile was genuine as you posed with Jonah and the WDW boys, this night was like a dream, and nothing could bring you down. everything was perfect, your dress, your friends, and your boyfriend, the insecurities from earlier had evaporated into the air, everything was so surreal.

after the carpet, you made it to your seats, Jonah intertwining you fingers without hesitation. The grin never leaving your face as you chatted with the WDW boys.

While Zach and Daniel were having a heated conversation on who could tie a tie faster, Jonah leaned his head on your shoulder.

“Did you use my cologne?” he questioned, twirling one of your stray hairs around his finger. “you smell like me.”

you let out a light laugh and shrugged. “you make me comfortable” you simply replied, placing a soft kiss on his lips. He smiled before snuggling into your neck.

This night was perfect, and you couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.

More To The Story - J. A.

Y/N: Guess who’s back, back again. It’s me if you couldn’t tell. Sorry if you wanted someone else, you’re stuck with me. Anyway, I’m rambling again. So I got this lovely request and for the first time ever I had no idea where I was going with it. I really don’t know how to feel about this so please tell me what you think. I hope I did it justice and you enjoy reading. Love you guys!

Requested: yes

You sneaked out of your room and went down the stairs carefully, trying not to make any sounds. You checked your phone. 1:04 a.m. Letting out a yawn, you zoned out for a minute but quickly composed yourself. You couldn’t risk getting caught by one of the boys. Turning on the flashlight on your phone, you turned around the corner and tiptoed into the kitchen. Now it was time to wait. After five long minutes Jack finally walked through the door, looking over his shoulder one more time before making his way to you. As soon as he reached you he pulled you into a tight hug, placing a kiss onto your lips. You instantly melted into his touch and sighed, enjoying every second of being in your boyfriend’s arms. Sneaking around behind everyone’s back was hard enough but living in the same house as Jack and not being able to kiss him whenever you wanted broke your heart. But as of right now, you had no other choice than to accept the situation. You knew it was for the best.

You still remembered the day you had first met the boys. After graduation you were going to attend a college in L.A. Jonah, being the great cousin he was, suggested you live with him since it would save you a lot of money. He flew you out as soon as summer break started, claiming he wanted you to get to know your way around the city and get to know the boys but you knew he mostly did it because he missed you. The two of you had been attached by the hip growing up and you still had an amazing bond. That was also the reason why nobody was surprised at how well you got along with the other boys. You clicked instantly, it was as if you had known each other forever. But a certain curly haired boy connected with you, not just on a friendly level. You spent every minute of the day together, going out or staying in. And then there was the flirting. A lot of it. The others never commented on it, thinking you were only joking around. What they didn’t know was that there was more to the story.

You had been sitting on the couch, your head leaning on Jack’s shoulder while reading your favourite book when you felt him sit up. Confused, you turned your head in his direction, only to find him staring at a spot on the floor in front of him. You sat up too and leaned over so you were making eye contact with him “Penny for your thoughts?” You could tell he was debating whether to tell you what had been bothering him or not by the way he was clenching his jaw and furrowing his eye brows. You sat on the floor in front of him, making him look down at you and took one of his hands in yours. His face softened and he reached out to brush a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “Can I try something?” Your heartbeat quickened and you only managed to nod before you felt his lips on yours. You had been dreaming of this moment longer than you wanted to admit. He cupped your cheek with one hand and pulled you closer with the other one. Your hands immediately went up to his hair, playing with the curls, knowing it was his weakness. You could have stayed like that forever but humans needed air so you pulled away smiling, not breaking eye contact.

You had talked for hours after that and had come to the conclusion that you liked each other and wanted to give this relationship a shot but decided to keep it a secret. You were scared to see how the change would affect your groups dynamic. Another problem was Jonah. You knew he wasn’t the type of person to tell you who you could and couldn’t date, no matter if it was a random guy on the street or his bandmate but you didn’t want to make things awkward for him, especially if Jack and you broke up. A secret relationship seemed like the perfect idea, it was like a test. But the thing you didn’t think through was how hard it would be to keep the act up in front of the boys. You had always been touchy-feely, that didn’t really change. But it was quite the challenge not to slip up while talking to each other. The only thing Jack wanted was to call you his, tell you how perfect you were. But he couldn’t. At least not in English.

“Bonjour, ma chérie” That was how Jack had greeted you the first time. You looked at him with big eyes, not believing what he had said but he just winked at you. The guys all looked between the two of you, confusion written all over their faces. Before anyone could question what was going on, Jack spoke up “(Y/N/N) and I made a bet. She dared me to do a skateboarding trick. If I couldn’t do it I would have to buy her ice cream every day for two weeks and if I could she would have to teach me French. And as you can see, I won” You looked at him like he was crazy, not understanding what his plan was but you still went with it. And that’s how it all started. You had taken French for four years, you were almost fluent by now and Jack memorized a few sentences he needed to know to shower you in compliments without the guys getting suspicious. You played along and soon it became a habit to just talk to each other in French.

The two of you were sitting at the kitchen island, just talking. You were currently ranting about some teacher from college, telling Jack how bad he was at lecturing when he interrupted you “Je t’aime” You immediately stopped talking and looked at your boyfriend with wide eyes. You thought your mind was playing tricks on you, that the lack of sleep had finally caught up to you but you could tell from the look on Jack’s face that he was being serious, this was real. Before you could even open your mouth to respond you heard something fall to the ground and turned your head to see none other than Jonah practically stumbling into the kitchen. He had an unreadable look on his face and you prayed he had only just walked in. But your hopes were crushed when he walked up to Jack, eyes narrowed and fists clenched. “I didn’t quite catch that, what did you say? You love her?” You looked between the two boys, the shock prominent on your face. You didn’t know what was going to happen, how this was going to go down. The only thing you knew was that it was time to tell Jonah the truth. You had to come clean. Being the brave one for once, you took Jack’s hand and cleared your throat, catching both of the guys’ attention. Jonah looked at your connected hands and it seemed as if something clicked in his mind. Looking back up, his face softened when he saw your glossy eyes.

“Jonah, I- I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry. I’m sorry we didn’t tell you. We didn’t know how you would react, we were scared. Everything was still so fresh and we wanted to test things out before announcing it. Please don’t be mad, it wasn’t Jack’s fault. He wanted to tell you but I was being a coward and I didn’t want things to change betwee-“ Jonah let out a chuckle, confusing you even more “I could never be mad at you (Y/N/N). I get it, I really do. I’ve always known there was more to your relationship than you let everyone believe. You probably won’t believe me when I say this but I’m happy for you. Jack, you’re my best friend, I know you. You care for her, I can tell. And (Y/N/N), I know you better than anyone else. From the second you two met I knew something would happen. And I was right, as always” You rolled your eyes at the last comment but couldn’t help feeling relieved. Jonah wasn’t mad. You quickly pulled him into a hug and muttered a low “I love you”. When you let go you turned to Jack.



“Je t’aime”