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[Seduce Me] Halloween With The Incubi
[Seduce Me] Halloween With The Incubi

“T'was the night of Halloween when the ghosts come out to play
Everyone was getting ready for the events of the day.

In your home, five demons dressed up in delight
Into costumes fit for fantasy to celebrate that night.”


Happy (Almost) Halloween, lovelies!
~Love, The Seduce Me Cast and Crew~

((55 Days Until The Release Of Seduce Me!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH))


James (Bradley Gareth blackmagebrad ) - Prince
Erik (Christopher Escalante thechristopherescalante ) - Pirate
Sam (Alejandro Saab alejandrosaabva ) - Werewolf
Matthew (Ethan Nakashima ethannakashimava ) - Wizard
Damien (Jonah Scott jonahscottva ) - Vampire

Music by Christopher Escalante
Script and Mix by Michaela Laws


Tell us: What are YOU going to be dressed as this year?

do seth rogen, the franco brothers, and jonah hill realize that they’re the next adam sandler, kevin james, david spade, and rob schneider? because i’m just wondering when the trend of straight white men that make awful movies together is gonna end