Veep  → Jonah insults.

“As dysfunctional as Selina and her staff are, the one thing that binds them together is their global disdain for Jonah Ryan.”

i just want an episode to end with jonah being in the eisenhower building one last time and everyone yells name-related insults at him as he leaves and the “cheers” theme plays as the screen fades to black


  This article about Joe is getting out of control. People are taking things out of context like he was there for her! He made her happy! And he DID love her, but as a friend. His smile in those photos of them does not lie. He was truly happy with her as she was with him. Now, They were teenagers! Joe was young and immature…how can you expect him to deal with a girl who has mental problems and that would deal with drug abuse? Would you be up for it? I don’t think so. This means he DID care and he DID try to help her through her problems. He’s no professional hr just did what he thought was right, even though it wasn’t. He did break her heart, but I’m sure that she does appreciate what he did for her because if he had been a total jerk she wouldn’t be friends with him..obviously! I do think that maybe this article was not a good idea..but SOMEONE has to speak up! This child stars that Disney manipulates and pressures to be this “perfect image”, that’s the reason why so many young stars get to a wrong path. Them being expected to act like adults when they are just kids ! to live and figuring out who they are as sad and disturbing is that?