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We don't have to bring Noora down though to make a point across.She's pretty & so are the other girls.She wears red lipstick and you know that's the first thing people have noticed since season 1. Idk when you joined the skam fandom but since season 1 it was a thing people loved. People would go to shops asking for Noora's color. Julie was just making a light shout out to that. Skam shows people in a realistic way, with flaws and all. Julie has shown how all the girls are pretty in their own way

I don’t think I was bringing Noora down and I apologise if it came out this way. I don’t want to throw people under the bus, especially for physical attributes, to make a point across. Rather I was bringing Julie’s writing down.
Julie has written characters commenting on Noora’s beauty time and time and time and time again. If we didn’t know or found Noora pretty, at least we are certain everyone else thinks so. 

The comment on the lipstick could have been on its own. Mamma Bakkoush just commenting “Red lipstick!” and Sana saying “Yeah, she’s always worn red lipstick.” and Mamma Bakkoush reply “Suits her!”.
The contrast between Mamma Bakkoush saying that Noora is very pretty followed immediately by saying Chris “looks like she’s fun to be around” is not subtle. And a bitter reminder to every fat person that they can’t be beautiful on the outside. They can only be “the funny one”.

All the girls are beautiful but none of them have had other characters tell them they are (or comment on their beauty while they’re not around) as much as Noora has.
The only time I remember someone commenting on Vilde’s beauty for example is when she was struggling with her eating disorder and commented (yet again) on Noora’s “flawlessness”. Noora replied “Vilde, you’re super pretty” and Vilde replied “but not pretty enough” and that was it.
Eva got Jonas tell her she was beautiful maybe once?
And I don’t recall any character commenting on Chris’ or Sana’s beauty. 

See, it’s OK to not talk about physical appearance non-stop. The problem is when only conventionally beautiful girls (white and thin) get praised for their beauty while POC and fat girls get anything but comments on how beautiful they are.

And not only that, but Noora gets comments on her beauty non-stop! Especially when you compare it to the other girls. In every context we are constantly reminded of how pretty she is.
When Sana was feeling like shit in the “imagine” clip, the girls she overhears talking about how she and the balloon squad are bad Muslims end their conversation by saying how pretty Noora is. In a later clip, Sana confesses to the girl squad that she’s never felt pretty enough. After that confession, we saw Vilde tell her she looked very nice when they came to “rescue her” with the loser van. And her comment was drowned in the screams so much that @skamenglish did not pick up on it. They saw Vilde was telling Sana something but they couldn’t make out what it was originally.

The problem is these thousands of comments about how gorgeous Noora is vs very little to none about the other girls.

Julie didn’t show how pretty all the girls were in their own way. She very much lets us do the work for her on this one. If we had had about as many comments on Noora’s beauty as on the other girls it would been fine. It would have been showing us how pretty they all are “In their own way”.

But the canonical imbalance is unsubtle, damning, and harmful.