We ♥ Huntsman

…Or at least his daughters. Mary Anne, Liddy, and Abby may not be able to save Jon Huntsman’s presidential campaign, but their Funny or Die-style videos, planking photos, and @Jon2012girls Twitter (what’s a Mormon girl have to do to land a date with Tagg Romney, anyway?) are the most entertaining commentary on an outrageous election season. GQ’s Alex Pappademas met up the GOP candidate’s three comely daughters in New York’s Chinatown for a few rounds of karaoke. Click here to read his full report. A brief taste below:

Before the girls arrived, Huntsman’s campaign spokesman called to warn me that Liddy has yet to fully grasp what “on the record” means, although he needn’t have bothered. When I mention the Kardashians, it’s Liddy who volunteers the information that Mary Anne once went on a date with Kim’s now estranged husband, Kris Humphries, when he was on the Utah Jazz.

Liddy!” Mary Anne says, mortified.

But it’s true. They saw Elf; Humphries bought a bucket of popcorn the size of a garbage can. Mary Anne never heard another thing about him until he turned up on E!, dating a reality-TV queen.

“You’re gonna get me in trouble,” Anne says.

Liddy takes a sip of water, “I’m just trying to make someone smile.”